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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tesco-Complaint off to a good start!

Great news for this public Tesco complaint blog! Since we opened up on 6th October to take the complaints of Tesco customers and make them public we have had nearly 1000 visitors from all over the world and almost 2000 page impressions:
We even made it into the top ten search result in Google at number 6 (for Tesco Complaint) and that was after languishing in position 357 just a few days ago! Now that we are becoming more prominent on Google the visitors are really rising rapidly and this blog is certain to continue to grow from hereonin.

Please add your comments to posts and get involved; this blog is powered by YOU and is here to stay!

Richard Eisner
*Special thanks to Jean McKinlay, a Tesco Disservant, who is the inspiration for this blog. Keep down the bad "work" Jean...


Jim Grogan said...

Not bad at all for three weeks. Congrats and well done. good site and good idea. I subscribe to it :)

charlotte said...

Please see my complaint and tell me i'm been unreasonable!

Good Morning Mr Leahy,

As someone who does not normally complain, i hope you understand the level of my annoyance which has led to me contacting you directly.

I have shopped at Tesco for many years and have never had a problem with your customer service until today, a few months back i decided to start doing my shopping online as myself and my partner both worth full time. Although there have been times when items have been missing or replacement items have been sent which were nothing like what i requested, i have been able to overlooks these minor frustrations.

This week i booked my monthly shopping delivery as usual and arranged for it to be delivered on Friday 12th March with a cost of £4.50 for the 17.00 to 19.00 slot, unfortunately we received a phone call on Friday night to say your van had broken down and you wouldn't be able to deliver my shopping until Saturday. This was not a problem, i understand accidents happen and machinery will break down. On Saturday whilst checking my emails i noticed an email from yourselves advising me my money for the entire shopping bill had been refunded to my card which i found strange.

After checking my bank this morning i noticed you had refunded my card as promised by email, but this is where my anger lies. After refunding my money you have then recharged me for a saturday delivery at the cost of £6.00, i do realise this is only £1.50 extra but its the cheek of your company that has annoyed my.

The change of delivery was your fault not mine so i find it appalling that you have charged me for it. After explaining this to your Custer Services i was even more amazed when she stood by what had happened and insisted if i had a Saturday delivery then i had to pay extra for it.

I hope you agree that this is unacceptable and i look forward to your response.