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Monday, November 06, 2006

Does Terry Leahy Care about Customers?

Since Sir Terry took over as chief executive of Tesco eight years ago he has more than doubled profits and pulled in a record number of customers - but does he care about those customers? Nearly two months ago I emailed Sir Terry Leahy and was promised that he would respond to me personally by letter. A month later and emails go unanswered; he has clearly breached that promise. Here is the email promise as proof:

From: Tesco Customer Service []
Sent: 06 October 2006 19:09
To: [EDITED by Tesco-Complaint]
Subject: Tesco

Thank you for your e-mail addressed to our Chief Executive, Sir Terry Leahy. We are currently looking into this matter and I can assure you that Sir Terry will personally reply to you by letter once our investigations are complete. Thank you for your patience.

Kind Regards
Paul Welsh
Tesco Customer Service
So I ask the question in the title - does Terry Leahy care about Tesco customers? My experience is that Tesco breaks promises and so clearly Tesco and Terry dont care. If the CEO of Tesco doesnt care about his customers, why should any of their staff care about us?

TESCO-COMPLAINT EDIT: We have added a lovely picture of Sir Terry, apparently he stacks shelves one week per year but we cant seem to find a picture of that - keep your eyes peeled next time you're shopping for some baked beans and perhaps snap off a picture for us! Like you, we wont be holding our breath for Terry's shelf stacking picture...


Anonymous said...

Why should he care about frigging customers like you lot who just complain?

Al said...

Maybe, just maybe, he has other things to do as Chief Exec. of a company like Tesco than write you a letter.

I also notice they didn't give a definite time for a response, just "once our investigations are complete". How do you know they're not still looking into whatever it was?

Just a thought.

MA said...

Anon, I never complained to Tesco before this - its the first time.

Al, thanks for your comments. Im sure he has better things to do just like I do but if I make a promise or get someone to make one for me then I keep that promise. Thats just simply being polite and honest.

The fact is Tesco washed their hands of my complaint. A woman called Helen Duke later wrote to me and said that was that and no further communication would be entered into by Tesco. It was obvious Terry wasnt going to bother to write to me.

Al said...

Ah, I didn't realise that last part. In that case I definitely agree to everything you said.

MA said...

Amazing, after posting on this blog just 24 hours later Tesco emailed to say of courseTerry Leahy was going to reply. It was the same stupid Helen Duke who previously said Tesco would not comment any further...

He has now replied to us. But guess what Helen Duke messed up again (sent £10 voucher instead of the £25 she promised - she is so thick it is amazing) and now someone else promised that Terry Leahy is going to reply yet again.

Its beyond a joke but it seems the only way to get to Tesco is to publicly expose them.

Thanks for this site, i'm off to spend my £25 voucher and may it be the last I spend at Tesco!

Anonymous said...

Pity you didn't tell the truth about this - how you were scamming Tesco that is.....

Anonymous said...

CEO's don't actually reply themselves - so suggesting complaining to him is being somewhat naive and not realising they have a job to do is actually naive itself!

There is a whole complaints department/system in most companies, councils etc who reply to complaints to the CEO and they usually have much faster turn around and better responses than complaining via the normal channels. I know because I used to work at Camden and they had a 10 day promise and although the complaints were forwarded to different workers, the CEO's office checked them over before they went out, as they bore his name.

You can get someone to notice bad service and potentially improve service for other people - it's not always about trying to get something for nothing you know!

Anonymous said...

My dear old son,
I write to you at last,

Anonymous said...

Tesco couldn't give a stuff about their customers. All they are interested in is profits, customer services hardly ever respond to complaints and Store managers are afraid to due to reprocutions from Head Office. They would be moaning and groaning and then pay attention if all their customers left and went to Asda.

Anonymous said...

Just been to my local '24hr store' for my weekly trolley load of shopping at Tesco in Loughborough. Went in search of a checkout at 22.59 to find out that all the checkouts closed at 23.00 and it is now self service only after 2300. Who thought this was a good idea?!! Was tempted just to leave my stuff there and then if they couldn't be bothered to scan it for me, but decided to try and scan it myself. What a nightmare. Self checkout is fine if you only have a basket shopping, but self checkout doesn't work for a huge weekly shop!!!

Plus, the machine gets confused when you try to use your own shopping bags (as Tesco promotes). This just seems to irritate the machine and cause lots of error messages.

Suffice it to say, there was a huge queue of at least 20 other customers behind us as I struggled to find which kind of potato I bought, which kind of apple etc etc. Meanwhile, a group of slightly embarassed staff stood nearby, watching the chaos but trying to help.

Come on Tesco, this does not work, and if you can't be bothered to help me pay for my goods, I can't be bothered coming to your store.

Annoyed from Loughborough.

Anonymous said...

I have , today 20 Sept. 2008 , emailed the Tesco CEO regarding the price of unleaded petrol 114.9p per litre as compared to 106.9p per litre 10 miles away in a rural area (20mins driving) . I have stated that I regard this as a RIP-OFF and now await a response . If no reply is forthcoming in 7 days I intend sending copies of my email to my M.P. , the National Press , the Local Press and OFTEL because I have a very low opinion of Tesco Complaints Department . Needless to say , if there is an unsatisfactory reply or none at all then myself together with some 20 or so other customers will shop elsewhere .

Anonymous said...

Are you sure these are both tesco petrol forecourts> the 114.9 pence sounds like a tesco esso express, where esso are in charge of pricing fuel. antway fuel is getting cheaper again, celebrate you miserable wench.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 6.06 A.M. Sept 21st. Fool, try to engage your brain , if you have one , before you pass comment . He/She who knows not and knows not that he/she knows not is a fool : ignore him/ her . Get a life , 6 a.m. is a trifle too early for you to attempt anything sensible I think

Anonymous said...

The previous comment could be right, 1 petrol station could be Tesco's and the other Esso Fuel.

It doesn't matter where you go whether it's Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or a different company there prices will vary across the country it isn't just a Tesco thing. It all depends on the area and local competition.

I shop at Tesco all the time and have never had a problem, I get sick of other people complaining at the staff that are just there to help, I feel sorry for the staff and losing you as a customer would be a relief not a loss!!!!

Tesco TL said...

to the above poster, as a Tesco employee, i thank you, it's a releif to know there are some very few customers out there who realise what a pain in the ass job we do.

One behalf of all tesco staff, i salute you.

Anonymous said...

If only we had a local Tesco petrol station. Our store in Taunton thinks it's funny to hand out "5p off a litre" vouchers knowing full well that you would have to drive over twenty miles to use it!! If the Sainsbury's store manager in Taunton wanted to have some fun he could offer to redeem them at half face value as that's more than they are worth. I for one would switch to doing my shopping at Sainsbury's just as a reward for showing this dodgy practise up.

Anonymous said...

i find it rather funny that all anyone does is to complain about every dam thing!

i work for tesco at store level and deal with the customer complaints, some of which amuse the one about a lady not liking her plastic bags creased (this is serious) now what the hell am i meant to reply to that! its pathetic people need to get a grip and worry about more important things in life.

KeithM said...

Interesting - you work for tesco at store level and you don't think customer service is important? QED...

Anonymous said...

I like the fact that tesco is not bothered about food saftey. i found a peice of wood in a mince pie big enough to choke a child, truly disgusting! i would counter tesco employees on this blog by saying that no complaint is too frivolous for such a big corporation. they have fobbed me off time and time if a sane government were in charge this would not happen. (does it really have to result in a death due to poor food saftey before tesco's listen?)

Terry said...

Hi MA, it's Terry here. Sorry I took so long I was busy running this fine company.

You said you're never shopping at Tesco again so my reply is bollocks to you. Have a nice day.

Terry L

Anonymous said...

I have just emailed CEO of Tesco after emailing the email address they put at the top of the delivery note with your shopping and also various other email addresses, after I was charged DOUBLE for my shopping over a week ago, therefore stopping my rent from leaving my account! Emails have all been ignored so far...why print the email address on the delivery note if they don't bother using it??! But its got me thinking, do Tesco charge various people double once in a while? I know that I probably wouldnt have even checked my bank statement if It had not been for my rent not coming out this month? How many people have been charged twice but are still unaware? Makes you wonder!

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough, i'd just popped onto this website to see if I could find a means of contacting TESCO Customer services for the very same reason, i'd bought a printer from them on Monday, and two lots of money have been removed from my account, I popped into the store in Dunfermline yesterday to sort out the matter, I was polite and relaxed when I entered the store, but ended up leaving angry and infuriated. I was made to feel that the problem was mine!!!! I was flabbergasted. I spoke to my bank while I was in there, and the bank confirmed that two transactions left my account at exactly the same time 16:55, for quite a high value, but I was told that I had to prove it. My bank advised that they should check their records, but the response I got was "it will have to wait till the morning" I've finally received a call this afternoon to advise me that they still claim they don't have the money... so it appears i'm out of pocket a lot of money :o(

Anonymous said...


order number:13269020

todays date: 2 may 09

Dear Mr Leahy ,

on 29 april 09, i ordered 10x 70c Bells Original Whisky(2 for £18,special offer) On delivery i received 10x 1 litre Bells Original Whisky, costing me £192.90, which was not the order i requested.(my mother accepted the delivery, i was not present)i specifically ordered the 70c for the 2 for £18 special offer.

Later that day i called Tescos and explained the situation, I was then promissed by a manager that i would receive a call in 30 mins confirming a time for a tescos driver to pick up the 10xbells 1litre and issue me a full refund.

I however did not receive a call, it has now been 3 days and still i have received no communication from your company, i am very unhappy about this situation.

I would like a response immediately, with my refund or i will issue a formal complaint against tescos and enter a complaints procedure with your company

I did not make this order, your company delivered the wrong order and debited £192.90 pence from my account without authorisation, which im very unhappy about

yours faithfully

Anonymous said...

I too have been victim of the Great Tesco double charging debacle! Contacted the store to no avail and have also contacted the CEO and awaiting a response. I guess its true, Every Little Helps when it comes to making a profit whilst we remain firmly out of pocket.

Anonymous said...

Folks - watch out for the Free Sky+HD offer just now. We bought a TV from ther Preston Homeplus shop and asked for our voucher. They said that they didn't have any but there was a code on the receipt which you can use. We called Tesco on returning home on the number provided on the net and they said that the shop should have given us a voucher. We then called the store and they said that the offer had now closed - despite Leyland shop still showing the leaflets. After a lot of assertive words they found the vouchers and gave me a code over the phone. I asked for the regional manager to call me as there was an inconsistency with local stores. The store manage said that this was not possible and that I would need to write to Tesco. From what I have seen on this blog this is a waste of time. The store manager is Caroline by the way - possibly fearful that her inefficiencies will be exposed if I spoke to a regional manager.

bigcheese said...

Far too many people on here claiming anonimity. Anyway Steve Dann here complaining about the infuriating tesco online. Damn thing keeps timing out.
I think Mr leahy should consider having the words "sorry this favourite is currently unavailable" engraved on his tombstone. This has to be the most annoying thing about the website, especially when I know from personal experience that the product is available for me to pick of the shelf instore(yes I am that sad).
Just ordered some groceries on line tonight and was informed that punnet plums were currently unavailable and it said "have you considered.....wait for it.... a punnet of peaches!!!! Er no actually I haven't because they aren't plums!!!!!!
It's only a matter of time before I say enough is enough.

William said...

Don't buy electrical goods from Tesco

I bought a TV today at 4pm took it home and found it to be faulty.

On trying to return it same day I was told to phone a help line which was already closed. And they couldn't take it back until I had gotten a number off of the help line.

They wouldn't allow me to complain either as that has to be done through another phone line which was also closed for the day.

Scotty said...

My local Tesco, Musselburgh, has had a huge banner/advert outside for the entire weekend advertising "Deal of the Week" sirloin steak for half price - about £7.50/kg. However, I went yesterday and today and - you've guessed it - no sirloin for that price! Went to customer services and told by a snippy assistant "none left - while stocks last only!" Yet the shelves were full of sirloin at a range starting from £11/kg? Mind you, the £11/kg didn't even look fit for dogfood! How can they get away with this?

Val P said...

I have been trying to e-mail you but they are being sent back. I booked a holiday through tesco Clubcard deals last June in Scotland at MacDonald Hotels edinburgh. The hotel was not as stated 2 miles from city centre but 20 miles, the room was awful, no curtains, leaking shower and a blatant refusal to serve a veggie breakfast. The area was the pits and we left after one night of no sleep due to a all night party. Tesco after six moths of complaining and a letter from the great white chief..did nothing. Now I have to pursue it through the scottish court system because it is out of England. Thanks a bunch Tesco, you are b'stards

Anonymous said...

Hi i find this post very interesting i have just made a 650 mile journey to collect my daughters glasses from a tesco store in inverness because they would not send them to the store near our new house in the south.
Only to find when i got there that they would not let me have them because my daughter wasnt with me, they said it was the law!!!!!
I then asked for a refund if i could not have the glasses, i was told that it was my fault that i couldnt have them and so i was not entitled to a refund.
I called customer services and although they offered me a voucher theY said it was the stores choice and they could not change it.
I have now emailed terry leahy and am awaiting a reply but by the sounds of these posts i shouldnt hold me breath.

Anonymous said...

26 Hebrides Drive



01382 807104

Mr Terry Leachy

I went into the Tesco Extra store Kingsway Dundee to buy my mother a night rope as I new they had been reduced and my mother had purchased one a view days before, she had asked me to go back and purchase her another one. I went to the rail were they were hanging and noticed they still had plenty left, I picked up a green one with her size as the pink ones were to small and went to check out for my purchase. I noticed on my recipt I was charged £7 instead of £5, so I went to the customer services to then be told the item is now £7. This rope had its original price £14 and was mixed with all the pink robes that were £5. As I said my mother had already purchased the same green rope a few days earlier for £5. I spoke to the manager Lee and asked if see would honour the discount as it had no reduced price attached and my mother purchased the same item a few days earlier. She explained to me that there was a mistake a few days ago and the green ropes did have £5 stickers attached, she then explained they had removed these prices but had not got round to putting the proper price of £7 back on the garment. I queried why they were still mixed with the pink ropes (which are almost identical apart from the colour), she said this was also a mistake.

I was very unhappy about this and told her just to give me my money back. I came home and contacted customer services spoke to about three different people about this as I kept getting passed through. One of the customer advisers advised me she would contact the store. I asked her if she would be writing out to me, she replied "I don't know if head office will write out ". I then asked to speak to Head Office and got another number to phone. They advised me there was no one I could talk to about this and I would have to go back to customer services. I had the phone put down on my three times from a member of your Head Office personnel. Eventually one adviser managed to put me through to there supervisor (Garry MA77). Garry decided to call the store and then he called myself to offer me a £2 voucher.

I felt this was the height of cheek, after making five phone calls spending twenty minutes with your manager Lee in the store and now I was going to be offered a £2 voucher to help me pay for a rope which had no reduced price on it, had been purchased for £5 days ago and was sitting mixed in with the other £5 robes.

I do not live next door to Tesco so would have to drive to get there, and the amount of phone calls I have made to them today will probably be more than the £2 offered.

Is it not a Tesco policy to mark the price of items cleary and to place more expensive items on a different rack?

I hope to hear from you soon.



Anonymous said...

My husband and I visited the Sutton Superstore in Sutton Surrey yesterday evening at around 11:00p.m. and we could not believe the disaray in this store - staff were filling shelves and there was plastic bags strewn everywhere - isles were blocked with boxes and palets, there was water on the floor and leaking bags of food. Why do Tescos and other large stores choose to offer a 24 hour service - they should close the store whilst filling shelves is taking place and cleaning. I have in the past slipped on a plastic bag and seriously hurt my back. What are Tesco directors and managers going to do about this lack of customer care and health and safety issues??!!

Anonymous said...

I visited my local Tesco Express at 10:30pm on route back from long day in London. Usual chaos and lack on management present but last night was amazing.

I ran through a bag of shopping on the self service and must have left a sandwich in the bagging area, realised a minute after leaving and returned, sandwich gone. I asked the Duty Manager (Chris) and he said it must have been stolen. I asked if he could check CCTV, 'No he said, its only a sandwich wahts the point, loads of stuff gets nicked here everyday'. I said with an attitude like that i'm not surprised and asked if he would go on the record saying he didn't care if a sandwich was stoled from his store, and he said, in front of my iphone set to record, on teh record I dont care of something as small as a sandiwch is nicked from here, as there is loads of stuff that gets nicked everyday'.

Worse thing was, there were about 5 teens listening to his public invitation to rob him blind, provided it was not 'too much' value of course.

What do they teach these people in training, I bet the Seaford store is hemorrhaging with shrinkage is that the public attitude.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if someone who cares about Tesco is reading this which in this day i'm sure they are, it was the Seaford Store, Seaford, Sutton Park Road, Seaford, East Sussex, 10.30 pm on Monday 17 May 2010.

Anonymous said...

I was also charged twice for my shopping @£134 each!
Tesco have confirmed that they did request twice and so £134 remains unavailable to me.
No compensation available from Customer relations so now what??

PS. they did also say this happens alot but blamed the chip/pin service

Anonymous said...

Today we puchased some goods from the tesco in Warndon, Worcester and then went to the cashier to pay. Billwas rung up and I wanted to pay by card. The PIN machine was the otherside of the cashier's counter and by entering your PIN every one around you could see your PIN number in entered. Normally the PIN machine si located on the aisle side of the counter. To add insult to injury and am disabled and sue elbow crutches and there was no ways I coud,r each across to insert my card. I had to ask my wife to do this and then balance myself so i coudl remove the right crutch to enter the PIN number. I woudl say that thsi is blatant discrimination and also compromising your security of your PIN.

Jill Smith Art said...

Well after today l will be leaving tesco, had my delivery as disabled and can only shop this way.
Complained about the habit they have of saying large bags on spuds and veg.
I have been without meals cos the bags are 7 ins by 8 ins and ten potatoes in .
The way that customers service treated me left me shaking and upset.

Jill Smith Art said...

This me again, got phone call to say as l have complained before there keeping a record of future complaints. Now l realised what happened, they all said they had to phone the local store, when they came back they were horrible and left me shaking and upset. So ringing the store, someone said something about me toget them to change and be horrible. On latest phonr cal was told my complaints more or less would be flagged up and it would be 6 complaints out of ten orders to make this happen.

C. Brown said...

Sir Terry and friends have pushed our family too far this time. Next time you buy an expensive item such as a trampoline, do so from a decent company like John Lewis, where they treat their loyal customers with respect and good will. Since we no longer shop at Tesco (we used to spend at least £500 per month there, probably more - Sir Terry and Co should perhaps do their sums in future - the £50 for a new trampoline surround would have cost the company a lot less...) we are no longer being ripped off for bland tasting fruit and veg, rubber ham and tasteless meat. In fact, not just the food, but the whole experience of shopping at Tesco was an bland unexciting chore. There is nothing pleasant about the layout of the store or the products. I just wished we'd put our brains in gear and made the slight detour before to Sainsbury's and Mmmmmmorrisons, instead of plodding off to Tesco, just because it's easy. Thank you Sir Terry for letting us 'off the hook' thereby giving our tastebuds the treat they have been missing for so long !!!

tone said...

home delivery
We placed an order on 22 September to be delivered on 28 September between 6-8pm.We received a phone call at 8.10pm to say that the shopping wouldn't be delivered due to issues with the driver, I have 2 young children 6 and 10 and a lot of the food was for their breakfasts and lunchboxes. Tesco then offered to delivery the shopping the next day but we would have to pay for the shopping again £66 and wait for a refund from the original shopping which would take 3 to 4 working days to go back into our account, this couldn't be done as we would have made us overdrawn and why should we pay for shopping we never received. So we were stuck with no food or no money to buy food from else where, Tesco told us they would refund the £3.50 delivery charge which was very nice of them not.we asked if we could collect the shopping from the store they said they would get back to us as they needed to speak to the store we waited till 8.45 and had to rang customer service ourselves only to be told that the Shopping was at their Sutton Coldfield store which is just over 30 minutes drive away. They then told us they had to contact the store again to confirm we could do that they finally rang us back just after 9.30 to tell us we could collect the shopping and as a gesture of goodwill we could have a £10 E Voucher as you are aware these can only be used for online shopping and you have to spend a minimum amount plus they would refund the delivery charge.
I feel totally let down by Tesco and offended by their gesture of goodwill the customer service Team showed no concern and left us hanging around waiting for phone calls in the end my husband got to Tesco around 10:15pm and got back home just after 11:30pm one of the main questions I asked was why did I have to pay twice for shopping I hadn’t received.
Tesco....Every Little Helps!!

Anonymous said...

i purchased a laptop from tesco it developed a fault and took it back got kicked out of the store for politely and calmly complaining. wrote to terry l and got a reply saying to ring the helpline, got a solicitor to write a letter to them they have now clammed up........ next step is small court........ is it worth it?

Anonymous said...

I purchased a evoucher from tesco and it didn't print my voucher out to top up my phone. So i contacted customer service and they said i wouldn't get another voucher or a refund so waiting to hear from customer service vier email.

Anonymous said...

I purchased £100 of fine wine evouchers which have been rejected several times and will become invalid on the 5 December 2010. I have checked that I am doing everything correctly. I have spent several hours on the phone to Tescos without any success. I have also emailed twice and just get automated responses.

Anonymous said...

I ordered a crate of champagne worth £170 to be delivered on November 10th. Still no sign. Telephoned (holding on for 25 mins/30 mins/35 mins), e-mailed, etc etc. NO RESPONSE. Even Sir Terry "when I became chief exec I had a plan to build Tesco around its customers" Leahy surely would describe this kind of service as unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Below is a slightly shortened version of an email sent to Terry Leahy regarding the dot com service at the Colney Hatch store in North London.

First and foremost, my concern relates to the continued unreliability of the grocery delivery service. This evening, for the third time in as many months, my weekly grocery delivery has failed to arrive. In addition, within this same time frame, there have been further instances of my orders being severely delayed.

On each of the occasions that my delivery has failed to arrive, I have been shocked by the lack of recompense that is offered. I have been informed that it is not possible to simply transfer orders to another slot and that to arrange redelivery I am required to spend more time restarting an order. In addition, therefore, I am also only able to secure a delivery at a suitable time if an appropriate slot remains available. It is also galling to have been informed by various Tesco’s employees that deliveries have been delayed or cancelled due to a plethora of reasons including “staffing issues”, “broken down” vehicles, “overbooking by ‘the system’” and the particularly pathetic “slower than expected ‘picking’ as the store was unexpectedly busy”. It would appear that the Store’s Delivery Service system is overstretched to the extent that the slightest glitch, however inevitable (such as the sickness of a single member of staff), throws it into complete disarray and causes loyal customers to suffer, and that no action is being taken to address this.

Overall, I am at a loss to understand how the inadequacy of the service provided by this store can have been allowed to continue unchecked for so long. I see no reason not to expect that contingencies should be in place to ensure that inevitable circumstances such as absent staff, mechanical faults and a busy store do not result in customers being left in the lurch. Equally, procedures should exist to minimise the disruption to customers who have been let down. I have suggested this previously only to be told that there are not enough pickers / vans / drivers. It seems ridiculous that a company as large as Tesco appears to be run on a shoestring and it highlights the abyss between the image the company seeks to project and the reality of the service it provides. In addition to the lack of procedures to mitigate poor service, the clear absence of co¬-ordination and communication not only between the Store and Head Office but also within the Store between the Duty Manager and the Delivery Team, as well as the overwhelming impression of endemic incompetence, leads me to question whether there is any capacity to resolve these issues.

Whilst I am obviously considering my options in terms of future custom, I would be greatly interested in your response to these issues.

Anonymous said...

Well i've just had my car hit in tesco car park, tried to report it, and the customer services said "there's no point, nothing will come of it" i said either way i'd like to report it, again he said "there really is no point, they won't do anything".
While leaving the car park a police car passed, i asked if i could report it to them, and they said "it needs to be reported to tesco, and they then need to report a hit and run"
So either way, i can't report that someone has hit my car. What i'd like to know is, are hit and runs on tesco property something to bother a CEO about? And that customer services would not listen to, or take my complaint?

M naz said...

Hi there,
I visit your tesco store in yeading almost every day of the week, wether it be for petrol or for groceries.
I have have had encounters with some really good staff yet I remember the rudeness of others more.
Today I visited your store an then went to fill up my car, after using your pay at pump service I yet aging didn't get a receipt. So I again approached the booth and asked for a receipt and your staff member behind the counter, unnamed asked someone called CHRIS to help so this us how he dealt with it.
"Come with me"
So I followed and said please would have been nice so he answered
He them took me to a different pump to the one I used and said
"Your payment card"
I said to him you really don't know that word, do you.
So he replied
"do you want your receipt"
So I handed my card over And he'd went on to show me how I can get a duplicate receipt from the machine.
So u asked him why I need to do this. And why no one offered me this last time. His answer
"well it's not our job to to do this"
So at this time I had had enough so rather then hitting him I walked off saying idiot and he had the nerve to tell me not to call him names...

Please explain to me one thing does the person have to be rude and obnoxious to get a job at tesco's; cause if that's right you guys are doing a brilliant job of hiring.
I complained last time about how your checkout manager spoke to me after I was left at the checkout with over a £100 of shopping while the staff member told me that her shift is finished and that she has to go as she doesn't get paid after that time.
I would appreciate an apology and a reason to go back into tesco's.

This was my email, got no reply

Ian Newson said...

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to complain that I have once again been ripped off by your dodgy labeling on your special offers.

On Saturday I shopped at your Harlow Edinburgh way store and purchased food from your “any 2 items for £5 range’’. The items I purchased were; Finest Smoked Mackerel & Breaded Cod Fillets. Both of these 2 items were displayed on the same shelf (and on the larger edge of shelf signs which showed included items). On both of these signs, fish was displayed as being included.

When I returned home and checked my receipt I found that both items had been charged separately. The next day I returned to the store with my receipt to check with the customer services desk why this had happened.

The young lad asked me to show him which items I had purchased, and when he had checked the labels & bar codes he confidently explained that the breaded cod was not included in the offer, and they shouldn’t have been on the same shelf, and that was the end of it, as far as he was concerned.

So maybe you can answer my questions?

-Why do you to choose to display any 2 items for £5 on the same shelf when some items are clearly not included??

-Why do I feel that as a massive global retailer you are trying to deceive and trick your customers into spending more money without them knowing? It seems to me that this type of trading will eventually get you a bad name and less custom since regular consumers now have more choice as to where to shop.

I personally feel that your slogan “every little helps” is very true but it’s not aimed at your customers, but at yourselves! Every little bit of money you can deceive your customers out of, helps your profits.

I have attached some pictures to show the items on display and the offer clearly labeled, but on this occasion it apparently wasn’t ‘any 2 for £5’.

I would expect you to have the decency to afford me an explanation by the way of a reply regarding the above.

If you choose not to respond I will contact trading standards to see if they can explain if this type of trading is in the public’s interest.

Anonymous said...

Check your reciept before leaving the store. I purchased buy 1 get 2 free only 2 items were scanned so the mulitbuy was not acvivated I returned to the Northwich store 4 days later, with my reciept and items, to be told the offer was not now on and the offer was buy 2 get 2 free.
While watching a programme I had recorded, the advert for Tesco came on Buy 1 get 2 free I know the customer is not always right but in this case I was!
Also the supervisor was not helpful and I did not get any refund

Darren Jones said...

I need Help?

Recentley we were in the Tesco Store in Sandhurst,

We had placed are 10 month old daughter in the child seat of one of the trollies and went on are way shopping.

Once we had finished the shop we went to the car to load it with the shopping, I applied the brake to the rear of the trolly and started to unload the shopping while my wife prepared the car seat for my 10 month old daughter.

All of a sudden we heard a load bang, as we both turned around we seen the trolly had tipped over and my 5 year old and 10 month old children were on the floor. My 5 year old was under the trolly and my 10 month was still in the seat knocked out.

A lady who was driving in the carpark stopped and assited us and called an Ambulance, my daughter was taken to hospital. As we were waiting for the ambulance the lady explained what had happend. The front of the trolly had decided to swing out but the front wheels had locked and the trolly tipped over.

Can anyone tell me who is the best to contact i have 3 letters form Customer services asking how my daughter is but no indication of what they are going to do about the accident.

Many Thanks

cookie 41 said...

My name is Matthew Cook, I am a family man with a wife and two children. I have always shopped at Tesco till the incident I’m reporting happened.

On the 29th July 2011 my family went into the Highwood’s Tesco store to do our monthly shop. When we came to the till we proceeded to pay our balance of £366.60 via my wife’s debit card of with there was suitable funding available. The transaction requested alternative tender. The till operator of which I do not know his name tried a second transaction. This declined.
At this point I used a cash point outside the store to check the account, and confirmed by logging onto online banking through my phone that in fact the transaction had taken my money.

We roughly entered the store at 5:30pm and approached the tills at 6:45pm. We were directed to customer services where they tried to find out what was going on. It was clear that a ghost transaction had been made. As me and my wife solely rely on our monthly shop and had no other source of payment we were both in shock and very great distress and worry. The deputy store manager Gary Wells came down as was requested by myself. After a lot of stress, panic, confusion and turmoil we were allowed to leave store with goods on condition that we provided details to obtain payment once funds cleared. This was about 9pm by which time our frozen products had melted and were not great to say the least.

On the 3rd August 2011 Myself and wife came into Highwood’s to keep to our agreement. When the customer services made the transaction it did the same again. This time the customer service woman of which I do not have the name to but would recognise in person said to the words of effect that the transaction had done the same. It was not our card as we asked. The customer services woman explained that apparently this was happening a lot in store therefore showing a possible fault with card operating equipment.

I am sickened by this. I could understand the once but twice was unacceptable! I am trying to seek some form of compensation for the emotional distress that was caused to myself, wife and family on both the 29th July 2011 and the 3rd August 2011.

Since this ordeal I have taken my custom to ASDA. Until something is settled I shall never use TESCO again. I have notified BBC Watchdog of which this has been logged. I intend to report the matter to the Financial Ombudsmen Service and Trading Standards/ Consumer Rights for poor service.

I am also in discussion with my solicitor and looking to pursue a case against Highwood’s Tesco for emotional distress, as after the ordeal I had to take sick leave as was to stressed for my job and this made matters worse as my wife suffers from anxiety based depression and I had to support her throughout this matter.

you can contact philip clarke new CEO by email using this link

Anonymous said...


My partner just tried to purchase an I-pad from Tesco in Milton Keynes just after 10PM this evening, we spoke to a lovely shop asssistant who put a tannoy message out for the manger.

The manager turned up and spoke to the shop assistant and didn't even acknowledge us. We were then told that no electrical items can be purchased after 10pm as the door codes are changed and no member of staff can be trusted, I find this hard to belive and to top it off tannoy goes off again (10.45pm)

"please could you finalise any purchases in the electric department as it will be closing at 11pm"

Please could anybody help it's a 24hr store and how are suppose to purchase any electrical items if nobody in the store can get into the store room????????????

We left confused and very dissapointed.

Anonymous said...

so disappointed at tesco... made 3 orders, only 1 came and by 3 hours late... the driver never calls,and even worse for tel customer service - claim always can't find the driver. Once i asked, if i still don't get my delivery by 11pm, can I call back to check again, cust service said of course, and they actually close at 11pm!!! how rubbish is that!! called them the next day and no one listens for complaints....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I used to work for the scum of tesco and believe me, terry is a git. He has no time for his staff let alone his customers. The way they treat their staff is terrible. I was accused of stealing out of the till on the day I wasn't even on shift. I was eventually sacked due to a work related injury and I was still treated like scum by management because I refused to be bullied. I even found out that they were spying on me and a friend of mine because they thought we were stealing, which we weren't. So to sum up tesco are scum.

Anonymous said...

I used to work for the scum of tesco and believe me, terry is a git. He has no time for his staff let alone his customers. The way they treat their staff is terrible. I was accused of stealing out of the till on the day I wasn't even on shift. I was eventually sacked due to a work related injury and I was still treated like scum by management because I refused to be bullied. I even found out that they were spying on me and a friend of mine because they thought we were stealing, which we weren't. So to sum up tesco are scum.

Anonymous said...

I have just been robbed by tesco! Do head office care, nope! Just been in to pay for my petrol with my bank card (which had money in it) and paid for my petrol, was then told to reinsert my card 6 times and then told the card wasnt working so i had to make alternative methods of payment. Had to part with cash and kept my receipt. I went to the bank machine which confirmed that there was no money left, called the bank who confirmed tesco had in fact taken money from my account for the petrol. when i confronted tesco they said they had nothing to do with it, the money must be in a ghost account and il get it back eventually!!??? I now have no money left in the bank and tesco wont fax the bank to cancel the transaction even though i have already made a cash payment AND a bank card payment. nothing wrong wi them cancelling the card payment as they already had my cash transaction money! I needed to buy nappies and wipes with my money and now my daughter has to suffer. Will never shop with tesco again :-( the store staff couldnt do anything because tesco head office said they cant check the transaction, even though the bank said they have the proof!!!!!!!! Nothing but sharks, the lot of them!!

Anonymous said...

I recently visited my Local Tesco's Pharmacy "Roebuck -Stevenage" to put in my my monthly prescriptions. I had asked the young Indian Pharmacist if she had a particular brand in medication as the particular brand worked whilst the others seemed to have no effect. She said she could order them the next day & to come back in 20 minutes for the rest.
I was happy to do this and returned in 20 minutes.
On return she saw me & disappeared momentarily. When she came to the counter she told me she could not get the generic version of tablets I required. This was fair enough & excepted that they didn't stock that brand.
How ever as she was giving me the remainder of my prescriptions she said she took it upon herself to call my Doctors and spoke to a Locum GP/Precription writer??. She then said on one of my prescriptions for anxiety and sleep disorder that she personally thought I was prescribed too many by my GP and after her phone call had reduced my medication by half............
I won't go into my medical history only to say that I was livid that she had interfered with this and that she felt that she for some reason felt empowered to do this.
She did not speak to my GP and my medication is between me and my GP and not for her a recent graduate to play Doctor & intervene with her limited knowledge.
I am appalled at this and she should be sacked. She has now caused me undue problems and anxiety where there were none before. Worked for this company in the past. The one in the town is fine. The one in the Roebuck is appalling, in particular the chemist and staff. For someone who suffers from hyper tension and sleep complications this is the last thing I Imagined I would be taking away with me from, yet it's one of many chemists run by unprofessional students and know nothing so called pharmacy customer service staff / useless cronies.

SurveyTool said...

Fine information. Thanks so much, have a good day!

Jim Coleman said...

After 7 months I am still waiting for the Customer Service Centre to resolve an issue raised.

I bought a Freeview recorder (sold as new, fully packaged) in March from the Whitstable store last March. I discovered that the hard-disk was completely full of someone else’s recordings (and the remote control looked chewed). I returned it immediately and got a refund, just as no doubt the previous owner of the unit did. I wonder if it was wrapped up[ again and sold on to some other unsuspecting customer.

However, this was such a blatant example of poor practice that I submitted a written complaint to your Customer Service Centre. I received a reply dated 7 March from Scott Heggie promising to investigate why this act of deception had been allowed to take place. I heard nothing more, so phoned the Customer service Centre on 6 June and spoke to Scott Heggie, who again promised to chase the matter up. Again there was a long silence, and so I wrote another letter of complaint dated 3 August. But again there was no response, and so, on 9 October, I rang, and again spoke to Mr Heggie who once more promised to get me an explanation. It hasn’t come.

I really think that someone in Tescos should be bothered by this example of mis-selling, and yet I can’t get a response.

How can we trust any Tesco product if returns are simply wrapped up and sold as new?


Jim Coleman

Anonymous said...

I stay in canary wharf , and there is a tesco express below my house ( baltimore wharf). Tesco clearly advertises that the store closes at 11pm. But whenever I go at 10:50 , the store is shut down. On one of these days , I complained to the manager and to my surprise , he himself was instigating this practice. I mentioned to them that shutting down the store everyday 10 min early is like skiving off work everyday for 10 min, he gave me a response that 'why do I always come 10:50' . I said if you advertise that the store is open till 11, then it is my right to come even at 10:59. I was asked to go complain 'whereever' I liked.
I didnt take up the matter, although I was very disgruntled at what had happened and therefore went 2 days later at 10:35. The security guard came and insulted me in front of 10 customers saying that I am not allowed in the store, to which I said 'for what - asking you to open till 11' ? He said that the manager had asked him to not let me in , to which I said that I wanted to speak to the manager. Instead of the manager I was approached by another staff , who asked me out , and then threatened me , pushed me and racially abused.

Now , not only cant I go to my local store, I was threatened , pushed and humiliated , for as simple as asking them to be working the required hours or change their advertising , so that the customers know. I have now made a complaint to the police, because of the threat that I had received.

Anonymous said...

I am severly disabled and with renal failure looming, so I use Tesco home delivery service. Just before xmas the driver delivered an open bottle of strong bleach that went over our Axminster carpet. He was very sorry and told me to claim. BUT, Tesco not being very helpful and will only replace the carpet when a hole appears. They are at fault but every little helps them it seems.

Barbara Humphreus said...

As a home-bound long-term customer. my card was not accepted this week. At last my bank found their error in Visa verification ticking and corrected it. My complaint is that tesco geeks knew the intro to this service had only just started and any long-used cards rejected were sus. They put up a screen - Tell your Bank to unblock the Card' was irrelevant without hint to the Visa coincidence.

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when tesco are selling horse meet burgers we have a right to complain

Anonymous said...


sharon kerr said...

had prawns for tea my hubby chocked coughed up a back bone from a fish how the hell has prawns got this in would like to know

Norbert said...

Dear Mr Leahy,

I have decided to spend a little time to write to you about one particular store out of the hundreds.

Today's visit was the last drop in the teacup! 17.00-17.59 19/09/13

The product arrangements on shelve in this shop in question seemed to be similar to civil war torn shops I have seen personally while being an army man.

I just can't be bothered any longer with the unfriendliness of staff so I save you this part of my complaint.

In the mean time I believe it is worth to mention the high IQ level of this store manager organizing and authorizing that 3(!) till out of 7 was closing down at the same time about 17.40, then running up and down like a headless chicken with a sweaty forehead when customers starts to inquire why are we 9 in one queue at Thursday early evening??

The "funny" part was after 18(!) minutes of waiting in the queue and finally being served by the girl at the till that this young genius refuse to sell the 3 bottles of wine carefully chosen saying I am not authorized to sell all these bottles at once!!

Why is it exactly that you offer a buy 2 the 3rd is free on selected wines style of jokes?

I have been shopping in this store now for about 6 months since moving home but only because my lady manages to calm me after each upsetting visit. I really mean each!!

Returning to the subject line of my email I would like to officially vote that the worst ever Tesco store award goes to the Dunstable store! Nr 2425

The very store where at winter time in the parking area the only place left covered in ice and snow was the area reserved for handicap need to say more!

I wish that I have kept the picture I have taken after giving my helping arm for that elderly gentleman.

Sincerely yours


ps: the petrol station has been shut down for ages so if you decide to shut the store as well you would really make my day!

and next(!) day the copy/paste style reply...

Dear Norbert

Thank you for your comments.

My name is Alex and I am the Customer Service Manager responsible with dealing with your query.

I am sorry for the poor service you received when you visited our Dunstable Extra Store. I can understand how disappointing this must have been for you.

May I begin by assuring you that we know how important it is to provide our customers with an excellent service each time they visit our stores. I am therefore very sorry for the problems you had encountered.

I can assure you that we know how frustrating it can be when waiting in queues; this is why we have introduced the One In Front Policy. This is when if there is more than one person in front, then another till is opened if possible. However, there are occasions where the store is unable to put any more staff on.

I have brought the points raised in your correspondence to the attention of John, our Store Manager. He was equally disappointed to receive a complaint of this nature, and agreed that the service you had received was not acceptable. John has promised to address the problems you had experienced with his Management Team, to see what lessons can be learned for the future.

As this is not typical of our normal standard of service and I am confident that should you return to our Dunstable Extra Store, you will not experience any further problems of this nature. While I realise there is little I can say to alleviate the upset and disappointment that has already been caused, I would like to reassure you that I have fully logged your concerns and I’m more than confident that the Store Manager will do his utmost to prevent this from happening again in the future.

I do hope that, despite the problems you have had, in time you will give us the opportunity to restore your confidence in our operations.
Kind regards

Alex Randell
Tesco Customer Service

Lynne Newby said...

I made a complaint 6 weeks ago about a tin of Heinz baked beans and sausages. Expiry date 2014 When I opened them the tin was full up with live maggots. After contacting Tesco's I was told someone would come out to collect the tin that day. I put it outside my backdoor in a carrier bag. ! week later after the tin had been sitting there all week in the red hot sun I had to ring Tesco's yet again for it to be collected. They finally picked it up. I contacted my dot com local store manager Michael Forster and sent an email to Terry leahy and I have not heard anything since. Almost 6 weeks now. I have taken pictures of the maggots and tin and I really feel like posting them over the internet to warn other people and contacting the press. I am truly disgusted. Comments welcome

Anonymous said...

I work for a training company through the work programme of job centre tesco have previously assisted with a few work experience placements in Wiltshire. Now the managers are all stating that the head office is stopping them from helping people gain work experience so they cannot have anymore placements. On the other hand the co op has been assisting the work programme for many years all the co op managers are very helpful and assist in training the co op head office has a WEX programme running which links the co op to placements work experience and mostly assists with placements which could lead to jobs if available. They are wonderful friendly and helpful while being supportive.l have been a Placement Officer for over 12 years helping people gain the so important work experience. Tesco head office should look at their community and charity side of the business and remember it's the general public who buys from their supermarkets and that those people all have members of their family who at sometime could benefit from Tescos allowing their managers across the UK to assist with work experience. Well done to the caring co op's where profit is not an issue when assisting the local communities to gain work experience a happy work force is a productive workforce.

Grace Turner said...

Earlier this month, myself and my partner attempted to use our Tesco clubcard vouchers to treat ourselves to a meal out. We ordered them before leaving the house, however, by the end of the meal they still had not arrived in my email. The website specifically states that they will arrive within 30 minutes. This meant that my partner and myself were left to foot the bill of a meal out that we would never have indulged in had it not been for our clubcard vouchers. When I emailed Tesco Clubcard they said that they were sorry but maybe I should have waited for the email and printed it. Considering the email never came (2 weeks later) I would have been waiting for a very long time!! I was especially furious as the website specifically states that emails with vouchers will be received "within 30 minutes". Shocking service and once again Tesco are doing everything they can to not compensate their shoddy service.

Anonymous said...

I have found glass in a sausage roll that i brought the other from Tesco in bury st Edmunds i have three small children that could of eaten the glass this needs to be sorted out now because this is dangerous

Anonymous said...

Copy of email just sent to addresses given on this blog

I am writing to complain about the behaviour of Tesco staff at 16:03 24th January 2014 in Tesco Rotherham town center.

I was paying for my shopping at the till nearest the entrance when a man was accompanied across the store from the entrance, taken between the tills, across the store to a small room close to the exit door. I heard him say "It's alright mate I've not done anything I don't mind." as he walked freely behind a store staff and was followed by a companion and several other store staff. As they neared the doorway to the small room, the men behind him thumped his head and shoulders without provocation and literally threw him into the room.

I went across and told them that no matter what the man had stolen they had no right to assault him in that way. I was told by a security man that the man had broken someones nose sometime before. I asked where the police were and told them that they weren't entitled to assault someone during an arrest. I added that the police do not use those tactics. There was an affray inside the room, the man was surrounded by five or six men inside the room, it was so small they were shoulder to shoulder and the man was clearly becoming agitated by the intense intimidation.

I left before the police arrived but have made a complaint to the police station. The shop was full of families shopping. This was a display of the worst kind of behaviour and not fitting for a company who claim to be customer focused.

I will not be using Tesco again until I am assured that their staff have been retrained in the correct procedures for citizens arrest and that it is a safe place to shop. I have been extremely upset by this incident.

matthew cross said...

Today is saturday  12th september i went to your llandudno junction store at approxamately 8:00am. I was paying for my shopping at the self service till and a member of your staff approached me. He told me that i had to pay for a pack of stickers that my daughter was holding which i had previously purchased in another shop. So i paid for them anyway to save a scene. It was really embarrising because it was like he was insinuating that i was trying to steal a pack of stickers that cost a pound. If he had checked the cameras he would of seen my daughter who has learning difficulties was holding them when we walked in. I will not be shopping at tesco again and i dont think my family will either.
Matthew cross

Buzz said...

Emailed to Terry Leahy.

I write to ask why you allow Tesco car parks to be used by driving schools for practice of parking manoeuvres between customer’s cars?
We have frequently watched driving school cars using the parking bays at Tesco Monkspath, Solihull. I have on several occasions objected to this activity to the Tesco desk at Monkspath, Solihull. Several friends have had their cars damaged whilst parked in Tesco, Monkspath but since the damage occurred whilst they shopped inside Tesco, no culprit was evident.
To avoid Tesco at Monkspath we decided to use Tesco at Warwick. It seems Tesco at Warwick is being used by driving schools for parking practice between customer’s parked cars.

The proof at Warwick Tesco is attached and ask why you allow your customers to have their parked vehicles used as bollards?

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Miro Havana said...

I am livid to find out that 13items I was waiting for to host a Christmas Dinner on the day. I am disabled and housebound and have to get a Grocery Delivery, I signed into the delivery plan, so I sat up the night they were going to release the dates for Christmas.I then opened up my list and ordered the usual £40 worth and after that I ordered items as they came online. The desserts I ordered are not available, the cooked prawns were not available, biscuits for cheese ditto, chocolate coins for 3 is replaced with 1 packet of chocolate buttons, no part baked crispy rolls, Italian sweet biscuits, and there was another few items missing. When I called the customer service line I was treated like a brainless idiot by the person who answered and he honestly could not care less, Uneventfully put the phone down or I would have savaged him. Customer services that's definitely not true. This was the Dundee Store, where I assumed that my order would be perfect as I was early in all the items I ordered. Sort it out if you are serious about the customer coming first because I feel like I come last. 2 pm 23rd December.

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Michael Bateman said...
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Michael Bateman said...

Hi my name is Mr Bateman I have been a loyal customer for many of years now I did my shopping on the 10th of November and bought a range of items we normally only buy brand names for our food but we thought we would try tesco home brand a lot of the items for brilliant but we bought some chicken pies unfortunately they were not so good none of the pies had 1 piece of chicken in what can I do about it thank you for your time

Yours sincerely

Michael bateman

Anonymous said...

Is the first time that I want to complain as I bought a beef meat before 2 days and it was fine and the color was red .it says used by 15th July ,today is 12th July and the meat is dark brown and it smells really bad what should I do is first time that happens to me!