"The total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60" ~ Tesco-Complaint

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60"

Phil Barnes sent in this email to TC on December 11th:

Here’s a snippet of a complaint I sent to Tescos…

I write extremely angry and frustrated at the shoddy service provided by Tesco online. After hours of searching and selecting for products online, entering my personal and bank details I finally place my first order online, due to be delivered the next day between 9 and 11pm. I didn’t mind this effort as it would save me having to go shopping for some stocking fillers; I don't have much free time.

The order arrives and I'm informed by the driver that some of the products have been replaced with others due to stock shortages. Fair enough I said, expecting a couple of items to be replaced with alternatives. On checking the invoice 17 or the 20 (approx) items I ordered had been replaced. To make matters worse, the prices were not comparable. For example an item costing 50p had been replaced with an item costing £7.99. All in all the total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60 (approx). I find this ludicrous that common sense didn't tell someone that this would be unacceptable to me.

At this time I am still awaiting a call about refunding me accordingly but I guess it's not a priority to you. You have completely wasted my time and I am unsure how I am going to find time to repeat the process. As you can probably expect, I will not be shopping with Tesco online again. I have fear of ordering £100 of shopping and getting £500 bill. In fact, I am that annoyed, think Sainsbury’s can now take my £1,000 per month spend.

I can't even believe I have wasted more of my time writing this. Idiots.


Anonymous said...

What a loser.

Anonymous said...

thats harsh but i wonder what they were thinking replacing the items with more expensive ones hahahaah

Anonymous said...

this wouldnt of happened at Netto!

Anonymous said...

"this wouldnt of happened at Netto!"

Because nothing happens at Netto......

Gareth said...

Re : Intensive Standard Chickens

Complete corporate arrogance - well just watch Tescos.... people power will win the day and ultimately MAKE you take action because the only thing you understand is ££££££.

Im taking my £5000 p.a shopping business elsewhere and never stepping foot in a Tescos ever again.

Bye Bye.

Anonymous said...

I was going to buy a new tv from Tesco & i do all my food shopping at tescos but now i will not be shopping at tescos untill Intensive Standard Chickens are stopped being sold. Bye Bye Tescos now i will be shopping at co-op.

Anonymous said...

Does that mean you will stop buying any ready meal from any supermarket with cihcken in. co-op is only doing free range whole chhickens, but everything else in the store with chhicken is the same stuff standard chicken.

Netto Nutta said...

Netto - Choice, Value, Quality... What more could you ask from a Supermarket?

Anonymous said...

Asda say that if they have to make a substitution you pay the cost of the product you ordered, not the price of the replacement.
Sounds like a much better system to me.

Anonymous said...

The worst manager ever at Tesco,, JAMIE POPLEY,,
instead of trying to difuse a situation with an apology,, all he could do was be sarcastic and make comments to inflame the situation..an only because he knew that there was a security guard to protect him,,,what a wimp.

Anonymous said...

Tesco do actually price match any goods that have been substituted with the original product price.
They do reply to emails and letters but as you may understand they have thousands upon thousands of queries to look into and reply to.

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