Iconoclast vs Terence: Ten Paces Please! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Iconoclast vs Terence: Ten Paces Please!

Dear Sir Terence, I am not a violent man, nor ever have been, nor do I condone violence or intimidation in any way shape or form. I also do not like the sight of blood (particularly my own).

However, I was brought up in Derbyshire, when English men behaved like gentlemen, and the traditional way of sorting things out was not via lawyers at £300 per hour,but by a duel. (I am from a poor working class mining village).

I will be 52 years old in July, have diabetes, a heart complaint and am on medication for blood pressure, however I am quite happy to settle our dispute once and for all in a Boxing Ring to Marquis of Queensbury Rules (although I have never boxed or been taught how to fight).

My proposition is that the fight takes place in public and all proceeds go to Children in Need (Red Nose Day). The loser would renounce all their worldly material posessions and go and live in a monastery to contemplate the error of his ways until death

I am quite happy to do this, you have ruined my once beautiful country so much that I no longer wish to live in it. Your plans to build a Tesco's in my beautiful home town of Belper, Derbyshire,and ruin my one place of retreat by building a bypass into it is the final straw.

Please accept my challenge, you look a lot younger than me and could even win (I doubt it)... I have the power of honesty and truth on my side, which I have found to be invincible.

With love and looking forward to the final battle, David