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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tesco-Complaint Logo

We're looking for a graphic logo to go across the top of the page. Can anyone help? Please email. Hope you like the new sidebar design :)


tesco-complaint said...

Someone posted via the automated blogger.com mail to post email address:

"Hope this is ok... (GIF file attached) I can easily change it if you require, just let me know. Great site by the way!"

Thank you! Please could you send it to the email address in the post not to bloger.com as attachments dont work with blogger.com. Thanks for this!!

tesco-complaint said...

Thanks, two lovely designs so far:


Both are early drafts sent in by kind readers who we've emailed back with suggestions. Hopefully we will have it finalised by the weekend so I (Richard) can try and change the website design to show the new banner!

Thanks you two - you know who you are and you're cool!

Jim Grogan said...

Site looks much better now!