Friday, May 16, 2008

I am 29 and I have a right to Intoxication!

At today, 1st May , I went into your Consett branch with my 6ft tall son who had a stubble and is 29yrs of age, actually looking about 35yrs old. He had in his basket 2 bottles of wine and some cans of lager. I left him at the till while i went to look at magazines. Two minutes later he rushed up to me in a blazing temper.

The stupid woman on the tills wouldnt serve him until he showed ID. Hes a man for gods sake and certainly looks a man. There was a lady waiting behind him who just couldnt believe what this woman on the till was saying. My son actually thought she was joking when she asked for ID, but soon realised she wasnt. He then told her what he thought of her and left.

I myself do my shopping there at least twice a week, and have done so since it opened, but I can assure you I will never set foot in there again. Its a total joke. If u saw my son you would know the reason why I feel so strongly. [Tesco-Complaint: See REAL picture of Alan above & click to enlarge]

With staff like her she makes your shop a laughing stock.

Mrs Pam Lambert

Every Little Patronise Helps Tesco's Dum-Dum Customers!!

I read in the paper yesterday that you have empowered your sales personnel to decline selling alcohol to adults accompanied by teenagers or underage persons on the off chance that they may break the law by passing it to the underage person.
I have been a customer of Tesco for many years. I encourage everyone to use Tesco as you carry a range of foods and goods which is very diversified and pleasing and at very reasonable cost, I tell people that your service is excellent and you deserve to be market leaders. But I am afraid I cannot condone this insult to your customers, nor the role of big brother you are assuming. Is the person who encouraged this in your stores naïve???? Do you really think that anyone intent on doing this will take the teen ager in the store and only pass the alcohol under these circumstances??? Worse, do you assume that anyone who drinks alcohol will do so in excess? Have you not heard of France and Italy and Spain and other Mediterranean countries, or of the effect of prohibition in the USA??? You are opening a huge can of worms by taking the responsibility to enforce moral choices on people, only fuelling rebellion, as in my case.

This is the country, leading the world, in ‘NO you can’t’ idiotic lifestyle rules and I cannot support your stand, as this patronising attitude is just the sort which, by removing responsibility from individuals, encourages people to lose the ability to make their own choices and take the consequences. Will you be doing this with people who smoke too, deny them the purchase if in the company of children????

I hope to read soon that you are retracting this policy, as I shall seriously consider shopping elsewhere.