Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Do not touch my BOX!!

Not so much a complaint about the companies ethos as the sheer rudeness of one of their staff. I visited their store in Fulbourn, Cambridge, this afternoon.

I had a look around the wine section and found a number of offers to tempt me. I selected half a dozen bottles and then looked around for a box to put them in. The Tescos employee in charge of the wine section was emptying half cases of wine in order to make an end of aisle display so I asked him if I could have one of the empty boxes; he refused! In a very abrupt tone he told me I would have to use the flimsy card carriers they provide instead. He then appeared to make a point of tearing up the box he had just emptied.

Half way along the aisle was one of their rubbish cages with a *complete* empty box beside it, so I picked it up and went to put my bottles in it. No sooner had I picked it up than I noticed the employee was bearing down on me! He shouted that "THERE IS ALWAYS ONE" at me in an aggressive manner and just stood there glaring at me.

At this point I tried to politely explain that I don't like using their carriers as I find them too flimsy. Indeed this same employee had had to fetch a mop the last time I used one as the bottom gave way mid way to the till and all 6 bottles shattered on the floor. Evidentially his memory isn't that hot. Was there really a heinous crime in me using an empty cardboard box that had been consigned to the rubbish pile?

Apparently so. He stormed off again muttering at me.

Thanks Tesco, there's nothing like sheer rudeness and public embarrassment to make me go to Sainsburys.

Tesco not kosher...

Today my wife was humiliated at Tesco Hurst Park West Molesey Surrey.

Due to staff neclect the security tag was not removed from a£3.96 hand mixer. She was detained at the door when the alarm sounded.

We are well known in the area and people who know her are witness to this. It was very embarrising for my wife.

We were not offered any compensation for there mistake.

We have had on two occassions fish and chicken that was off and if eaten would have cauesed harm.

The nice Jewish couple who started Tesco would not have approved. Sorry Tessi Cohen.

Shezian Morris