Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60"

Phil Barnes sent in this email to TC on December 11th:

Here’s a snippet of a complaint I sent to Tescos…

I write extremely angry and frustrated at the shoddy service provided by Tesco online. After hours of searching and selecting for products online, entering my personal and bank details I finally place my first order online, due to be delivered the next day between 9 and 11pm. I didn’t mind this effort as it would save me having to go shopping for some stocking fillers; I don't have much free time.

The order arrives and I'm informed by the driver that some of the products have been replaced with others due to stock shortages. Fair enough I said, expecting a couple of items to be replaced with alternatives. On checking the invoice 17 or the 20 (approx) items I ordered had been replaced. To make matters worse, the prices were not comparable. For example an item costing 50p had been replaced with an item costing £7.99. All in all the total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60 (approx). I find this ludicrous that common sense didn't tell someone that this would be unacceptable to me.

At this time I am still awaiting a call about refunding me accordingly but I guess it's not a priority to you. You have completely wasted my time and I am unsure how I am going to find time to repeat the process. As you can probably expect, I will not be shopping with Tesco online again. I have fear of ordering £100 of shopping and getting £500 bill. In fact, I am that annoyed, think Sainsbury’s can now take my £1,000 per month spend.

I can't even believe I have wasted more of my time writing this. Idiots.

We don't want to give you that!

I have recently accepted voluntary redundancy from Tesco after 18.5 years Service, before this happened we had a one to one with a Manager and one of my queries and the deciding factor as to whether I accepted the redundancy was I kept my loyalty card.

Just a couple of weeks after left my card was stopped, when I contacted customer services at Tesco, they said that I am not entitled to keep the card and was told by Managers that I would not be able to keep it. Just one of many lies that have been told to Tesco's employees by Managers has anyone else encountered this probably or am I the only one. I have e mailed customer services and have got a standard letter back, reading between the lines they think I tell lies as well.

As for Terry Leahy, he cannot even be bothered to answer, Tesco do not deserve the loyal staff that they have working for them.

All I can say is Morrisons's here we come!

- Ex Hinckley employee

Friday, May 16, 2008

I am 29 and I have a right to Intoxication!

At 4.30.pm today, 1st May , I went into your Consett branch with my 6ft tall son who had a stubble and is 29yrs of age, actually looking about 35yrs old. He had in his basket 2 bottles of wine and some cans of lager. I left him at the till while i went to look at magazines. Two minutes later he rushed up to me in a blazing temper.

The stupid woman on the tills wouldnt serve him until he showed ID. Hes a man for gods sake and certainly looks a man. There was a lady waiting behind him who just couldnt believe what this woman on the till was saying. My son actually thought she was joking when she asked for ID, but soon realised she wasnt. He then told her what he thought of her and left.

I myself do my shopping there at least twice a week, and have done so since it opened, but I can assure you I will never set foot in there again. Its a total joke. If u saw my son you would know the reason why I feel so strongly. [Tesco-Complaint: See REAL picture of Alan above & click to enlarge]

With staff like her she makes your shop a laughing stock.

Mrs Pam Lambert

Every Little Patronise Helps Tesco's Dum-Dum Customers!!

I read in the paper yesterday that you have empowered your sales personnel to decline selling alcohol to adults accompanied by teenagers or underage persons on the off chance that they may break the law by passing it to the underage person.
I have been a customer of Tesco for many years. I encourage everyone to use Tesco as you carry a range of foods and goods which is very diversified and pleasing and at very reasonable cost, I tell people that your service is excellent and you deserve to be market leaders. But I am afraid I cannot condone this insult to your customers, nor the role of big brother you are assuming. Is the person who encouraged this in your stores naïve???? Do you really think that anyone intent on doing this will take the teen ager in the store and only pass the alcohol under these circumstances??? Worse, do you assume that anyone who drinks alcohol will do so in excess? Have you not heard of France and Italy and Spain and other Mediterranean countries, or of the effect of prohibition in the USA??? You are opening a huge can of worms by taking the responsibility to enforce moral choices on people, only fuelling rebellion, as in my case.

This is the country, leading the world, in ‘NO you can’t’ idiotic lifestyle rules and I cannot support your stand, as this patronising attitude is just the sort which, by removing responsibility from individuals, encourages people to lose the ability to make their own choices and take the consequences. Will you be doing this with people who smoke too, deny them the purchase if in the company of children????

I hope to read soon that you are retracting this policy, as I shall seriously consider shopping elsewhere.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Good Morning Sir Terry,

Some background information on me - I am a disabled person with both physical and mental health issues. I do not like crowds, suffer paranoia and struggle to stand/walk for long after fracturing my back some years ago.

I have just returned from your Fforestfach, Swansea store, where I was assaulted, because of your poor handling of the release of Grand Theft Auto for the Playstation 3 and X-Box 360. I decided too late that I would like GTA and was unable to pre-order a copy from the usual games retailers. Knowing that Tesco sells games and is often competitive on price, my Wife phoned the store yesterday evening to check they were going to have stock. We were told that they had plenty, there was no need to queue early but they could not confirm the price.

11.35 arrived and we set off for the store. We arrived approximately
12 minutes later and entered the store, heading immediately for the games aisle. I didn't see the point of getting the electric buggy as usual as I wouldn't be doing a lot of walking. There was a queue already formed but, it didn't seem too large so we joined it. At this point I commented to my Wife that we may not get a copy but as it was approaching midnight, we may as well wait. On or just after midnight, the queue rapidly moved forward. It soon became apparent that instead of placing the games on the shelves, they were going to be sold from the customer services desk. I walked as quickly as possible and soon became embroiled in a scrum of people to get a game. This was an extremely difficult thing for me to do because of the amount of people and their close proximity to me. There were several people that were pushing in and forcing their way through to the front. I stood my ground despite being jostled and pushed back and forth putting pressure on my back. Suddenly out of nowhere, I was punched or elbowed in the ribs. I stood there for a moment afraid of what to do and then, enraged, I left the queue to complain to the security guard.

I explained to the security guard what had just happened and I now apologise for my use of language towards him. You have to remember that I had just been hit and was quite upset to say the least. I asked him who was responsible for the situation. He advised it was the problem of the Duty Manager and duly went to make a call for him. The Duty Manager some moments later meandered up to me. I explained what had happened yet again, still quite shaken by the whole thing. He informed me that it wasn't his fault but that of the Store Manager for choosing the method of sale. Now, I am not stupid, I realise that having dozens of gamers wandering around with their copy of GTA could pose a security risk but, the organisation was a big problem. I reiterated this point to the Duty Manager who spoke to a colleague on the security desk and wandered off to check the CCTV footage. Some time passed whereupon he meandered back to me with his hands in his pockets head bowed. He duly asked what I expected turning up when I did quoting the time on the CCTV. He said there were people in front of me who deserved to get their copy first.He implied that I had not queued and was trying to get a copy by dubious methods. I again reiterated that it was not about actually getting a copy anymore but about being assaulted. I had given up on getting a copy as they had run out of PS3 copies whilst he was reviewing things. There were people in the original queue behind me, that actually managed to avoid being assaulted, and stay in the scrum, who received a copy of the PS3 version. At this point, we left.

The whole management of the release was poor. Had a book of raffles tickets been booked out, they could have been handed out to waiting customers. Had the customers been informed by the staff they were queuing in the wrong place, the scrum could have been avoided. Had the security guards who were chatting the whole while with some friends bothered to do their jobs, they could have monitored the situation and prevent it being the bun fight it was. Especially as their desk is a matter of feet from the customer services desk.

Had your Duty Manager given a damn about what I was saying, I may not be writing this now. His attitude was slovenly, disbelieving and rude.

I know GTA is a violent game but I didn't realise actually buying it would affect my health.

I look forward to your comments Sir Terry.

Steve Birkett

Friday, April 25, 2008

Tesco's Wholemeal Beard - Fancy a slice?

I am writing with regards to a loaf of Thick sliced Wholemeal Kingsmill Bread I purchased from Tesco in Leyton E10 on 23rd April 2008.

As I opened the loaf I was horrified to find several strands of hair approximately 6 inches in length embedded in the slices. There is no possibility this hair could have been mine as I had just broken the seal. Not only did this deprive me of my breakfast but also prevented me from making my sandwiches for lunch, thus this inconvenience left me with no choice other then to buy lunch from outside.

I have now lost faith in purchasing any of your products and this incident has now put me off eating bread so far to the point that I am now considering only eating bread that I bake at home myself.

I am very disappointed in the breach in the quality assurance of the manufacturing process of this product and have now lost faith in your company, because as a consumer I trusted that your product would have been fit for its purpose. This has also lead me to believe there could easily be other possible more serious contamination. I would not wish any other consumers to experience what I have been through i.e. having strands of hair wrapped around their fingers.

I have retained my receipt and will now be contacting Tesco for a full refund and will also be notifying the local food standards authority.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mother care or despair ?

I started working for Tesco on the 19th of November 2007, two weeks after that I found out I was pregnant with my third child, i informed Tesco of this just before we were off for the amazing amount of days at christmas :s ! Thinking to myself that they would finish me for this to my surprise they kept me on permenantly part time , for that i was grateful!

Anyway, I am now 31 weeks pregnant and still working on fresh, and don't leave till i am nearly 36 weeks , during which time i knew that I had to get maternity leave and pay / state pay sorted out - In this case i asked for the pregnancy pack or booklet Tesco supply about all the information i required . To my disgust i was given a booklet from 2006 as that was all they had, and the booklet specifically suggested, speaking to your personal manager about information you need to know.

Unsure if the booklet had the correct information in it, I went to see this person , only to be told she did not know anything about maternity leave or pay and would get back to me that was at 26 weeks into my pregnancy. I am now 31 weeks and still waiting for a manager or memeber of staff to help me in this situation i have also asked for Cardiff's number to contact them to see if they can give me the correct info and still waiting for that aswell !

I have never had a day off in all the time i have worked there. I make all my appointments on the days that I have off. Tesco talk all the time about training and 'knowing your stuff', silver bronze and gold this - it makes me laugh when even the senior managers don't know what they are spose to !

Tesco want to pull the finger out there profit wallet and put some money into training there senior staff and update all there booklets, but no no no Tesco are all about profit profit profit , we have also heard that there will be job cuts yet again in our store even though we are short staffed as it is even more so on a sunday me and another member of staff for all of Dairy / Fresh ! I hope you put this on your site as not being given the correct info and support for this is disgracefull for a firm that earns up to 3 billion pounds profit !

Monday, April 21, 2008

We'd better start walking down the motorway

Just had a bad experience with Tesco... for the sake of 30p. This is the email we just sent them which explains it all...

Dear Sir,
My partner and I have been customers of Tesco for some years now, both instore and online, and have always felt valued and cared for as customers.
Unfortunately, that experience has come to an abrupt end!
Having placed an order online on 18.04.2008 and received a confirmation email, I was contacted by telephone this morning, Saturday 19th April 2008, to inform me that my payment was not authorised. The advisor offered to call me back within five minutes once I'd obtained my card details. She never called back.

Upon further investigation I discovered the reason for the payment not going through; although I had left £35 in my account and the order was less than £34, a £2 debit was removed from my account to verify my card details.I called customer services who transferred me to the store responsible for the delivery. The manager explained there was nothing he could do, not even remove 1 item from my shopping as there was less than £1 difference. He blamed my bank for not re-crediting the £2 in time.

This resulted in me calling my bank three times and Tesco customer services a further two times as each company blamed the other for witholding the £2 that caused my payment to fail.
As a working couple with two young children we were relying on this shopping as we can't get to the store without spending £15 on taxi fares.
This experience has left me very upset and worried as we know that we can't spend that amount of money and get the same volume of products and quality from a "convenience store " that we've always received from Tesco.
Due to this, my partner has had to come home from work earlier, sacrificing a days pay as we have no food in the property and need to get to a supermarket before we're left with no provisions for the entire weekend.

I am hoping that you will be able to give me the kind of service I've come to expect and reply to this email with any suggestions you may have regarding my situation.
I am hoping that I do not have to remove my custom in favour of another retailer.
Not holding out much hope of getting it resolved. Oh well, we'd better start walking down the motorway to the supermarket 10 miles away or our kids will starve.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fresh? £2.8billion profit smells fresh enough....

It's all very well Tesco making these collossal profits, but put your house in order and give your customers good quality merchandise. Not for the first time, I have found fresh produce, fruit and vegetables, to be of poor quality. I have had problems in the past with freshness, in particular sliced beans which never make their sell-by date as they turn mouldy if left to the date. Also the case with strawberries. I purchased both these items on Friday, both with sell-by dates of the 15th April. I went to use the beans today, which were in my fridge, and had to throw the lot away. Inside the sealed pack they were wet and grey. Four of the strawberries had green mould underneath them.
I bought some fresh cod loin three weeks ago, put it straight into the freezer, took it out of the freezer yesterday morning to cook for dinner but the fish smelled "fishy". I know that fresh fish should NOT smell. However, I cooked it and my husband refused to eat the fish because it tasted "off". Another waste of money.

Over the years so much has been discarded and so much money wasted. I always vow I will never shop in Tesco again, but I get "sucked in" because I have a huge store (Lakeside) near where I live and its an interesting place to shop. I may shop there again, but I will NEVER BUY FRESH PRODUCE.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Would you like help packing Terry?


A grandmother from Merseyside has applied for planning permission to demolish the home of Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy.

Dot Reid is retaliating against plans to bulldoze her home and 71 others in Kirkby, to make way for Everton's new stadium and a Tesco supermarket.

The 58-year-old said Sir Terry, who lives in a mansion in Hertfordshire, deserved a taste of his own medicine.

She plans to turn the site of the Tesco boss's house into a community garden.

The grandmother lives on Spicer Grove where there are a mix of bungalows and houses, which would be bought under a compulsory purchase order and demolished under the plans.

She helped set up a housing co-operative which was given government money to build the homes, which were finished in 1992.

I want Sir Terry to have a taste of what we have to put up with
Dot Reid

She said: "These are more than just houses, they are homes.

"I have been living under the threat of losing my home for 18 months now and it is very stressful.

"I want Sir Terry to have a taste of what we have to put up with.

"When we found out about the plans by Tesco and Everton, we thought it was disgusting."

Mrs Reid has submitted an application to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in Hertfordshire for permission to demolish Sir Terry's 1930s mansion in Cuffley.

'Publicity stunt'

Mrs Reid has plans for the site.

"It's going be a nice community area. Trees and ponds and a little play area for the children, somewhere for the old people to go and sit and relax."

A council spokeswoman said: "Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has received a planning application from a resident of Kirkby relating to the demolition of a property in Cuffley and use of the space as a community garden.

"This application will go through the normal planning process."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "This is just a publicity stunt.

"Unlike this application, for our application we spoke to hundreds, if not thousands, of residents in Kirkby, the vast majority of whom recognise this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will create 2,000 jobs."




Actual Documents open as .PDF file!


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Tesco's "Complete Mess" Delivery Service

I have emailed the letter below to online@tesco.co.uk and terry.leahy@uk.tesco.com after a really distressing experience this evening.

I placed the above online grocery order and arranged delivery for 28th March 2008 between 9-11pm. The driver arrived at 9.10pm approx and straight away i noticed that my order was not 'in carrier bags' as requested. Furthermore the order contained 2 items of dog food, one bag of dried dog food plus six tins of dog food - i do not have a dog. It also contained a packet of 6 snow ball cakes, which i had also not ordered. There was only one '21 pack' of walkers crisps - i had ordered 2, and to be honest this was the final straw. Myself and the driver began to 'tick' items off on the receipt but it became clear that the order was a complete mess, the driver said it would look badly on him as he was limited to time spent at each address so i asked him to take the order back. He advised me to telephone customer services to re-arrange the slot which i did soon after. I explained the issues to the operator and they arranged re-delivery for the following day - 24 hours after my original order. I also explained that i do my shopping online as i am disabled and have a young child at home, and we now have no food. The operator apologised - i also pointed out that as my delivery was completely messed up through NO fault of my own i objected to paying delivery charges, he said 'Tesco delivered your shopping - you sent it back!' - is this what you call customer service?? My order was totally incorrect, packaged incorrectly and now i'm told its my fault and expected to pay for an inferior service. The call ended.
I then went to log into my Tesco account to check the change of delivery time, to my surprise the total amount of my shopping had increased by almost £20! Again i telephoned customer services only to be told that as the 'home delivery team' worked short hours there was no-one available to find out the reason. I requested that the order be cancelled completely.
Now this leaves me with not only no shopping but no further funds to do my shopping elsewhere as the funds have been debited from my debit card and upon speaking to customer services for a third time i am advised that it can take up to 5 days for a refund. I really cannot believe that i could be left in such a complete and utter mess and no offer to rectify the situation. None of this is my fault and i will certainly think twice before using Tesco again - which is a real shame as i have used Tesco for almost 12 months now - but i suppose my business hardly makes a difference.
I just hope someone in a similar situation to myself may not have to experience anything like this, i will be sending a copy of this email to Watchdog and Motability Magazine as i think you're customer service is non existent.
I would like to continue shopping with Tesco but do not feel confident my custom is valued or that you are able to provide a basic delivery service.
I hope you are able to get to the bottom of these problems and look forward to speaking to someone in authority who is able to take ownership of this and bring it to a mutually acceptable conclusion.

Yours Faithfully
Mrs Diane Dawson

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pointlessly pointed nowhere

Hello Tesco-Complaint. Thought i'd share this experience with you.
I work for Sainsbury's, and the other day while at work, a customer bought to me some keys with a Tesco Clubcard keytag attached.

The keys/card were kept in lost property for a while, but as the day progressed no one came in to claim them, so I rang the customer service number and asked them to contact the customer and ask them to come in as it was obviously important as there were keys there. I explained the situation to the man in the phone and he brashly informed that he wouldn't. I protested that the customer would need the keys, presumably to get in and it was very important. They again refused and hung up!

This incident just reminds me why i chose to work and shop at Sainsbury's and go nowhere near Tesco! If the guy wasnt allowed to contact the customer then fair enough, but his attitude stank of Tesco through and through!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Tesco's express way to hell

We were delighted to hear that a Tesco Express/Esso Petrol Station was arriving in Rotherham at the bottom of Fenton Road last year.
We have used the Tesco on regular occasions since its opening as we like to use Tesco for our shopping and it is more convenient than going into the main town centre. Also it gives us the opportunity to fill up with petrol.

However, the organisation of the petrol/shop has been cause for concern since its opening and we are surprised that we have not been involved in a serious accident, as we have come close on many occasions, entering or leaving the premises. The problems have occured due to the bad layout of the parking and also the two entrances/exits to the shop/petrol station. The petrol station/shop is entered via two separate entrances/exits which are from different roads, however, this results in cars being head on to each other at the petrol pumps and being unable to move away from the pump. This causes tailbacks onto the main road which is the major access route onto the roundabout.
The two areas for parking for the store are at two separate ends of the petrol stations and due to the tailbacks at the pumps often you are unable to get to them.
It is apparent that this has also been raised by other members of the public as some efforts have been made to restrict the entrance to entry/exit but this is not policed by the staff and therefore is of no use as many of the users of the petrol station/shop do not adhere to it. The security guard is there, as explained to us today, for drive offs and nothing further.

On our last two visits at key times there has been various sections stopped up by cones. The first cordoned off the bottom car park being that there was nowhere to park the car and therefore had to wait, leading again to tailbacks onto the road. People start to get annoyed and just reverse their cars back into the main road in an attempt to get out but this leads to further problems and potential accidents.
Today, upon entering the car park all but two of the petrol pumps had cones left next to them but it was not clear if the petrol pumps were empty/out of order etc. We spoke to the security guard who advised he was unsure as to why they had cut off the petrol to those pumps. This meant that we ended up having to park up in front of the other car, preventing her from leaving the car park until we returned - after we had purchased our food shopping. Our choice was to wait in the long queues to pay for our petrol, move the car and drive out of the car park and back in to repark to purchase our dinner or to buy our dinner. We where too scared that the security guard would think we stealing the petrol if we had moved the car into the car park before paying.
This is becoming a regular occurrence which is causing a lot of undue stress when going for a pint of milk. It is obvious that the people attending the shop are getting very annoyed and this is coming out in their driving. We really do not want to stop using the shop - we really do like Tesco and the convenience of attending the local shop but we sure that something could be done to ensure that the one way system is imposed - surely the problems were obvious when the designs were being discussed.

We do hope that you will be able to address these concerns and enable the local Tesco Express to be a safe environment for its visitors.

You might end up in a Korma


Dear Tesco Complaint,

We purchased a Tesco Chicken korma and cooked it according to guidelines in the microwave. On removal from the microwave, it exploded everywhere, showering everything in the very hot korma sauce.

We consider this to be highly dangerous and would like to know who we should complain to, someone is going to get seriously injured - trusting you can help ?

T.C: Hopefully you'll find someone here who can listen and help you.

Don't mention the Store!

Regarding Tesco Store Lotherton Way Garforth

I have used your store for many years when you were in Garforth Main Street and more recently at Lotherton Way I am sorry to say it is falling far short of your usual standards.

1) The shelves are poorly stacked quite often items are missing for several weeks. (this week no medium Heinz beans no 12 oxo cubes no crisp & dry no small warburtons loaf on display)

2) Food quite often out of date, most recently a loaf of bread purchased from home bakery when I unpacked my shopping it was two days passed sell by date I returned it to store and was given a refund the young woman at service counter didn’t even apologise or indeed speak to me.

3) The floor is quite often dirty.

4) Why do they have to restock during the busiest time of day with cages strewn all over the place they are a health hazard.

5) Why don’t staff smile anymore? Smiles are free.

Perhaps a mystery shopper would be a good idea to get some of these issues addressed.

Friday, March 21, 2008

WAITING for the eggs to hatch

Yesterday I went for shopping to my local Tesco Express (Argyle Street, Glasgow), to buy some groceries for the Easter weekend. As I have choosen all items, I went to the till in order to pay.

There was a queue of about 15 people in front of me, waiting to be served.

I am afraid to tell you that it took almost 20 minutes to checkout.

Since the last couple of year I have always been a faithful customer at Tesco and do enjoy shopping there very much, however, the checkout time and the unfriendly sales assistant made me feel very uncomfortable. If this will not be changed in the near future, you might loose me as your customer.

In hope to hear from you as soon as possible on that matter and the solution you will come up with.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shop till you Drop onto a verge

I was driving north on the A 24 through Horsham on March 8th 2008 , moved to outside lane to let joining traffic on at slip road, and a Tesco delivery van came over in to the outside lane, forcing me on to the central grass verge at 60 mph.

I got back on to the road and tried to get the
Tesco.com driver to pull over, but he did NOT stop and turned off to Horsham at next roundabout.

So I am keen to meet driver of KX 06 KWW at 19 10 of above date.

-unhappy driver.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Additional Information: May Contain Metal!

On Friday 7th March I went to Tesco Extra Cirencester and happily completed my usual weekly grocery shop.
As a treat for my children I decided to buy a box of the new Tesco All Butter Flapjack Squares. Over the weekend we decided to have some of the flapjacks and you can imagine my horror and disgust to find after chewing one a large sharp metal shard! I promptly spat the mouthful out to be shocked at what I saw and I discovered I had cut the inside of my mouth. I kept all the metal, packaging, remaining flapjacks and prevented anyone else from eating the flapjacks.

On Monday the 10th March I contacted Environmental health to ask for advice on how best to deal with this situation and they advised that all evidence of the metal/packaging/remaining flapjacks be kept for there own inspection. I felt something needed to be done to prevent others from possibly doing the same so I called Tesco's helpine to advise them of what was happening and to ask them to remove any remaining boxes of the same batch from sale. I spoke to a young lady on the helpine who instead of asking any of my details or the products details only told me to see someone instore and let them have the metal. As soon as I said I couldn't leave the metal at the store as Environmetal Health wanted it she no longer wanted to deal with me and said very curtly that they will only deal with Environmental Health regarding the issue and cut the phone call short. I would've expected Tesco to at least want the details of the product and my own personal details.

As a loyal customer to Tesco and spending on average £150 on my weekly grocery shop with yourselves, I would have expected to received a decent standard of customer service. However, your customer service personal could not care less. I can assure you that this will not be the end of this matter and I would also like to add that it is lucky under the circumstances that was myself that had this particular flapjack and not one of my young children. I will await the visit from Environmental Health and let them deal with the issue as they obviously took it as serious as it should be.

Tesco-Complaint Needs YOU!

We have a problem and we thought it best to appeal to the readership to get some help. We are getting a growing number of visitors and feed subscribers every month and lots of complaints but we haven't got enough time to put them all online since half of our two man team (Steve) has been unable to post the complaints for a while now. So we thought we would put in an appeal here for someone to become an Editor of the site.

Putting a post on the blog is really easy and basically involves copying the complaint and choosing a nice picture from say Google Images and then the fun bit of coming up with a cool headline! The site has a backlog of complaints which are suitable to be posted. So if you have 10-15 minutes to spare each day and would like to become an Editor of Tesco-Complaint please email us and let us know.


UPDATE: We have one new Editor already! If anyone else is also interested please do email ^__^

Saturday, March 08, 2008

More Easy Less Fresh!

I know a Fresh & Easy driver in the US with the same problem in regards to the Tesco not washing out the trailers prior to reloading. Tesco is opening new stores under the name Fresh and Easy all over the Phoenix Arizona and metropolitan area and they seem to be using the same bad habits as far as not washing the trailers after each delivery and pickup (usually plastic containers, bread racks and cardboard. They haven't encountered the same hideous conditions as the European drivers (as yet) but they seem to be following their practice of not washing dirty trailers.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Tesco's FUCK YOU to customer!

A fortnight ago Tesco’s delivered my weekly shop, 20 minutes late as usual and with a list as long as my arm of substitutions that made no sense. I’d ordered my shopping “bagless” as per their new green initiative. So the delivery guy showed up with his crates which he dumped on the floor and stood their while I grappled around on the floor emptying the things into my doorway.

I decided to mention that he was 15 minutes late (knowing that some supermarkets offer a voucher for your next shopping if their late, but only if you point it out), to which the driver responded angrily saying he wasn’t. I assured him that it was in fact 15 minutes past 12 and my slot was between 10-12am. I then asked him politely to note that some of the substitutions I did not want were not even there. He told me there was nothing he could do. I asked him to note that I’d ordered Fairy liquid, and they’d sent me Tesco’s. Nothing he could do, he said, grunting. I asked him if he wouldn’t mind moving one of the empty crates so I could get at the last of my shopping, and the man blew up in my face!

“How dare I speak to him like that” he said. I didn’t consider that he might have been stuck in traffic, did I? He asked. No I said, because that’s what I pay HIM to do. He started yelling at me. He stepped into my doorway and started waving his hands about. I couldn’t shut my door on him because it was stuck open by my all the shopping on the doorstep. I thought he was going to smack me. He eventually grabbed the remaining stuff and crates and stormed off, yelling “f*** you” as he left.

I called to complain, naturally. Two weeks later they’ve offered me a £10 Tesco online voucher. Needless to say, I won’t be accepting their insult of an apology.