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Friday, November 24, 2006

Tesco-Complaint ready to sue Tesco for Misleading Price Indications

We here at Tesco-Complaint have had enough of Tesco's rampant misleading price indications and failure to consistently honour it's own "Refund & Retain" policy, particularly on higher value goods. The Tesco R&R policy is "In the ... event you are charged a higher price than on the shelf or the product we will refund your money and you can keep the product" but is purposefully ignored as reported on Tesco-Complaint by a Tesco whistleblower.

So it's time to act. We need to find someone who has purchased something from Tesco and has been refused a Refund & Retain on that item. You must:

  1. have evidence (receipt, emails, letters, names, dates etc); and
  2. it must be a clear case of a misleading price indication; and
  3. you must be willing to allow the case to be written about.
By doing this we hope to force Tesco to act consistently with all their customers and apply their own policies fairly whilst at the same time providing our visitors with an example of how to litigate. For us to consider your case please email us at our gmail address:


Anonymous said...

Good luck with that, it will be interesting to see what happens if anyone does come forward.

You're doing good work here, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

i went to buy milk at tesco express we used to buy 3for £3 to- day its £1.49p for 1 milk how could tesco justfy this prise incresse