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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pensioners mugged in Tesco store!?

Pensioners were robbed of £350 pension money in the Pingle Road store on 15th November by a known offender in this store. These pensioners had almost completed their shopping when this happened.

The store manager let them go home with no shopping as although they had a Cheque book they had no card to go with cheque book! How heartless and unprofessional to let them go home without their shopping, especially when after being robbed they were trying to pay for the food they had struggled round the store to buy, unbelievable!

Today is the 18th November and they have had no contact from the store. Now for all Tesco knew they could have had no food in the cupboard, I think this is disgusting behaviour from Tesco. I spoke to customer services on the day this happened and we have heard nothing. I am about to ring the store again now!

TESCO-COMPLAINT EDIT: If you posted this complaint please post a comment to let us all know the UK town/city where this Tesco Store is.


Ten D said...

Wheres the news? Considering the prices, we are all mugged in Tesco everyday!

Al said...

Unfortunately it's not possible for Tesco to accept a payment by cheque without the guarantee card to go with it. Even if they wanted to, and I daresay that in this situation they would have done, it's simply not possible. There is no way to process the cheque without the card details and therefore they would be giving the shopping away.

While I'm sure that some of you would expect this, it's not Tesco's fault that they were robbed. It's unfortunate and a sad reflection on our society but that's not the fault of Tesco. I also would not be surprised if the same people who expect Tesco to give it away would also be some of the first to complain when prices were raised.

I don't like Tesco (that's why we're here after all) but they are a business after all. They should have contacted the people concerned though, I'll agree with you there.

tesco-complaint said...

I'm sorry Al but you're wrong, it's quite possible to take a cheque from someone without a cheque guarantee card. Maybe Tesco stores won't do it even in such circumstances but at the end of the day that's their choice. It makes you appreciate the corner shops where if you're short of change or forget your wallet they often trust you to return and settle up later. Big stores like Tesco? No way.

And the other point is how often do pensioners get mugged in Tesco stores that Tesco need to have a policy not to help out such victims based on that to do otherwise it would raise prices for everyone else? If thats correct this sort of crime in-store must be happening daily and if it is then what are Tesco doing about it? They have security to protect their products from theft but not their customers?

This site isnt about hating Tesco, it's here because Tesco purposefully deny the right to complain and ignore complaints using cheap apologies instead of action. This case appears to be a very good example of that.

Al said...

I think perhaps I wasn't clear enough on my first point. I didn't mean that it wasn't possible for a store to take a cheque without the appropriate guarantee, I meant that it was impossible for Tesco to do so. This is due to the checkout system in that it will not allow a cheque payment without swiping the card first.

Yes, corner shops are great and they are sadly few and far between now (probably because of Tesco et al). However, the nature of them means that they would possibly know their customers well enough to trust them. It would be incredibly difficult for any supermarket to kn ow all of their customers as well. Sadly the fact is many people would disappear and never return.

In fact, Tesco recently stopped accepting cheques above the guarantee limit due to the number of cheques which bounced. Since the bank is only forced to pay for the guaranteed amount, they were losing money.

Who said it was Tesco policy not to help the victims out? All I said was that if they were to do things such as letting people take shopping home without guaranteed payment then they would lose money (not that they can't afford to), which would inevitably lead to higher prices to compensate.

I also never said this site was about hating Tesco, we're all customers after all, just that we don't like them.

Perhaps we need to agree to disagree on this..?

Katie said...

Tesco are very good with customer security. As I walked into my local store today I was warned by one of the two security guards standing by the entrance not to leave my handbag in my trolley. He said that there had been a couple of thefts from bags in the store recently.

tesco-complaint said...

Al said: "Perhaps we need to agree to disagree on this..?"

Probably the wisest suggestion Al!

I am a bit concerned that I couldnt find any Pingle Road with a Tesco on a Google search so I wonder where this store is...

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