Tesco.com Vans Attacked in SE London ~ Tesco-Complaint

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tesco.com Vans Attacked in SE London

A series of attacks on Tesco delivery vans has prompted the supermarket firm to ban its vehicles from the SE1 2 postcode sector after 6pm as reported on London-SE1.

A Tesco.com delivery van
A Tesco.com delivery van
"Unfortunately we have had to suspend delivery to this area in the evening following several incidents involving our dot com vans. The last slot available for delivery is 4-6pm," says a Tesco spokesman.

"We have not taken this decision lightly and hate to disappoint our customers. However we are sure that they will appreciate that the safety of our drivers must come first."

The SE1 2 postcode sector includes most of Tooley Street, the western end of Jamaica Road, the Dickens Estate as well as Butler's Wharf and Shad Thames.

The ban applies to all addresses with postcodes beginning SE1 2.


Anonymous said...

And whats suppose to be the problem with that?

Anonymous said...

And whats suppose to be the problem with that?

Anonymous said...

Dont worry, they'll moan about anything.

Psycho_eyes said...

There's a simple way of preventing these incidents.
Certain stores should use plain coloured or 'stealth' vans like they do with their delivery lorries, that way members of the public won't reconise them.

Anonymous said...

lol members of the pubilc or the insane owner of this blog!

Al said...

Why is this a complaint?

Anonymous said...

So if Tesco employees don't want to be stabbed/mugged/attacked Tescos complaint blog has a problem with this.


TM said...

Because all Richard and Steve look forward to in their "life" is spending endless hours trawling the internet for articles about Tesco!!

Considering they hate Tesco so much, seem strange that they surround themselves with everything Tesco.

Borat said...

is it any wonder that vigilantes are attacking tesco vans, they are at the end of their tether with this ridiculous company and its outrageous expansion, maybe if tesco treated the people of the UK with a bit of respect they would treat tesco with a bit of respect.

Anonymous said...

borat thats no excuse to attack members of staff, they dont run tesco, they just work for them to feed there families.

Anonymous said...

"...blah blah...


Yes it's unbelievable as you made it up!

Anonymous said...

""...blah blah...


Yes it's unbelievable as you made it up! "

Erm I think thats come from reading the post. You probably buy books to help you read from larger Tesco stores!

Katerina from York said...

I expected a Tesco delivery between 19:00 and 21:00. I received a phone call from the van driver at 19:40 and returned his call straightaway. He told me he had arrived and if I could go downstairs to lift the barrier to let him in through the archway. Unlike any other previous experience I had with supermarket deliveries from Tesco, I went downstairs to meet a very unpleasant, grumpy van driver. First, he complained that he was running 15 mins late for the next delivery because I wasn't answering the buzzer - apparently, he was ringing the barrier release button for 15 minutes instead (and never thought to ring me on arrival...)
He then asked me to lift the barrier and let him in the courtyard. I admit I was quite puzzled then, as this was a rather unusual request - no other delivery driver from Tesco or any other supermarket has ever requested this before. To save confrontation, however, I proceeded to open the barrier. As he was about to go under the archway, I realised that the van was actually too high to fit under the archway. I then signaled to the driver to stop and told him that I wasn't sure he'd be able to drive through the gap because of the height of the van. He opened the van door, squeezed himself out of the van and insisted that there was enough space between the van and the archway - then drove through. While he did that, I heard a smashing sound. At first I couldn't be sure what the sound was, but I had a feeling it was the glass light under the archway. He then came out of the van and proceeded to unload my shopping, clearly annoyed at the fact he had to deliver it all the way... to the first floor. I explained politely that he didn't actually have to use the stairs as there was a lift, and offered to help him with lifting some shopping to lighten the load and unloading. I then showed him downstairs to let him out.

As he drove out the archway, I heard another smashing sound - I was certain it was the glass which had now smashed right in the middle. Some bits of glass had fallen from the side.
I stopped the van and explained to the driver that he has caused actual damage to the property. The driver came out to inspect the damage. He pretended he couldn't see any damage at first and said it was the gutter lid which caused the noise, and not the glass. I then explained that the lamp was working before he drove through and that it no longer did. I also pointed out the very obvious line across the middle of the glass lamp cover where it 'd smashed, and the broken bits of glass on the side. At that point, the driver admitted he could actually see the damage, but instead of offering an apology, he mumbled: 'well, there is nothing I can do about it now, is there?'. I was really shocked at his attitude, so I replied to him 'no there isn't', as I didn't really want to argue with him any further.

I rang Tesco customer services immediately after the driver left and reported the incident. I proceeded to ring Tesco customer services again and asked to speak to the manager of the store responsible for the delivery. I managed to speak to the team leader instead, Gary Bazeley, who took my details and promised to get the store Manager, Will Stevens, to ring me on Monday.

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