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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tesco's Tough Meat & Food Poisoning

I have been shopping at Tesco for years, and I thoroughly enjoy your offers and great bargains, so it is not easy for me to complain.

Unfortunately last weekend I purchased a joint of pork for Sunday lunch, after cooking it for a long time I found when I finally came to serve lunch that the meat was so tough it was inedible. I was so disappointed, I would not normally complain but a few week-ends before I Bought some salmon, and my husband and I both suffered food poisoning. I became so ill I was unable to go to work and was off for a week.

Kind regards, Nina


Jerry said...

I would also ask the origin of this post. For someone who has had a week off work and is putting it down to some salmon they bought, I would be writing or visiting the store very soon after to complain, not a few weekends after. By the way you casually mention it I suspect you may have some doubt as to the cause yourself anyway. Your store would have followed this up for you with the supplier if necessary and with the pork also. You dont say what Tesco has done for you so far or what opportunity you have given them to do so.

Anonymous said...

Dont blame tesco for YOUR bad cooking.

TM said...

I agree with Jerry. The post seems very suspect. If I had the same issues alledged in this post then the first thing I'd do is take it up with the store. At least I would get a refund instead of wasting my time on the internet.

Al said...

It doesn't say that she hasn't taken this up with the store. You're just assuming that.

TM said...

Come on Al, it certainly reads like she hasn't complained before. If she has, then why the post?

Al said...

If indeed this complaint is geniune:

Perhaps she got the refund from the store and then decided to write to head office/customer service.

If she hasn't complained before then how did she find this site? If she's not someone who normally complains then why she know of it's existance? Searching for "Tesco" doesn't mention this site in the first three pages of results, "Tesco contact details" gives the offcial Tesco site with all the same information as the number one result.

tesco-complaint said...

All complaints are genuinely received either by email or auto-posted.

This email in question was sent by someone who gave her full name, work details and telephone numbers and whom also emailed the complaint to Tesco. Whatever the wording we have no reason whatsoever to doubt the genuineness of this complaint.

We do have two or three complaints cc'd to us per day and we will post them or ask the emailer to amend them to a shorter size with no personal detail in order to publish them as requested.

We do not wish to act as an arbiter of what is a good or bad complaint. Some will be more revealing than others, some will be minor, some will be run of the mill but in all instances at least one primary function of this site will be served; to get things off your chest.

PS Al, try typing "tesco complaint" or "tesco complaint email" et al in searches. We have about 3000 unique visitors per month and about 70% are new from searches with 30% returning. I'll try and do a proper site update post this w/e so we can have comments on that post.

Al said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Al said...

Sorry, I changed my mind on that last comment. The way I wrote it may have made it easy to misunderstand.

I know that typing Tesco Complaint and any additions to it will bring you here, but why would someone who doesn't really want to complain because they have been very happy with Tesco thus far have reason to search for that?

The customer service numbers and email address are linked on the home page of Tesco's website and the store could have provided them if she had asked.

Jed said...

Nina as someone has pointed out your cooking is shithouse and you havegiven everyone the runs.

It is not Tescos fault.
Clean up your filthy kitchen you trollop.

Anonymous said...

If you think your day was ruined... imagine how I felt!

... Yours sincerely.

A pig who has re-icarnated as a Tesco's employee working on the bacon counter :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Nina,

Please allow me to advise you on your diaorrhea, I am a qualified Tesco Pharmacist (NVQ higher grade).

If you mix eight teaspoons of Tesco's Cornflour with some Tesco's organic yoghurt, it will help. It won't cure it.... But it will thicken it up a bit.

Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Personnaly YOU ARE ALL BEING A BUNCH OF ..........TO NINA, tesco are useless, they recently banned every school in Taunton because 2 people got caught stealing, there to big, they think there amazing but when ive finished, they wont think that any more........

TM said...

I'm surpised that they have schools in Taunton judging by your grammar and spelling!

Anonymous said...

if you suspect you have boght food from a supermarket that made you ill you should alwas contact the eho enviromentle health office and let them know it the only way the supermarkets will be held acountable for there actions i work in a supermarket and we are so short of staff everyone is doing at least to jobs but none is being done right we are sufering just as mutch as the customer somtimes so thay can make more profit somthing should be done and if you suport your local small stoee more it will hit them where it hurts and maby things will change just incase you wonder i work for tesco

Anonymous said...

tm just to let you know people who dont have good schooling can still think good thoughts you are using your tesco training that helps you to put down a person that you dont even know address the coments or keep it shut ok

hehe always wanted to say that to a tesco manager
if you pay more atention to doing things right and not just pleasing your boss tesco woldent hav such a bad rep
im ashamed i work for this company and soon as i find other employment im out of there
and a lot of other staf feel the same way

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