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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pointlessly pointed nowhere

Hello Tesco-Complaint. Thought i'd share this experience with you.
I work for Sainsbury's, and the other day while at work, a customer bought to me some keys with a Tesco Clubcard keytag attached.

The keys/card were kept in lost property for a while, but as the day progressed no one came in to claim them, so I rang the customer service number and asked them to contact the customer and ask them to come in as it was obviously important as there were keys there. I explained the situation to the man in the phone and he brashly informed that he wouldn't. I protested that the customer would need the keys, presumably to get in and it was very important. They again refused and hung up!

This incident just reminds me why i chose to work and shop at Sainsbury's and go nowhere near Tesco! If the guy wasnt allowed to contact the customer then fair enough, but his attitude stank of Tesco through and through!



Rich said...

I'm not totally sure but I'd expect that it would be the responsibility of Sainsbury's to get in touch with the customer, as the property was left in your store. I think it might have been a better idea just to ask for the customer's number from Tesco and get in touch yourself.

Although on the other hand I imagine that Tesco wouldn't be allowed to just give such details out. Hmmm.

I'd say, with keys, the customer probably came back within a day tops to collect them.

Anonymous said...

How do u expect Sainsburys to contact the customer when they havent got their details? I cant just pull up the details from a clubcard now can i! Like I said whether or not they could give the details out, theres no need to be rude about it. They still havent been collected!

gangsta said...

sick of this tesco attitude. total w@nk@z and you were only trying to do a good deed. sick and tired of tesco im thinking of a good form of protest to make them all close

Rich said...

The customer must be a bloody fool then, if I lost keys I would be back to every place I'd been since I last had them straight away.

Losers Weepers, anyway.

gangsta said...

"The customer must be a bloody fool then"
Yet they have a tesco clubcard.

Are you calling your customers bloody fools then Rich?

Dear Dear

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If they don't like Tesco, I wish they would go elsewhere nobody's making them shop there.

Anonymous said...


if you honestly feel this way then why are you urging the company to change its ways to keep customers? Surely you'd be wanting them to continue as is in the hope of the company crumbling?

yet another customer who likes to complain because they live a depressingly negative life.

If sainsbury's had been doing their job correctly, they keys would have been handed to the police station the following morning. Clearly this hasnt happened if you know they still havent been claimed.

Had the police received them back a data release would have been filed and the keys returned or a letter to the customer to advise of where they keys are.

Anonymous said...

"Had the police received them back a data release would have been filed and the keys returned or a letter to the customer to advise of where they keys are."

Utter Bollocks.

Rich said...

Alot of the customers I get ARE bloody fools!

(Rich's views are not necessarily those of Tesco Stores Ltd ;))

Anonymous said...

tesco are plotting along with disney and nestle to destroy the world. and you expect them to be nice?

Anonymous said...

TESCO cannot honestly be expected to contact a customer to inform them that they are missing a set of keys and where to find them, and secondly Clubcard are run differently to Tesco Stores, they are a partnership yes, but they are run separatly so cannot be expected to act in the same ways. Also why would Tesco want to help out other supermarkets, their rival stores. Maybe if the customer was able to have a SAINSBURY's style 'clubcard', had SAINSBURY's had a card scheme then they would've been able to organise it themselves. But then it does depend on CUstomers returning their contact information correctly. Data protection would have a field day if incorrect details were shared to obtain an extra set of keys and possible theift ability

Jen said...

What you should have been advised was to take the keys to a Tesco store or the police station, we'd then have been able to get the necessary details and follow the procedures for returning them, known as the Key Return Service, if they had been handed to police, we'd have asked them to complete a Data Release form and fax it to us so we can get the ball rolling asap, this is the correct procedure and not "utter bollocks" as someone seems to think. I know for a fact this is correct as I handle Clubcard calls and have asked the police to do this before.

Anonymous said...

To the ANON poster above, dissing Sainsbury's subtly by suggesting they dont have a clubcard type scheme. What about Nectar? That is 10000 times better than clubcard according to statistics

Anonymous said...

regardless of how good nectar cards are, sainsburys, or more particularly the poster and sainsbury employee in question, are at fault here for following an incorrect lost and found process.

if the keys are still there and have not been handed to the police does that mean sainsburys operate a finders keeps policy? how interesting, i can see where tesco are at fault here. fool.

Anonymous said...

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