Monday, June 11, 2007

Media Request FAO Tesco Staff

"Are you a current or former Tesco employee? Did extreme targets cause you to cut corners in your job? Are you a manager or supervisor who was forced to compromise your standards in order to keep profits on track? If so please get in touch with this site."

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Sheer disgust!

I am typing this email in sheer disgust ! My name is Donna Ramsden, and I have been a Tesco customer and club card member for approx 6 years now. Until recently I actually enjoyed shopping in your stores, for the baby products we require. However, on Friday I went into Tesco express in Birstall Batley, for babywipes and groceries for that nights dinner. Now the only money I had access to at that hour (6.30) on that day (fri)happened to be two scottish 10 pound notes. I finished picking out what I needed, and stood in the que for around 5 to 10 mins, only to be told (after she had scanned all of my shopping through the check out) that the store now has a company policy of NOT accepting the notes due to too many forgeries ! So, after I told her she had to take it because it was after all, legal tender, she called the manageress to explain to me why they couldn't take it. Therefore I had to leave the shop empty handed, and feelin like a criminal.
So, my partner (who is scottish, and finds this whole affair very offensive) called the tesco customer services number and was told by the customer service advisor that he knew nothing of the so called ban ! To cut the rest of a long story short, Tescos head office phoned the Manager of Tesco Express that this is not company policy, and that he should re-train his staff to check for forged notes ! We were satisfied by this action and were quite willing to forgive and forget ! But then this (sunday) dinnertime my partners brother (who is obviously also scottish) went to the same store only to be made to feel like a criminal aswell. This is totally out of order. We are as a family, all of us hard working people who have never had any trouble of any kind before. I cannot stress enough, how embarrased I was, and brother in law says he has never felt to racially belittled in his entire life.
Can you please sort this issue out one way or another, or I will be taking it further believe me ! I am very angry and unsure as to weather or not I will be using any of your stores again, as a result of this. Seems to me that we have been lied to by the staff, as they said it was now company policy, and then told the opposite by customer services. Please respond to this email, as I cannot just ignore this matter !
Donna Ramsden