Sunday, March 01, 2009

Diet to disaster - Healthy tesco profits

I cannot believe how money grabbing an organisation like Tesco is. I joined their online diet service last Thursday and within an hour of looking at it had realised it didn’t offer the facilities I wanted from it. As they don’t offer a trial period like other sites you have no choice really but to pay the £30 and see what it’s like (rubbish). I immediately called customer service to make them aware of my error and to cancel the service, however they will only cancel the service from the end of the period paid up to. So I have paid a 10 week membership for something I have used for an hour.

After complaining hard, I was told that just one woman can help me – Debbie Mallerman. I emailed her to complain and it has taken exactly a week (and 4 emails) to get any response from her – which looks to be a standard response just refusing to refund.

How can they justify charging someone for a 10 week service when they cancel within an hour of signing up? It is not a lot of money but out of pure principal I am seething and have pledged to boycott Tesco completely – they will lose more than the £30 from me that’s for sure.

I know what you’re saying – its £30! But it is the principal. Tesco probably have a few thousand off me over the year and I feel that a little flexibility is appropriate in order to maintain happy customers. I run a business and would not dream of ostracising a customer in this way. If this is the way Tesco want to work then they will lose me, and I will become a permanent fixture in Sainsburys. The old saying look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves translates well to customers too. I may be just one tiny speck in the Tesco spectrum, but if they upset enough of us, they’ll start to feel the pinch!

Malina Bergeman