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Friday, April 25, 2008

Tesco's Wholemeal Beard - Fancy a slice?

I am writing with regards to a loaf of Thick sliced Wholemeal Kingsmill Bread I purchased from Tesco in Leyton E10 on 23rd April 2008.

As I opened the loaf I was horrified to find several strands of hair approximately 6 inches in length embedded in the slices. There is no possibility this hair could have been mine as I had just broken the seal. Not only did this deprive me of my breakfast but also prevented me from making my sandwiches for lunch, thus this inconvenience left me with no choice other then to buy lunch from outside.

I have now lost faith in purchasing any of your products and this incident has now put me off eating bread so far to the point that I am now considering only eating bread that I bake at home myself.

I am very disappointed in the breach in the quality assurance of the manufacturing process of this product and have now lost faith in your company, because as a consumer I trusted that your product would have been fit for its purpose. This has also lead me to believe there could easily be other possible more serious contamination. I would not wish any other consumers to experience what I have been through i.e. having strands of hair wrapped around their fingers.

I have retained my receipt and will now be contacting Tesco for a full refund and will also be notifying the local food standards authority.


tesco-complaint said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your email.

I just want to let you know that your email has successfully reached us, and we promise to be back in touch as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Tesco Customer Service

---- Disclaimer ----
This is a confidential email. Tesco may monitor and record all emails. The views expressed in this email are those of the sender and not Tesco.

Tesco Stores Limited
Company Number: 519500
Registered in England
Registered Office: Tesco House, Delamare Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 9SL VAT Registration Number: GB 220 4302 31

Rich said...

This could have been any supermarket really. All of the major supermarkets get their bread from Allied Bakeries and British Bakeries, the former supplying Kingsmill.

So although Tesco strenuously test their own products, the stuff they get in from another manufacturer is tested by them. I'd expect Tesco to maybe refund you and give you a voucher.

Pretty gross thing to find though, it'd definitely make me think twice about buying the stuff!

Anonymous said...

this is nasty but NOT tescos fault but kingsmills. they made the bread and dispatched it SEALED to tesco.
therefore complain to kingsmill. yesco could only check this type of product by opening the seals.

a little hint for the annonymous person with the tesco email, this is a confidential email and so should not be shared online with others your in breach of data protection, thought you would like to know.

Anonymous said...

I hate complainers like you. Yeah, its not nice but get off your high horse ffs. It was only a hairy loaf! Knob jockey.

Tesco Teamleader said...

As has been mentioned above this is kingsmill'ss error not tesco's maybe the creators of this site should be less biased. Headline is very misleading as is the photo.

However back to the poster, although tesco should give you a refund and health and safety issues should be directed at kingsmill.

Please don't let this experiance put you off from shopping at tesco.

Anonymous said...

Probably did you a favour anyway, putting you off bread. You are a fat c u n t

Anonymous said...

A more serious comment.ive also f ound human hair in tesco chips,the assistant just said get yourself another bag!as if.to the last comment is obviously a tesco shop.......

mungo said...

Kingsmill isn't made by Tesco you utter muppet.

Anonymous said...

Go back to your local bakers and avoid the multi nats, not that theres many little shops left now and supermarket quality is cut to a minimum, thats why local produce tastes so good and you don't need to take your loaf to the barbers;-)
a bit hair raising if you ask me!

Great Gifts said...

I recently bought a bag of Tesco's Watercress. I buy them a lot, well I used to! This one had a moth inside it. The lady at customer services (Chester branch) said that it was probably due to the 'packaging system'? She refunded me.

Anonymous said...

add some mothballs

Anonymous said...


pcsolotto said...

Thanks to the owner of this blog. Ive enjoyed reading this topic.

Stefan said...

That's not a hare... it's a mouse!

Anonymous said...

If you had played it right you could have contacted the company that are responsible for the bread that you received and got yourself a few freebies.Common sense,Tesco arent responsible for the production of the item,get in touch with the manufacturer.

Stefan said...

Yeah, use your loaf next time!

Anonymous said...

I can understand your frustration as it is pretty disgusting to find clumps of hair in the bread.

You should rightly return it for a refund or another one in exchange, maybe Tesco will even offer you goodwill vouchers.

I must say though, that in this case you shouldn't be blaming Tesco! It is NOT THEIR BREAD, but Kingsmill's, therefore it is NOT Tesco who do quality control on it, they merely just sell it as with all other branded products.

It's also a tad drastic to stop shopping there just because of this, the same could have happened to any supermarket that Kingsmill supplies.

In a nutshell, get a refund or exchange but don't blame Tesco for what wasn't their fault!

legal eagle said...

Of course you should blame Tesco.

It is their responsibility to sell goods "of merchantable quality" and this bread clearly wasn't! The onus is on THEM as the retailer to ensure the quality of the items they sell, and if this means they have to open each loaf and check it then that's the way it has to be!

rachel said...

err its kingsmill you should be complaining to! you dont seriously think tesco open and check all products before selling do u? they are just the middle man!

Tesco2808 said...

You fool, how can tesco be blamed?
IT WAS NOT a tesco product is was made by an independant company!
If you had purchased this from your local corner shop , would you then go on a hate filled website to complain about it,
As a Customer Service Manager At an Extra store, i would have laughed in your face!

Jenny said...

If Tesco did open every loaf of bread to check whether it was ok to sell, wouldn't the fact that it had been opened make it not ok to sell anyway?

Anonymous said...

You make me laugh, notifiying your local food standards authority. How the hell is this Tesco's fault? I think you need to be complaining to the Kingsmill bread company. What do you think Tesco do, open up everything that comes in from suppliers just to make sure that everything is ok to ensure they keep whining customers like you happy - I don't think so.
I am a Compliance Manager and trust me, just the same as the Customer Service Manager I would have laughed in your face - ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi legal eagle, you don't half talk some shit!! WAHTEVER!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As Tesco sold the item they are to be held into account, the contract is with them not the maker, you legal guys are thick as shit.

Anonymous said...

Can I just say that 'Kingsmill' is the product and not the supplier. Tesco bread suppliers are ALLIED BAKERIES, BRITISH BAKERIES and WARBURTONS.

Anonymous said...

Definetly looks like a mouse, the customer can do two things, initially go back to tesco and get a return on the price of bread AND then report to kingsmill who should give him big arse lick, pretty gross , FANCY A SANDWICH

Anonymous said...

Despite what's been said here it does make sense to take it back to Tesco.

Return it to the CSD and it will be passed but to the customer service centre. They will ensure that the customer is refunded for it (no gesture will be given) and inform the branded supplier who will then contact the customer

Getting Tesco involved makes it easier for the customer as no need to try and send to supplier directly.

Anonymous said...

I must say Tesco is definately worse quality generally than Lidl UK. I went into my local Tesco Express in Hereford where everything is strangely 10p dearer than the supermarket. I bought a roll which had clearly marked on it "White Roll". This turned out to be a cheese roll which I frigging hate! It's like Tesco's obsession with sandwiches and mayonaise. How can anyone eat that turd? A till person who used to work there was so rude and used to slap the money in my hand. I think Tesco is a joke, downmarket shopping and at a price. Greed.

Anonymous said...

I think Tesco, is a farse approaching doom. You get some sweaty manager who's done NVQ 3 Management which let's face it you only need to turn up to get it! He / she only thinks of his big fat profit margin and how he can talk down to customer's whom he/she thinks is stupid. Co-op, Lidl, Aldi, M & S much better.
Avoid Tesco and they will go away.
Ken. T. Crapper, Supervisor

Lewis said...

Uh, I do hope you're aware that Tesco does not bake the KINGSMILL bread, right?

Anonymous said...

And why is this Tesco's fault? They have no say in how Kingsmill make their bread, they simply sell on the product. Surely this is just pure common sense?
Make a complaint to someone who can actually do something about it (KINGSMILL) and stop jumping on the Tesco complaint bandwagon like the rest of the whingers on this blog.

Anonymous said...

To set something straigh kingsmill DO NOT supply Tesco own label bread as neither do Warburtons so this is down to British bakeries / hovis they have been supplying hovis for many years to Tesco

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