Would you like help packing Terry? ~ Tesco-Complaint

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Would you like help packing Terry?


A grandmother from Merseyside has applied for planning permission to demolish the home of Tesco chief executive Sir Terry Leahy.

Dot Reid is retaliating against plans to bulldoze her home and 71 others in Kirkby, to make way for Everton's new stadium and a Tesco supermarket.

The 58-year-old said Sir Terry, who lives in a mansion in Hertfordshire, deserved a taste of his own medicine.

She plans to turn the site of the Tesco boss's house into a community garden.

The grandmother lives on Spicer Grove where there are a mix of bungalows and houses, which would be bought under a compulsory purchase order and demolished under the plans.

She helped set up a housing co-operative which was given government money to build the homes, which were finished in 1992.

I want Sir Terry to have a taste of what we have to put up with
Dot Reid

She said: "These are more than just houses, they are homes.

"I have been living under the threat of losing my home for 18 months now and it is very stressful.

"I want Sir Terry to have a taste of what we have to put up with.

"When we found out about the plans by Tesco and Everton, we thought it was disgusting."

Mrs Reid has submitted an application to Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in Hertfordshire for permission to demolish Sir Terry's 1930s mansion in Cuffley.

'Publicity stunt'

Mrs Reid has plans for the site.

"It's going be a nice community area. Trees and ponds and a little play area for the children, somewhere for the old people to go and sit and relax."

A council spokeswoman said: "Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council has received a planning application from a resident of Kirkby relating to the demolition of a property in Cuffley and use of the space as a community garden.

"This application will go through the normal planning process."

A spokesman for Tesco said: "This is just a publicity stunt.

"Unlike this application, for our application we spoke to hundreds, if not thousands, of residents in Kirkby, the vast majority of whom recognise this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which will create 2,000 jobs."




Actual Documents open as .PDF file!



Anonymous said...

Flatten it!!

Anonymous said...

what a JOKE.
are you planning on demolishing evertons managers home NO
not only with the planning permission be refused. you may face been SUED HA HA HA.
which was NOT issued by tesco.

stop trying to get at tesco
if your not happy see an MP who clearly does not care or they would have done something already.

Anonymous said...

Tesco will purchase her house so she can buy another property.

So is she planning to do exactly the same or only what suits her?

What a waste of time and probably money. You'd think she might be doing something more constructive such as looking to relocating.

Anonymous said...

Why should people leave their homes because Tesco and Everton say so? Fair enough, they will be financially compensated, but it seems wrong. If it was for a motorway or something fair play, its for a common cause, but not for business.

Anonymous said...

Dot Reid - Fucking Legend

That is all

Pete said...

Harrogate is the only postcode in Britain that doesn't have a Tesco. Their market share is so high it's scandalous that they haven't been referred to the MMC. Any supplier who has dealth with them knows they are ruthless bastards who enjoy treating food manufacturers like dirt.

This move is genius - and for some of the slower posters here, it's about PR - Tesco spends million on marketing and PR, millions which those who are increasingly worried about their growing power cannot match. Of course Dot doesn't stand a chance, but this is a great story, a way of drawing attention to a corporate monolith that is out of control.

If you think there's nothing wrong with a private company - an institution legally obliged to put profit for its shareholders before any other consideration - taking ever-increasing power over out lives, I suggest you check out what happened when the East India Company ruled India.

And its hilarious that Tesco's most passionate apologist above can barely fucking write.

Anonymous said...

If you have bought anything from Tesco that you were not happy with and did not receive the customer service support that you expected then please carry on reading.

I have come across lots of people who have bought items from Tesco and they have broken down and they have not received the support from Tesco to help them rectify the matter. I myself have had a problem with Tesco where an Item has broken down, a wall mounted TV and have been for the past couple of years trying to get it sorted with so many different promises to get the tv replaced, repaired with none of them every happening.

Tesco feel that they are a large company who do not have to worry about customer feedback or about upsetting customers as there are always other people who would go and buy there products so the people who are not happy and there are thousands of them each year, it does not matter to them as they are the biggest supermarket in the UK with the highest turnover.

The customer support I and so many other people have received has been very disgusting. What I am asking people on this forum to do is, to tell their friends about this posting and if you have had a product that you have bought from Tesco or if you have had a service from Tesco or are simply not happy about the way you have been treated by Tesco then please join others like yourself who are making their feelings known by contacting the Chief Executive office on 01707 395150 and ask for Helen and make yourself known to them about your complaint.

We will also be arranging in the new future demonstrations around the UK about the way Tesco treat customers.

Join everyone now who is not happy with Tesco and phone the Cheif Executive office and make yourself be heard and do not let this big company get away with treating their customers in this way.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Tesco's doing, they have specifically targeted these 72 people and want to destroy their lives. bravo, you won the game.

Anonymous said...


pcsolotto said...

Nice blog. Thats all.

Anonymous said...

Richard William Evans ...... I am disgusted with this particular person.