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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tesco Still Hatin' Disabled People

I wish to complain about the new signage above the goods in the aisles at Tesco in Newport, South Wales (the branch on the Harlect Retail Estate).

Some of the signs have recently been replaced with white lettering on pale blue/green backgrounds. I have 53-year-old eyes and I find these impossible to read, especially from a distance as the colour contrast is appalling. Someone with even a minimal visual impairment would find it even more difficult to read these signs.

In order for you to comply with the Disability Discrimination Acts 1995 and 2005, you need to make a "reasonable adjustment" and replace these dreadful signs as quickly as possible. In order to comply with the Acts, you need to have the writing in black on either a white or pale yellow background. If you insist on white lettering, the background will need to be black, dark blue or dark green at the very least.

There will be no acceptable excuse for not making these signs visible given Tesco's huge profits. I cannot believe that with the size of the Tesco organisation, you do not have access to someone who could have advised you on the signs; I hope this position is not replicated across the UK.

Please make your stores accessible to people with all forms of disability. Your record in other areas is very good. I look forward to hearing from you.

Ann Morgan
Project Director


TM said...

I don't think the signs would make it impossible or unreasonbly difficult for disabled people to shop in Tesco.

If any disabled person does have difficulty in shopping, for amy reason, then Tesco does provide alternative assistance with shopping, for example a member of staff will always be made available to help with shopping.

So to say that Tesco stores are made inaccessible due to the colour of it's signs is not true.

Unless the colour scheme has changed, the current format is white lettering on a dark blue background.

Anonymous said...

i know this store well, it has recently undergone a huge expansion, and is now almost double its previous size. i agree these signs are not the easiest to read,and it is peculiar how they do not follow tesco's usual colour scheme. i think its only fair that they change the signage asap.

TM said...

These signs are not a necessary requirement for anyone to do their shopping.

They are not a comprehensive description of all the products contained in one aisle, just a general guide.

So even if you could read them, you would still need to go through each aisle to find all your items.

Anonymous said...

tm you need to shut your mouth


Tesco Manager is that what TM is short for? You talk nonsense because you are a biased bletherer.

What if someone wanted a single item. Do they need to walk round the whole store aisle by aisle or only if they are visually disabled?

Now thats service! Tesco service!

Pretty silly aren't you Manager?

You know nothing about disabled rights do you? Definitely not with such a silly response!

TM said...

This issue with the new signs has only been one persons problem, they don't speak for the entire population.

Anonymous said...

There should also be store guide leaflets that can be used to find stuff in the store...I know my store has them.

Anonymous said...

Store guides wouldn't work in Tescos as they change things around every 6 weeks!

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