Saturday, August 25, 2007

Dem Tesco man be racist... (but me not)

My self and a friend (work-colleague), both of us of British -African/Caribbean origin. Were in the Tesco Metro store on Kingsland road North London, weds 8th aug, approx 5.50 pm. We are regulars to the store, especially as my friend has his own business situated around the corner, to the Tesco. To our annoyance, we found that the security guard (Indian) took it upon himself to follow us around the store. As if to say, 'I'll follow these two black guys, they look like thieves'. He was a bit too blatant, as he tried to make out that he was moving around shopping baskets. Me and my friend noticed what the security guard was doing and decided to complain to a manager. The manager of the store was eventually found. I took him round to face the security guard. Then we made known our grievance. The manager seemed to find the whole episode quite amusing-(he was grinning from ear to ear.) I let him know that I didn't find this incident amusing, but rather offensive. The manager explained that the security guard was 'just doing his job'. (Tesco's must have a racist policy then, of instructing their security to tail only, people of colour!) The security guard at this point told me to, 'Shut up!' Then the manager stepped between us, as if to keep the peace. As I mentioned my work colleague owns his own business around the corner. I myself am a freelance -writer. (We are NOT thieves and are fed up of being treated as such @ your store.) We have enough funds between us to go to court if needs be! We therefore want a written apology from BOTH the security guard and the store manager. We will be notifying the CRE and I may well document my 'TESCO experience' in some way using online media...(If the Indian security guard knew his history, he would know that Africans inhabited 'India' which means 'black', a long time before the people living there now, they come from African blood.)

Charlie Bins
mob: 07949 99 88 23

Update: I've not had a reply to my email to Tesco. (The whole thing has started a furious debate online within the African community.) I and my work colleague have stopped our custom at all Tesco stores. If you aobserve Tues London Lite 14 aug page 4. You will see that the Met Police have stats to show that foreigners commit 20% of all London crime. TOP of the list are the POLISH!!!

Tesco's Fresh Prawns are FROZEN?!

I love my prawns!!!! However, visiting my local TESCO store in Montrose on Thursday 16th August, I was about to put my TESCO Jumbo (fresh) prawns in my basket, but noticed they were in fact FROZEN!! Label clearly states that the product can be frozen at home - dilemma! Are they fresh or frozen - can they be refrozen at home??

I managed to (finally) attract the attention of one of the two assistants standing immediately behind me - busy talking to friends (customers?) - though it took a few attempts! I explained my dilemma about "fresh", "frozen", health hazzards, etc. After around 6-7 minutes, they called "Chris" (presumably the person in charge?) who, VERY reluctantly shook the packages about, mulled over the situation (I'm still waiting for a decision) and, even more reluctantly, took the few remaining packets of prawns away (I think?) muttering something about "contacting the supplier"!

So, I left for home (minus my dinner) in the hope that I'd perhaps saved a few other unsuspecting shoppers from possible food poisoning?! Today (Friday 17th August) visited the TESCO store in nearby Forfar - guess what? Same "fresh" prawns - FROZEN! Unfortunately, I was in a rush, and couldn't find a nearby assistant to help - needless to say, I didn't buy the product - no dinner again!

This is a disaster waiting to happen - my biggest issue is (apart from the obvious health implications) that there were only a few items left on the shelf by the time I discovered this - how many people didn't actually detect this before purchase/consumption??

I, personally, am a long standing, faithful TESCO customer, however, I now have very serious doubts about the food standards - too many incidents recently in the media regarding health issues for my liking!!

TESCO, please do something about this - someone could end up VERY sick and, unfortunately, your staff appear blissfully unconcerned....

A VERY concerned customer. Vicki P