‘Tesco jails’ planned ~ Tesco-Complaint

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

‘Tesco jails’ planned

THE TIMES REPORTS Short-term “jails” are planned for supermarkets and town centres to deal with yobs and shoplifters under Home Office proposals to ease the burden on police. Discussions have already started about building a “retail jail” inside the Selfridges store in Oxford Street, London.

Suspects would be held for up to four hours in a small room with a clear plastic front so they were visible to custody officers at all times during their detention.

The Home Office proposals for a network of “short-term holding facilities” in shopping malls and high streets aim to help police to process high-volume crimes such as shoplifting. The move to speed up the handling of suspects and save money was outlined in a consultation paper on rules to govern how suspects are treated by police.

The paper also suggests another radical change to existing rules by allowing police to question suspects after they have been charged. The proposal for short-term holding facilities is intended to facilitate cases where suspects’ identity cannot readily be confirmed.

“A potential solution in dealing with high-volume offending is to enable the police to make use of short-term holding facilities located in shopping centres and town centres,” the paper said. The facilities would be secure but would not be the same as standard cell design, it added.

“Persons detained would be subject to detention to a maximum period of four hours to enable fingerprinting, photographing and DNA sampling,” the paper, Modernising Police Powers, said.

“The aim would be to locate the short-term holding facility in busy areas to allow quick access and processing of suspects to enable the officer to resume operational duties as quickly as possible,” it added.

As well as its plan for Selfridges, the Metropolitan Police is understood to be interested in placing units in other stores and is planning custody units in every London borough.

The Home Office document also suggests allowing police to fingerprint people over 10 accused of nonrecordable offences – crimes for which an offender cannot be imprisoned. At present fingerprints and DNA and other samples are only taken for recordable offences.

The consultation said that extending fingerprinting would send a strong message to offenders that, whatever their crimes, they would be subject to indenti-fication that could be checked against other databases and linked to other offences. Gareth Crossman, policy director of Liberty, the civil rights group, said: “The Government is fast replacing the best traditions of English law with a chilling presumption of guilt.

“Dropping litter and bad parking are proposed as lame excuses for an ever-growing national DNA database.”


Anonymous said...

What has this got to do with tesco?

Anonymous said...

I take it Tescos blog voices either their own or others complaints about Tescos.

I think Tescos complaint should stand by their word then.

I challenge the owners of this blog to launch a petition to legalise theft.

Anonymous said...

Today theres 7 ads for Tescos around this site!

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention, basically Tescos blog is funded by promoting Tescos!

Al said...

This site has just become even more pathetic.

I think that will be all from me (you can start the party now).

Jim Grogan said...

To answer the question whats this to do with Tesco maybe you could read the article.

Its saying supermarkets like Tesco will soon have detention centres in them.

Everyone with a brain knows that Leahy/Tesco/Blair/Brown/NuLab are in cahoots hence why Tesco has trounced planning regs all over the country. With that relationship if NuLab want supermarket prisons Terry Leahy will bend over and provide them. Guaranteed.

Oh and Al ur like a petulant child so please do sod off!

TM said...

Jim, it may say supermarket, but it didn't mention Tesco by name. I thought this blog is about Tesco complaints.... well that's what Steve and Richard tell me when I make references to other brands.

Oh, I think you have breached the "Editorial Policy" by the way you crudely insulted Al.

Tesco-Complaint, will you please delete your mate Grogan's post; you wouldn't want to be a hypocrite would you?

Tesco-Complaint, every contradiction helps.

Tim said...

Quite frankly, its shocking how low TC will go to try and discredit Tesco. They twist words more professionally than any lawyer ever oculd, up to the point of now inserting "Tesco" into articles that have never mentioned them. That article only mentions the word "supermarkets" once, that's the closest it comes.

Guys, if you can't find anything new to post, seriously, don't bother. This sort of thing just makes you look sad and desperate.

Move on, and wait for a genuine complaint to come around.

100% Correct said...

Fools above save the conspiracy theorist - click the link to The Times article which is at the top of the posting herein.

The Times HEADLINE reads:

"‘Tesco jails’ and more DNA testing planned"

Feeling foolish Tim, TM? My bet is you fools will lash out with a further folly laden reply as is the aptness of your ilk however everyone other than you with a modicum of intelligence will know you are wrong, 100% wrong.

As before no further discussion will be entered into as one can take no pleasure in repeatedly correcting those who are clearly mentally incapacitated.

Good day to you, live on in folly - from your folly I prosper on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

With the assumptions about peoples intelligence just for having an opinion written directly above which is basically based on a single post made by a person perhaps his name should be 100% stupid!

Tim said...

Mentally incapacitated? I happen to be an MEng student who will contribute far more to society than any money grabbing lawyer. Mind you, that's not hard, there are people working in fast food resteraunts who are more useful than you lot.

Im also loving the picture of American war crimes, somehow juxtaposed with a story that only once, my deepest and most sincere apologies to you profound intellect 100%, mentions Tesco. Nice.

TM said...

It's still not actually about Tesco, or anything Tesco is planning to do. If some "journalist" decides to use the Tesco name in it's headline, then it's not exactly Tesco's fault, other than being a well known supermarket brand.

internetmarketor said...

""‘Tesco jails’ and more DNA testing planned""

A headline without any fact in the text suggesting Tescos have actually announced their going to do this.

Oh "The Home Office proposals"

Not Tescos? Feeling foolish yet 100% correct?

"As before no further discussion will be entered into as one can take no pleasure in repeatedly correcting those who are clearly mentally incapacitated"

Hmm, 100% correct hasn't read it properly either, a self awareness problem with his/her own mentally incapacitated state!

A lawyer apparently? Surely a lawyer would be able to read things then word a responce in a slightly more water tight way than one that can be easily torn apart by a non-lawyer!

Oh yes and this..........

" one can take no pleasure in repeatedly correcting those who are clearly mentally incapacitated"

But from your wording it's very clear you do pleasure!

"Good day to you, live on in folly - from your folly I prosper on a daily basis. "

Not quiet, I think you'll find that the above comments are written by the anti 'claim/blame culture' sort of person.

100% correct?, yeah right!

Jim Grogan said...

to the last comment from internetmarketor:

tim has apologised for getting it wrong which means, and read carefully here, he got it wrong. since you need it spelling out to you - he said the story doesnt mention Tesco but it definitely does right in the headline! nowhere has 100% said anything in addition to that point so the points you have raised to criticise him/her with are your own invention!

100% correct is 100% arrogant just like you but in his/her case the arrogance is matched by something which you lack in droves - intellect and careful reason!

its great that you've lived up to his/her prediction that a silly reply would follow. pat yourself on the back internetmarketor!!!!

internetmarketer said...

"its great that you've lived up to his/her prediction that a silly reply would follow."

What like you did!

Or because he/she says that which is basically saying if anyone defends their comment from 100% corrects apparent wisdom 100% correct is right again. It's not that hard to come up with something like anyone replying is proving themselves wrong because I say so.

" you lack in droves - intellect and careful reason" You say that but don't go into it? Go on, challenge me if you think i'm wrong. But I think you'll find my " intellect and careful reason" is a little bit more than you think!

internetmarketer said...

"tim has apologised for getting it wrong which means, and read carefully here, he got it wrong"

Did you not notice a note of sarcasim in his apology!

Anonymous said...

The fact that internetmarketor/marketer can't even spell their pseudonym consistently speaks volumes.

internetmerketeor said...

I don't worry about that since the invention of spell checks, something which I can't be bothered to do just for here. Any reason why it speaks volumes? I type quickly which create errors, I'm not checking for something like this blog!

Oh, I see, it's suppose to be directly correlated to intelligants!

Anonymous said...

Hope tescos make the jails, and throw all their arsey staff, especially management, inside, and throw away the keys!!

Anonymous said...

Well if they do that, then start dont moaning about the queues at the tills :P

Tim said...

Apparently Jim, your superior intellect has rubbed out any hint of a sarcasm detector. And, technically, if we must continue this debate, I was right. The story doesn't mention Tesco once. It's the wording of the headline, decided upon by one person somewhere in the vast number of wasters at the Times.

So lets all accept the facts. This has nothing to do with Tesco, and is pure desperation on the part of TC, yourself, and "100% correct", whoever they may be, and whichever branch of Wimpy they will work for when people wake up and realise that lawyers are, purely and simply, scum.

Martin said...

I'm nothing to do with this argument, just stumbled on the site via stumbleupon (try it!) and have to say that imo the first words of a newspaper story are the headline.

Anonymous said...

TM Said:
when people wake up and realise that lawyers are, purely and simply, scum

Since retail managers are such productive,intelligent, well educated, community minded sorts.

Anyone roll any stock lately?

TM said...


..."TM Said:
when people wake up and realise that lawyers are, purely and simply, scum..."

That was written by TIM, NOT TM


Anonymous said...

Wheres 100% knowitall gone?

Anonymous said...

lock up all tesco management!!!!

Throw away the keys!!!!!

internetmarketer said...

How would you complain about the stores not opening due to no management then?

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