Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60"

Phil Barnes sent in this email to TC on December 11th:

Here’s a snippet of a complaint I sent to Tescos…

I write extremely angry and frustrated at the shoddy service provided by Tesco online. After hours of searching and selecting for products online, entering my personal and bank details I finally place my first order online, due to be delivered the next day between 9 and 11pm. I didn’t mind this effort as it would save me having to go shopping for some stocking fillers; I don't have much free time.

The order arrives and I'm informed by the driver that some of the products have been replaced with others due to stock shortages. Fair enough I said, expecting a couple of items to be replaced with alternatives. On checking the invoice 17 or the 20 (approx) items I ordered had been replaced. To make matters worse, the prices were not comparable. For example an item costing 50p had been replaced with an item costing £7.99. All in all the total shopping bill had gone from £15 to £60 (approx). I find this ludicrous that common sense didn't tell someone that this would be unacceptable to me.

At this time I am still awaiting a call about refunding me accordingly but I guess it's not a priority to you. You have completely wasted my time and I am unsure how I am going to find time to repeat the process. As you can probably expect, I will not be shopping with Tesco online again. I have fear of ordering £100 of shopping and getting £500 bill. In fact, I am that annoyed, think Sainsbury’s can now take my £1,000 per month spend.

I can't even believe I have wasted more of my time writing this. Idiots.

We don't want to give you that!

I have recently accepted voluntary redundancy from Tesco after 18.5 years Service, before this happened we had a one to one with a Manager and one of my queries and the deciding factor as to whether I accepted the redundancy was I kept my loyalty card.

Just a couple of weeks after left my card was stopped, when I contacted customer services at Tesco, they said that I am not entitled to keep the card and was told by Managers that I would not be able to keep it. Just one of many lies that have been told to Tesco's employees by Managers has anyone else encountered this probably or am I the only one. I have e mailed customer services and have got a standard letter back, reading between the lines they think I tell lies as well.

As for Terry Leahy, he cannot even be bothered to answer, Tesco do not deserve the loyal staff that they have working for them.

All I can say is Morrisons's here we come!

- Ex Hinckley employee