Don't mention the Store! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Monday, March 24, 2008

Don't mention the Store!

Regarding Tesco Store Lotherton Way Garforth

I have used your store for many years when you were in Garforth Main Street and more recently at Lotherton Way I am sorry to say it is falling far short of your usual standards.

1) The shelves are poorly stacked quite often items are missing for several weeks. (this week no medium Heinz beans no 12 oxo cubes no crisp & dry no small warburtons loaf on display)

2) Food quite often out of date, most recently a loaf of bread purchased from home bakery when I unpacked my shopping it was two days passed sell by date I returned it to store and was given a refund the young woman at service counter didn’t even apologise or indeed speak to me.

3) The floor is quite often dirty.

4) Why do they have to restock during the busiest time of day with cages strewn all over the place they are a health hazard.

5) Why don’t staff smile anymore? Smiles are free.

Perhaps a mystery shopper would be a good idea to get some of these issues addressed.


Richard said...

Wow is there korma on your ceiling?

I think you should work out the financial costs cause for cleaning and re-decorating by someone and get a letter sent to Tesco with the bills and tell them to reimburse you.

If they dont goto and clean up!

gangsta said...

You cocky idiot, you posted in the wrong part twice!

Richard said...



I'm back.

Shop at Netto, for Choice, Value and Satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

Tesco does have mystery shoppers you idiot.

Rich said...

To the OP: Did you actually send this complaint to Tesco? Please let us know what they say back.

In reply to your complaint, it's highly unlikely that certain lines are missing for several weeks, your shopping times must just have coincided with the times they were out of stock, which is an unfortunate coincidence. Either that or the items are unavailable from the supplier, which is an issue not under the control of Tesco.

Floors do get dirty - a few times a day I have to call the janitor to clean my department where black marks are left from dragging cages/dollies around.

We have to restock during the day because even if it was completely full during the start of the day, many things would be sold out by noon and then we'd get complaint about things being out of stock! Especially on my dept (produce) there are certain things that sell out within an hour and always keep needing to be filled.

Furthermore, if there were no staff around on the shop floor in the daytime then people would complain that there would be nobody there to deal with their queries.

I hope this clears up some of your questions.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off to asda is all i can say

Anonymous said...

Fuck off is all i can say to you

Anonymous said...

"5) Why don’t staff smile anymore? Smiles are free."

It's natural to smile when you smile at someone else.

So could the reason you don't see anyone smiling have something to do with your body language to them?
Most critical customers have very negative and off-putting body language.

Even if you've not complained to anyone, I bet your body language is as I've described.

Anonymous said...

"4) Why do they have to restock during the busiest time of day with cages strewn all over the place they are a health hazard."

The risk to health is?

If your going to suggest safety all you have to do is not walk into them!

Anonymous said...

In reply to the 'smiles are free'
Smiles may be free, when I started as an idealistic 17 year old, I truely believed that. How awful do you think it feels to smile at someone and say hello, and they walk past you like you are a robot.
I'll tell you, you feel like an idiot. Once when I said hello and smiled, some cocky man said 'Hello [Insert my name] how are you today' in a really nasty sarcastic voice. His wife told him to shut up.
Now I will say hello but I don't smile, unless they smile at me. Some people like you to be friendly, some people think it's fake, you can't please everyone. I'm constantly given abuse and threats, to be quite honest there isn't much to smile about.

Anonymous said...

The employees probably don't smile because they're treated like shite like the Fresh & Easy employees in America are. Fresh & Easy is actually Tesco but with a different name in the states.

Anonymous said...

Why should we smile at miserable whingers like you? The products you've mentioned are some of the top selling items in my store, it's no wonder they sell out. We restock during the busiest part of the day because THAT'S WHEN CUSTOMERS TAKE THINGS OFF THE SHELVES.
Seriously. And you people try to say that us Tesco staff are stupid?

Anonymous said...

All I would like to say do not work your heart out and be so loyal in your job as I DID a few years ago later the store closed down more than 8 years ago ---- What a shock to learn what this particular store manager did to me later the store closed down.What a shock and it is the biggest shock of my life.I am deeply hurt and angry over what this particular store manager had done to me and nor will I get over it.Every little helps ( just to please the boss ).I am not happy with this particular store manager in any way.

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