Tesco helps fuel alcoholic binge drinking ~ Tesco-Complaint

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tesco helps fuel alcoholic binge drinking

Tesco are selling glasses labelled "Small Wine Glasses" with no information on capacity. According to health professionals, a small wine glass would contain 75 ml, approximately one unit's worth of alcohol. Tesco's small wine glasses can accommodate 300 ml.

I have written, commented and telephoned Tesco's and other relevant authorities about this and I have been ignored.

I enjoy a few drinks, am no kill-joy, but am appalled at the misrepresentation of the facts Tesco are upholding, and increasingly annoyed at the arrogant manner in which they are treating my complaint.

Lindsay Tether, Evesham, Worcestershire.


Anonymous said...

Dont understand, whats the problem? That you cant drink and drive because you dont know how much you drank?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lindsay, your complaints were ignored lol! What do you expect? it is Tesco after all! Why not shop somewhere else?

TM said...

No wonder you are being ignored, what exactly is the complaint here? A wine glass can be any size, there is no legal requirement.

There is no misrepresentation. They sell Large wine glasses and small in the same range, so compared to each other one is small one is large.

This has to be one of the most pathetic "complaints" ever added to this site.

Anonymous said...

As long as Tesco make money they dont care what impact anything they sell has. Same as the tiny cruel fish tanks they sold they didnt care then. They dont care about anything save $. Hell they wdnt care if everyone schlepped it down like this:

Anonymous said...

Well if you guys dont like tesco so much, just dont shop there, no one is forcing you to shop there at gun point....

Internet Marketer said...

"and other relevant authorities about this and I have been ignored."

Why do you think! Tescos is helping fuel binge drinking with SMALL wine glasses!

Binge drining is a matter of self control. It doesn't matter if it's a big glass, a small one, if it's got a mark on it. If people want to get drunk they will.

You will not control binge drinking by marking glasses. Which also makes me wonder what on earth Tesco are suppose to have done wrong this time!

Anonymous said...

As a group leader at AA I can tell you this is problematic from my experience becuase people can start in a slippery slope. Some people think well its okay to have 2 small glasses and here are Tesco selling small glasses except one of the Tesco small glasses and can hold 4 small wine drinks so two of Tesco glassss and you could be 7/8 glasses up when you think youve only had the health max of 2 or so.

Disgusting Tesco, disgusting, you are creating health problems with your products.

internet marketer said...

"Disgusting Tesco, disgusting, you are creating health problems with your products."

Alcoholism is a want to drink. you can't blame Tescos for that.

If people are looking up how their much alloweed to drink each day (this will be from a want to drink) where it will clearly state volumes of alcohol it will be their fault from not following those instructions clearly not the size of Tescos glasses!

In any way there is already clearly an alcohol problem there if people are looking up how much they can drink because they want to drink each day.

Othewrwise your eyes can do a very good job of knowing how much of a bottle your putting in a glass.

Anonymous said...

What a stupid complaint.

Would you like measuring marks put on the glass so you can exactly measure the drink?

A glass size doesn't encourage binge-drinking. It's the fault of the person drinking.

Anonymous said...

If I want a small glass of wine i would use a small glass and fill it.

Problem here is the tesco small glass is actually four small glasses in one!

Thats a misdescription isn't it?

Anonymous said...

tescos turn me to drink sometimes, they disgust me

tm said...

So if Tesco sell a small cake tin, and doesn't state what size it is, will that make people eat too much cake and get obese?

internet marketer said...

Basically because people can't be assed to use common sense they'll blame it on someone else!

If you know what volume a small galls of wine is you'll poor more or less that amount.

The lazy need a mark and have no idea that when they pour quarter of a bottle in a glass that they've done it!

Anonymous said...

How ludicrous!!!
1) Don't buy the glasses
2) Don't pour 300ml of wine into it
3) Don't whinge about nothing

Tesco are hardly pouring it down peoples throats are they?


Anonymous said...

tescos turn me to drink as well

Anonymous said...

don't go there then!

Anonymous said...

Why drink alcohol at all? - Cherry coke is fine for me!

Your just trying to blame Tescos for your fecking drink problems!

As similar to what TM said above: Soon you lot will be complaining that Tesco selling BOGOF cakes are making your little brats fat!

Anonymous said...

if tescos was a pub i could understand the complaint over the description being misleading.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but people calling this pathetic are pathetic. No, tescos are not encouraging you to drink however they are disguising a 300ml wine glass as small, which is incorrect. If I was an alcoholic i would find this a perfect excuse to have three "small glasses". I don't think Lindsay is trying to ban the selling of alcohol but just make people aware of what they are drinking so that they can be careful and responsible.

Yours sincerely
A 14 year old who is more mature than half the public.

Anonymous said...

Yes, wow youre dumb