Friday, November 16, 2007

Tesco's Cheapside Manager Alan is an Ape!

I bought some Bahlsen biscuits marked on special earlier this week and noticed that the till price was £ 1.03 compared to the £ 0.79 on the shelf. I noticed while doing a self-service check out that the price was wrong and a member of staff corrected the price back to what it should be. Today I thought I would see if they had bothered to fix the error and bought the biscuits again but sure enough the price still came up at £ 1.03 in the check-out despite the shelf price still being £ 0.79.
I insisted on seeing the manager (Alan in the Cheapside Branch in London) who acted in a surly manner and just shoved the £ 0.24 owing and my receipt at me. He was upset because he thought I should have just called another checkout supervisor and had them correct the price while I was checking out. When I explained that it wasn’t my job to correct their prices when I have already told them that they are wrong and said I should have been given an apology for this attempt to rip me off, he got surly and told me “there is a Marks and Spencers nearby – go there in future”. When I said I would report him he then started telling me not to come back to the store and was yelling at me as I left the store.
Clearly staff training is a low priority at Tesco as is correcting “mistaken” prices – especially given that the new price-correction only policy now makes it a very lucrative business.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Tesco destroy all humans!

Whilst looking for an official e-mail to complain to Tesco (think I'll have to write to them as no e-mail was forthcoming) I stumbled across this site. A whole site dedicated to grumbling about Tesco. Fantastic.

Anyhow at my local store in Kentish town they are replacing the nice friendly (mostly) staff with those self service machines. Fair enough in a large store its good to have the option of fast tracking through self service- but in a tiny express store? And to have no choice is ridculous. Staff are gloomy at the prospect of loosing their jobs and it is hard to use your own bags with the machines.... I don't want a carrier bag i want to use my own bag. I dont' care about so-called green club card points... just reducing waste and helping the environment! Grumble grumble.

I am boycotting them now, I know it won't make a feck of a differnce but damn does it make me feel better.

Whew, rant over.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Welcome to

TescoRipOff reveals the shocking truth about Tesco's serious and widespread overcharging of its customers by leaving out-of-date prices and offers on display in stores. Amazingly, Chief Executive Terry Leahy has said he sees nothing wrong in doing this.
Click here for more amazing info on Tesco's ripoff.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Tesco please refund what is rightfully mine!

I ordered a dishwasher for my sister who lives in Andover England as a gift. (I live in the U.S.A..) The order # was 05426139. The dishwasher was supposed to have been installed and it was not. I had paid the extra 20 or so pounds for the installation. The people that delivered the washer informed my sister (who is 53 years of age and has no plumbing expertise whatsoever) that the pipe they had was not long enough. Then the same people told her that if she "had any problems to call them." My sister called and was politely informed that "if the pipe was too short they would not have been able to install the item." I do not believe when the 20 pounds was taken from my credit card that it said anything about, we can install, only if the pipe is long enough? I had intended the dishwasher to be a gift not an added expense. I had also intended to replace her stove and refrigerator one at a time. The dishwasher was delivered on the 16th of October and finally my sister was able to get enough money together to pay someone to come to her house and install the dishwasher November 2nd. I have emailed and called and up to this point received one response that says "we promise to be back in touch as soon as possible." That was dated 10/26/2007.
I am very disappointed in the lack of / slow response to both my sister and myself up until this time. I want to be refunded the amount that was taken from my credit card under false pretenses.
I am very unhappy with the whole situation. Tesco ruined the surprise that I had for my sister, then went on to ruin my perception of what I believed was a reputable company who really did care about their customers and customer service.
Again please refund that which is rightfully mine.
Yours Sincerely, Erika Culliford.