Monday, December 24, 2007

NO% more shopping hours as Tesco Lie AGAIN?

Tesco has been advertising on tv, in the press, and in my local metro store (corner shop) that some of their big “Extra” stores will be open from 1 minute past midnight today. What a great idea - do the Christmas food shopping without the crowds. (The opening times are here).

So I and about 60 people turned up at the ISLEWORTH EXTRA and guess what ?

The security guard looked a bit confused and slightly nervous. He stated that there was no-one in the store, and it would not be opening until 10AM. He advised we try the nearest Extra store at Osterley. And guess what?

There wasn’t even a securituy guard there.

So all my Christmas food and booze shopping will be done at Sainsbury’s – this year and every year from now on.

Every little helps – my arse.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dare You Feed Baby Tesco Yoghurts?

I was looking for the address of Tesco's head office on the Internet and thought that this may also be something which you could post on your blog.

I visited the Oystermouth Swansea store on the 5th December to buy some Petits Filous yoghurts for my 9 month old daughter. When I picked up the yoghurt pack it was dated 22nd November. All other yoghurts items on the shelf were also 2 weeks out of date. Presumably people had been buying these out of date yoghurts. These are popular first yoghurts for babies and new mothers buy them because they presume they are healthy for their children but it could have made a baby really sick. I went to the customer service desk to inform the attendant who wrote ‘Petits Filous’ on a scrap of paper . I have no idea if these yoghurts were ever removed from the shelf.

Unfortunately, when I mentioned this to other mothers they also commented that it wasn’t the first time and that they had regularly seen items several weeks past the use by dates still on the shelves. This has now put me off continuing to shop at Tesco and I feel so strongly about the harm this could do to young babies that I will go to any length to make others aware of the poor quality and stock control mechanisms operating at Tesco.

Tesco Revile Me!

I am writing to express my complete revulsion for this Company I have worked at for a number of years now. (And still do unfortunately). Slowly, and surely, the Tesco Empire has grown and grown into this monster that cannot be tamed. It's rapidly consuming our island's land and swallowing up small businesses. Ok, so it's a company that is performing well. Fair play.... but the fact is, it isnt FAIR play... obviously coming at a price...

Every day I feel more and more contempt for the behaviour of this company. When I first joined, it was an average British Supermarket. Now, it's agressive approach is hidden behind fabricated PR slogans and friendly fonts, adverts, etc etc. Caring for the Environment with Green Clubcard schemes, degradable packaging and flowers that have travelled by air - Everything is so la de dah in Tesco's eyes.... NOT in the Staff's eyes it is NOT.

I used to like working for Tesco. But feel I cannot anymore. It used to be such a nice place to come to work and there was a nice atmosphere and Customer Service was excellent. Now, for Checkout staff it is about Fast Scan Rates, High Throughput rates, Low Idle times, low Tender times, max Clubcard/Customer rates.... How can we deliver good customer service when the goal is to PUSH our customers through so that Tesco can cash up quick?? - Why say our performance is 'Crap' in front of Customers when we are supposedly trying to give ECOH - 'Every Customer Offered Help?????!!! Total Lunacy and humilation.... The attitudes of most managers are appalling. They dont have a clue how to deal with customers. Nor do they care. Good 'One in front' rates and their wage is all they care about.

Secondly, our job has become more and more stressful and un necessarily difficult. The removal of the Void Key has meant that we feel completely distrusted and frustrated everytime a Team Leader fails to come down, EVERYTIME a customer decides to no longer want a product.

Thirdly, the equipment is TERRIBLE. It appears that the Tills run on ancient Windows 95 (or older) software ... they always freeze/crash. Scales barely work, chip and pin reader buttons fall out and broken chairs. They Tesco Value or something?!?! Is this what your staff really deserve as we RAKE in your BILLIONS? For goodness sake Tesco. Wake up. YOUR STAFF WANT TO ACTUALLY GIVE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE HERE. Even though you may like to fob them off with excuses....

We are left to deal with the fallout of every eventuality. (i.e. abuse from Customers). We DO care about our customers but the Managers DONT. WE CARE when customers have to wait but the MANAGERS dont and supervisors never come. Managers speak to Customers very rudely and we are left feeling embarrassed and feeling sorry for the Customers for their disgraceful lack of concern for customer's needs. If it wasn't for them then their wage packet wouldn't be paid.

There are TOO MANY CHIEFS AND NOT ENOUGH INDIANS at Tesco. Far too many people huddling round a little podium doing nothing except banter and phaff around. Come on, if Tesco has such high standards then why is it employing these people?

1. WHY IS IT you get a disciplinary when you have one day off SICK?
And why are our holidays always refused, yet we always help you out with Overtime??!!!
2. WHY do you not collect put backs from customers at ends of tills
and put them back? (i.e. Frozen products/ meat). Holding them to
see if they are cold still to put back on the shelf is UNACCEPTABLE !!!
3. PRICES - Why are they so high? Why have you cut back giving time and a half to new employees on Sundays - Why have you failed to give compensation to your staff that have had serious injuries at work?
(I have heard the story or two).
4. TIGHT - That, they are. New Clubcard reciept policy. Can only redeem points within 14 days from reciepts, and 2 at a time. Also they do not pay for our xmas parties. etc. They also cut back pay from packet from unfair clock in times. Every penny helps....

- I appreciate Tesco is a business but this is a business that has been making lives difficult for not only producers but its own staff. Tesco must seriously sort these issues out ! Before the media gloss backfires! New Slogan should be: Tesco. You shop, We Stress.

Tesco Still Don't Like Disabled People?

hi just felt i had to put my case on this site, i'm disabled i have cerabal palsey which has left me with muscle spasms in my back weak muscles in my legs and mobility problems. i started working for tesco in 1994 as checkout worker with the help of remply,ive had various time off with my back spasms and being unwell and have suffered the consequenses of the disapliarey process on a number of occasions ,in the last year i have had two stomach infections (one day each time ) then in july had to be rushed to hospital with burst appendix had 6 weeks off recovering,this was delt with under sya with just a welcome back and put down to mitigating so that was fine,last month had three days off with flu went back for one shift then pulled muscle in back worked another shift in pain then back got worse went docs got sick notes had four weeks off in i thought my back compaint was always covered by the DDA (disability rights) had an ari meeting last night got told it wasnt covered ,although every other time was and because i had had two verble warnings in this year although expired my warning this time was excellerated straight to a first writen warning .i protested my case with them but they wernt intrested they read warning out asked me to sign it i refused then my blood boiled over and i walked out and came home.i feel victimised bullied and totaly frustrated their system stinks.