Additional Information: May Contain Metal! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Additional Information: May Contain Metal!

On Friday 7th March I went to Tesco Extra Cirencester and happily completed my usual weekly grocery shop.
As a treat for my children I decided to buy a box of the new Tesco All Butter Flapjack Squares. Over the weekend we decided to have some of the flapjacks and you can imagine my horror and disgust to find after chewing one a large sharp metal shard! I promptly spat the mouthful out to be shocked at what I saw and I discovered I had cut the inside of my mouth. I kept all the metal, packaging, remaining flapjacks and prevented anyone else from eating the flapjacks.

On Monday the 10th March I contacted Environmental health to ask for advice on how best to deal with this situation and they advised that all evidence of the metal/packaging/remaining flapjacks be kept for there own inspection. I felt something needed to be done to prevent others from possibly doing the same so I called Tesco's helpine to advise them of what was happening and to ask them to remove any remaining boxes of the same batch from sale. I spoke to a young lady on the helpine who instead of asking any of my details or the products details only told me to see someone instore and let them have the metal. As soon as I said I couldn't leave the metal at the store as Environmetal Health wanted it she no longer wanted to deal with me and said very curtly that they will only deal with Environmental Health regarding the issue and cut the phone call short. I would've expected Tesco to at least want the details of the product and my own personal details.

As a loyal customer to Tesco and spending on average £150 on my weekly grocery shop with yourselves, I would have expected to received a decent standard of customer service. However, your customer service personal could not care less. I can assure you that this will not be the end of this matter and I would also like to add that it is lucky under the circumstances that was myself that had this particular flapjack and not one of my young children. I will await the visit from Environmental Health and let them deal with the issue as they obviously took it as serious as it should be.


Steve Grogan said...

nice one TC - I would have gone for FULL METAL FLAPJACKET! as my headline ehehe :)

Anonymous said...

How can anyone spend £150 on shopping each week? Is your surname Walton?

Anonymous said...

Because you went to EH you can expect jack shit from Tesco now.

Anonymous said...

The girl on the phone was correct I'm afraid. If you have gone to environmental heath about the problem, then Tesco's legal team will have to deal with them directly.

Anonymous said...

"I would have expected to received a decent standard of customer service"

Roughly translated...

"I would have expected to received a decent standard of pay out"

Anonymous said...

"I would've expected Tesco to at least want the details of the product and my own personal details"

lol, you wanted a fuss and now your not included, thats all this is about!

Anonymous said...

We have a similar complaint regarding tesco catfood sachet. It,upon opening,exploded with a foul stench and landed all over the floor and my partners clothes. We were told to bring the foul smelling product into the store.(forget about the health hazzard and stench that would have rendered the store unfit to enter). We recomended it be dealt with by a member of staff coming outside to check the product,and told they cant do that. It must be a common problem,as the lady even described it as a rotting flesh smell. We were discusted to be told,after the use of cleaning products twice. The smell which is still lingering a day later,the washing of clothes,the time,the fuel. The list goes on. We were offered a 24p lousy replacement. Get a grip tesco. We now will take our £400.00+ pcm contribution to your poor service elsewhere.

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