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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tesco Dirty Filthy Disgusting Fuel: Update

As predicted by one of the posters on this site, TESCO finally issued an 'apology' for their dirty fuel on Tuesday 6th March. You can read their 'apology' here however there are some interesting points within that statement that need careful scrutinisation.

For example; "Tesco petrol is now back to normal." An admission that the petrol they had been selling was abnormal. This is the same petrol that they continued to sell in the face of overwhelming evidence of a problem wherein a complete withdrawal of the fuel would have been a more appropriate step to have taken.

And then there is; "if petrol bought at Tesco has damaged your car, we'd like to say how sorry we are." Yes, we're sure you'd like to say sorry. How about actually saying sorry?

In a similar vein; "More to the point, we'd like to promise to pay for the repairs." So, you'd like to promise to pay for the repairs, but you actually haven't promised to pay for the repairs have you? Why don't you just say "we promise to pay for the repairs"? Oh no, that could be construed as a legally binding statement, you have to leave an escape route somewhere.....

"M'lud, the respondent never actually promised that he would pay for the repairs as insinuated by the applicant, merely that he would have liked to be able to offer a promise. There is a distinct variance in those statements..."

All you have said is that you feel for our situation and are offering your sympathy, when a promise of hard cash reimbursement would be much more appreciated.

But I'm sure TESCO really won't want to wheedle their way out of paying for the repairs. In the past they have never tried to avoid compensating people for their admitted liabilities. have they?

Hang on a minute! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wiltshire/6423923.stm

"Although the retailer later admitted liability, Tesco said it was only prepared to pay 25% of the cost of the repairs. "

So, TESCO admitted the fuel they supplied caused damage to a vehicle, but then state they are only prepared to pay a quarter of the repair bill? But this example is almost exactly the same as the situation that thousands of motorists now find themselves in; their vehicle has been damaged by contaminated fuel bought at TESCO. Could we see this situation repeated many times in the small claims Courts of the land? The upside of this story is that clearly the weight of the law has fallen on the side of the consumer and TESCO find themselves on the receiving end of the bailiffs. £60,000 worth of alcohol has been ringfenced and barred from sale until TESCO settles it's County Court Judgement, the enforcement order and the bailiffs fees. The depressing fact of this case is that the victim has had to wait more than three years before getting to this point....

At last, the bully has tried to push around the biggest kid in the playground and has received a bloody nose for his belligerence.

TESCO. Every seizure counts.


Anonymous said...

noidontworkfortesocs said...

"No mention of anyone else who supplied the fuel.

No surprise there!"

No surprise indeed, given that this is a website dedicated to complaints about Tesco and you were commenting on a post about um..... The response of Tesco to the problems with the fuel they had supplied.

No suprise at all then really.

Anonymous said...

The last I heard was that Tesco said they would pay for repairs, but only if the damage was greater than £200. Anything less than that and you're on your own.

TM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
tesco-complaint said...

Offensive language including crude insults are not permitted and will be removed wherever noted. Please report contraventions.

TM said...

So you are just going to remove all my posts and make up some lie about them being offensive.

Anonymous said...

My post asking why theres been no reference to Morrisons (evidence of in the now first post) has also gone!

Sarah said...

they ARE promising to pay for repairs, IF your car has been affected by tesco fuel. i really dont see the problem with their statement. no mention of morrisons? of course not, its tesco.com!

TM said...

Tesco-Complaint are so self-righteous they expect everyone who visits this site to agree with their views and be a crtic of Tesco. However, if anyone is a critic of them, they delete the post.

Anonymous said...

Worked for the Store Many Years and now managers from the main store steal stock from the petrol station to make there own store bookstocks right and then hold shrink meetings for the staff who work in the petrol station to where all the stock has gone and blame staff for all drive offs. Theives who enter the petrol staion should be stopped it is theft. Blackburn Lancashire

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