Friday, April 27, 2007

Shock for mum as she spots Tesco rat in aisle

This Is Hampshire report that an Andover mum was left shocked and disgusted when she saw a rat running around Andover's Tesco superstore. Hayley Kirby, from Pilgrims Way, was shopping at the River Way store with her 12-year-old son Jordan when she saw the rat running under the bread aisle.

"I was just so shocked when I saw it come running out from under the bread.

"It was huge, definitely bigger than average, and it had obviously been eating in the store.

"Rats are vermin. They shouldn't be anywhere near Tesco.

"They are definitely the last thing you expect to see when shopping in a food store," she added.

While she was waiting at the tills she told Jordan to look in the aisle to see if he could see anything.

"He told me members of staff were all on their knees looking under the aisles but whenever customers appro-ached they got up acting as though they weren't doing anything," she said.

Hayley later contacted Tesco's head office only to be told they were aware of the problem.

"I was told they have pest control coming in three times a week so they obviously know what's going on."

Hayley, who has shopped at Tesco for as long as she can remember, will now only shop at the superstore because its convenient..

"It's only down the road and I admit I'll be wary whenever I walk in there but I'll just remember not to buy any open ended food. Who knows which French stick the rats have been eating?"

A spokesman for Tesco said the store was aware of the problem but was adamant there was no risk to customers.

He added: "The store is based next to land used by Southern Water and rats have been an issue for the whole of the retail area. We are working as hard as we can to eradicate the problem by meshing and sealing up points of entry. It's a case of taking every possible step we can to make sure these horrible things don't gain access."

Tesco HGV Driver blows the whistle on Tesco's dirty habits?

This is a note that should be brought to the attention of all customer's at Tesco's. I used to be a HGV driver delivering all types of food/produce fresh chilled frozen etc.

I was working via an Agency company for several months, however when i applied for the vacancy i was turned down for the job not because of my excellent driving nor the fact i always did my job well. NO the fact that i dare complain to Tesco....

Having been a chef in HMFoces for several years, My health and hygiene is of reasonably good knowledge. So when i refused to take rubbish back in my lorry, that had been left outside a store for several days, The managment were not too happy. If my vehicle had been empty fair enough, however i had fresh produce on, and i think it is disgusting to have fresh produce in cages next to rubbish which could have anything inside of it , inc vermin. WOULD you buy produce if you had known it had sat next to soaking wet cardboard?

I am desperately trying to get hold of tesco's to make a formal complaint however the no i phone never seems to be answered, I hope this helps in some way.

Mr G Jones Peterborough.

Free Condom in your Tesco Sandwich?

MK News report that a horrified Michelle Lewis was violently ill after she bit into a Tesco cheese sandwich and found a condom inside.

The single office worker from Milton Keynes, Bucks, has contacted her doctor for tests after fearing she may have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.

The 28-year-old said she was disgusted when she bit into the £1.30 ploughman's sandwich and chomped down onto the unwrapped prophylactic which was hidden between the lettuce and tomato.

She was instantly sick and concerned colleagues contacted Tesco to complain.

Michelle said last night: "I bought the sandwich from the petrol station shop for my lunch while I was filling up my car.

I started to eat it while sitting at my desk. I had taken one bite out of the corner, which was fine.

When I took the second bite I felt something rubbery in my mouth. I ran to the sink and the condom was hanging out of the sandwich. I threw up in the toilet straight away.

"It is a disgusting and vile thing to put in a sandwich. If this was somebody's idea of a practical joke at the factory they are clearly very sick minded. This is the most disgusting thing that has ever happened to me.

"This has put me off buying prepacked sandwiches for life. I shall bring my own in from on." The vegetarian sandwich, which claims to contain 'no artificial flavours', was in a sealed package when Michelle purchased it at the Tesco store Buckingham.

The condom, which did not appear to be used, was unwrapped from its foil covering and covered in Branston pickle.

Michelle, who works as a training assessor for Protocol Skills in Milton Keynes, contacted Environmental Services to take away the soiled sandwich.

She said: "My complaint to Tesco has been ignored. I just want someone to take it seriously but instead I had a manager telling me there was nothing they could do and it was just something that happened.

I was outraged by their attitude.

"Tesco is the largest grocery store in Britain and this sort of thing shouldn't happen." A spokesman for Tesco's store said: "We can't imagine how something like this would happen, but we will be carrying out an investigation with our supplier. We would like to apologise."

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tesco make another customer feel bad... this time she's 74 years old. Nice one Terry.

On the 29th Match 2007 I had an unfortunate incident where, through no ones fault, I had a spillage on a pair of trousers in the Tesco Branch at Nailsea. The matter was dealt with efficiently and courteously by Customer Care who made a record of the incident on their computer - I was told that I didn't need a record as it would be stored on their computer - told to take the trousers to be dry-cleaned, return with the receipt and I would be reimbursed.

On the 2nd April 2007 at approximately 3.15 pm I returned to the Nailsea Branch with my receipt making a round trip of 10 miles, unfortunately, no record of the incident could be found. The Duty Manager who dealt with the query decided that I should be reimbursed for the dry-cleaning but when I asked for mileage was rather dismayed.
She did suggest £2 but I was not happy with this and 32p per mile was agreed upon.

The reason I am writing to you is that I was far from happy with the way I was dealt with by the duty Manager. She ignored me until negotiations for mileage came up and I felt I was being a nuisance. I am a loyal Tesco Customer, 74 years old, who can ill-afford to pay for unnecessary petrol money. If the young lady in question hopes to progress up the management ladder at Tesco's she needs to improve her customer relation technique.

What if an accident like this happens when you are miles from home? I am sure, if the matter was recorded correctly on the computer arrangements could be made with your local stores. I look forward to hearing from you on this matter

Mrs M T Bateman

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tesco Crew Not Down With Tesco!

Hi there I work in an express store in the city centre of Glasgow and its the worst job i've had. We have only been open a matter of weeks and the staff and managers are overworked and stressed out all the time. The shelves are empty and dirty and most of us are looking elsewhere for jobs.Anonymous disgruntled employees........

Tesco Direct goes Indirect with Poor Delivery

I want to keep this brief as I have already wasted weeks trying to get an oven delivered, fitted and old one scraped. Not a difficult process - you would hope.

Urgh I feel sick even just thinking about the whole thing. Here goes. It was all arranged for Tuesday the 20th March so I took the day off. At 8.30 the cooker was delivered, but to my surprise the delivery men just left, the cooker dumped in the middle of my sitting room. Chasing them down the road (in my best pink slippers) I told them that I had also paid for installation and scrap. They told me someone would turn up later as it’s a separate job. By 7pm I was sadly still waiting.

After waiting 20 mins to get though to Tesco I was told that engineers only come out on Saturdays in my area (I live in south London not the Shetlands) anyway Saturday no show (no phone call to say they had cancelled it) so I took the following Friday off work as it was arranged for then (by a private engineer to take on the work they can't handle …he is a very busy man!) anyway AGAIN no show, so they promised Saturday by now 11 days late.

To my delight he showed upand installed the new cooker, to my horror I still have the old cooker outside sadly waiting to be scraped, the scrap people again did not bother to show up or call to say they had cancelled. I have now been promised Wednesday which will make it 3 weeks late!

I have been given my delivery cost back and offered £100 in compensation, but when I weigh that up with the fact that 2 weeks after it was meant to all be completed its just crap - I was even told to get my council to collect it!!!

I feel old and tired and will never ever order from Tesco extra again, if you value your mental health don't go near them!

Emmeline Keith-Krelik

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tesco Still Not Recycling Properly!!!

I am very disappointed and extremely annoyed, I visited the Warrington Tesco Superstore like I do every week, to do my recycling and at the same time my weekly shop. I was very annoyed and disgusted when i visited the store last week (wed) mid morning, to go to the recycling bins, and find that they were all over spilling with rubbish, and there were 10 - 15 bags full of recycling rubbish that had just been dumped in and around the recycling bays, the bins looked like they hadnt been emptied for at least 2 weeks.

I think it is so wrong that the government are extremely hot on members of the public recycling even to the point of us being charged if we dont recycle items properly and stores like the Warrington branch cant even be bothered to control their contractors to empty the bins regularly and keep the bays clear of rubbish.

Needless to say i was so annoyed that i did end up going to Morrisons in Warrington where i did my recycling and my shop at the same time.

A response as to why it was allowed to get in that state would be good, i know my mother is starting to recycle and i told her whatever she does dont bother going to tescos as they dont even bother to empty the bins, that i have also introduced her to morrisons where she does her shopping aswell as recycling. Im afraid if Tescos dont improve they are going to be loosing alot of business.

M Bowden

Tesco's Bad Customer Service Lottery!

I am writing to complain about a member of staff in your Tesco extra store in Galashiels. Whilst in the store today my 17 year old daughter was refused a lottery ticket because the woman who was serving did not believe that she was 17, even though both myself and her dad was present. This I understand is store policy and I would have been okay with this but the way that she spoke to me when I asked to buy one was disgraceful especially in front of other customers. She spoke down to me as if I was a child made out that I was a liar and she then refused to serve me a lottery ticket in case I gave it to my daughter.

I'm actually 45 years old and have been a customer of yours for many many years and I have never before been spoken to like that before. I spoke to one of the managers who actually apologised on her behalf which I think was also wrong, I should have received an apology from her. For someone who deals with the public on a daily basis her attitude needs to change or I am sure you will lose many more customers.

Yours sincerely
Mrs G Campbell