Shop till you Drop onto a verge ~ Tesco-Complaint

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Shop till you Drop onto a verge

I was driving north on the A 24 through Horsham on March 8th 2008 , moved to outside lane to let joining traffic on at slip road, and a Tesco delivery van came over in to the outside lane, forcing me on to the central grass verge at 60 mph.

I got back on to the road and tried to get the driver to pull over, but he did NOT stop and turned off to Horsham at next roundabout.

So I am keen to meet driver of KX 06 KWW at 19 10 of above date.

-unhappy driver.


Richard said...

awesome picture, awesome headline!!! eheheheh

wonder why unhappy is so keen to meet the driver of KX 06 KWW?


Anonymous said...

So you chased after the van trying to stop it then? So you both are as bad as each other. Ooookay then...

Anonymous said...

Tesco should be fined and the driver sacked.

Anonymous said...

bloody right, they set silly targets their drivers must hit daily with deliveries or face financial penilisation which is why some are forced to drive like loons.


Anonymous said...

"they set silly targets their drivers must hit daily with deliveries or face financial penilisation"

this is only becuase certain areshole customers fail to read Ts + Cs and demand service charges back for being 3 minutes over slot time.

Anonymous said...

As a driver i would say that its better to stay safe, no shopping is worth killing yourself or somebody else for, keep it safe and take the shopping back to store if you run out of time, if every driver stuck to that they would have to reduce the targets for delivery if they got 2 or 3 back per run!

Anonymous said...

Put your complaint into your local store, not a website that has nothing to do with Tesco...jeez

Anonymous said...

LOL this is such a fail! I just checked and Tesco dont have a van with that reg..


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