Rotten Tomatoes for Tesco CS ~ Tesco-Complaint

Monday, November 13, 2006

Rotten Tomatoes for Tesco CS

I recently complained to customer services in my local Tesco (Flitwick Bedfordshire) that I could not buy loose - unprepacked- tomatoes. I filled out a customer complaint form but was told that the complaint would stay "in Store" and that the reason they did not have loose tomatoes was that they had changed supplier and the supplier did not supply loose toms. "You can buy tomatoes on the vine" they said. "Not the point" said I. If this complaint stays in store how can the managers of Tesco know that there is another dissatisfied customer out there and try to do something about it. The assistant said she would pass the complaint on and eventually phoned me later that day to confirm she would.

Waitrose have recently opened a store in the next town -3 miles away. When reminded of this the supervisor said that I would be very lonely there as she had been in Waitrose the day before and there were only two people in the store. I suggested that shopping for me was not an exercise in social interchange but a need to buy goods. The staff at Waitrose are helpful well trained and very polite. I have no connection with Waitrose except as a customer who used to spend nearly £1000 a year in Tesco.


Trefor said...

This complaint is a bit pathetic if it's about tomatoes!

Actually if it's about the way the Tesco store behave arrogantly and nonchantly to the customer then it is a worthwhile complaint.

Imagine telling customers to go shop elsewhere!

Al said...

Perhaps we all should go elsewhere whenever possible. That would soon make them wake up to their crappy service.

What kind of supermarket doesn't have loose tomatoes anyway?

John said...


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