Monday, September 10, 2007

Tesco internet service pay as you (dont) go!

I had a Tesco Anytime Internet package which i tried to switch to pay as you go as i obtained a broadband package with another ISP. The Tesco screens went through and switched my package to pay as you go but then did not load the browser for me to use pay as you go. I didn't worry about it as didn't really need to use pay as you go.

I then emailed to resolve this and emails went back and forth giving mixed information. In the end i was told i would have to phone in.

Imagine my shock when my credit card was billed the following month. I tried to cancel it again online and it went through the motions and then did an error message about pay as you go. Then i was billed again for another months usage!

I phoned the number they suggested at and they cancelled my package and said if a refund was due it would be applied to my credit card.

To date this has not happened despite several calls to and two conversations with a Manager. He agreed i should not have to pay for the service if i had not used it. i asked him to check their records to see if i had used the net via Tesco since i switched to broadband.

No refund or contact has been received since. i have stopped shopping at Tesco's as i have decided to vote with my pocket.

Thank you for a great site.

Tesco won't even give water to staff?

I worked part time at Tesco whilst I was at uni. the staff are lovely but the managers are awful. I’m not sure what it is that makes them think they are better than the general assistants, I was there finishing off my PhD yet was treated like I was educated to 11+ standard. The attitude towards the staff really put them on a downer, especially when they put them on a disciplinary for having days off sick, yes, that’s right, if your ill then you get in trouble. They also flaunt human rights, telling staff they are not allowed to have a bottle of water with them on the tills which is a direct violation of the ‘portable water’ that all staff are entitled to have. All in all they make a lot of money because that’s their motivation, they are not concerned about staff welfare and flaunt human rights and safety laws where possible. it’s a disgrace.
Anna Stapleton