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Friday, March 02, 2007

Tesco's Finest is just not good enough!

Whilst the customer service email contact address for internet purchases is displayed through my search engine (Google) the customer service contact for supermarket purchases is not. My search led me to a web page of complaints from concerned customers titled "Tesco-Complaint". That website provided the correct information on how to contact your Company.

The reason for contacting you was to express our concern about the new Finest Scandanavian Blackcurrant Conserve. We had used up our small stock of Finest Blackcurrant Conserve which was a superb product with residues of tangy blackcurrants in it - just like a home made product!!

We expected the new Finest Blackcurrant Conserve to be similar but alas it is a totally macerated pulp without the tang of blackcurrant and doesn't deserve the label "Finest"

We no longer have the receipts but would seek your authority for a refund on the used jar and for the three additional jars we purchased as stock - the cap coding are October 2008 with serial numbers 6300 13:06 and bar code 5 000436 288473

A previous complaint we made about Finest Slow cooked Lamb Shanks was ignored. Originally that product had a distinct taste of herbs and the vegetables were reasonably firm. The last batch we purchased had soggy vegetables in a gluey gravy similar to that made up from gravy granules.

We are disappointed that the standards of Finest products seems to be deteriorating.

Vic Sullivan


Al said...

In my opinion "Finest" and other 'upmarket' supermarket ranges tend to be overpriced and generally not worth the money.

There will still be some people who will buy them regardless of the quality just because they are percevied to be better quality than standard brands.

TM said...

If you didn't like it, then why use a whole jar then try and return the empty jar!!?!!

Although I do tend do agree with the fact some finest products seemed to have changed supplier or the receipe and certain ones I no longer like either.

However, I didn't try and return the empty carton!

Some finest food is really nice, and others are nothing special, but that really is just like anything.

At least we have a comment on something other than petrol, that WAS getting boring.... I had no problem, I only use BP Ultimate, hehe

Anonymous said...

Be honest you're a doughnut short of being a cop aren't you Tesco Manager?

Since when has used meant completely depleted or empty?

Your thickness is the reason why you can only ever be a supermarket "manager".

sexy and intelligent said...

Can you get a refund on a product just because you claim it's not the way you wanted it to taste? I'm really sorry if that sounds like a stupid question but I'm really interested in the answer.
Was this the same product just revamped or a different one? You stated that one was Scandinavian and didn't mention that the other was.
If it's not a case of the same product revamped can you honestly consider this a valid complaint? I don't expect to take something back because I don't like it - you try it and if you don't like it you don't get it again.

Anonymous - grow up and stop insulting people. It doesn't make anyone look "a doughnut short of being a cop" other than yourself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read some of the many many TM comments insulting others which thus proves by your own definition that he/she/it is seriously lacking in cop doughnuts.

Anonymous said...

yes you can get a refund if not happy with taste etc. read the finest labels. even smaller stores like aldi allow this on any of their products where it is written on all their labels.

at tesco its finest stuff which has a guarantee as the tesco value stuff is expected to be poor quality... unlike aldi etc where they expect their own low priced stuff to still be good quality hence the guarantees.

Anonymous said...

"Your thickness is the reason why you can only ever be a supermarket "manager". "

I am not Tesco's manager incase thats assumed but trying to correspond intellect with choice of career is probably one of the most ignorant assumptions one can make. Therefore making the author hypocritical.

TM said...

I'm quite happy to be a manager in a multi-million pound business.

As for my insults, I stopped taking this site seriously a long time ago.

Just look at the type of things people complain about and try to blame Tesco for.

It trys to portray a very warped view of the company, and at times is just quite comical in it's pathetic attempts.

They have taken Auto-Post off becuase they are worried about having a balanced view on here. No doubt they will deny this and start to lie again.

If you look at the posts/complaints, not too many are actually supported by the readers on here! It's quite funny. I also see that after a quite a bit of silence Richard/Steve of Tesco-Complaint have finally crawled out from under their rock and started commenting again. Let the fun begin!!! HEHEHEHE

Anonymous said...

If the words "tesco" and "finest" aren't a contradiction in terms I don't know what is!

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but there's currently 2 ads for Tesco's on the left hand side of this anti-Tesco's blog!


Anonymous said...

"TM said....

As for my insults, I stopped taking this site seriously a long time ago. "

So why are you here? Surely you have more interesting and pressing concerns to busy yourself with?

Al said...

Possibly the same reason I still am, because it can be amusing reading the stupid things people complain about.

TM said...

Yes Al, we agree on that one!

Anonymous said...

All the tescos food i have had was fine. I especially like the caeser salad dressing. Was definatly the finest I've had. Also the Strawberry jam was excellent.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Bought 2 FINEST British LEAN Steak & Ale pies . Both were full of fat and as tough as old boots. The tender steak that they say is in the pie must have missed the 2 I bought. I would avoid these if you want a good pie go to M&S, thats what i will be doing from now on . They say you learn from your mistakes well lesson learnt here.....

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