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Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Tesco Tampon Hell!

I bought Tesco Regular Tampons at Tesco Metro in Manchester city centre (Ref. 2426116:43). Bar code: 5 000 436 024576.

When I wanted to change the tampon and pulled the thread - I had the thread in my hand, but the tampon still in my body!


Tesco-Complaint: This is a genuine complaint received by email.


TM said...

Really.. the posts on this site are getting more and more preposterous. All manner of things can happen with all sorts of products. If this had occurred with a number of women, then perhaps it's worthy of reporting.

Tesco-Complaint, you really are scrapping the bottom of the barrel with this one!

tesco-complaint said...

TM (AKA Tesco Manager) - All complaints received by email are published to the blog. Complaints can also be auto-published.

Thus, what you Tesco Manager are unwittingly saying is you do not value hearing Susanne's individual complaint. Nice.

Listen up Susanne and find yourself a better supermarket to shop at - Tesco seemingly don't value you, your opinion or your custom.

TM said...

Do you not even bother to read your own blog?

I repeat, my posts are not the view of Tesco.

Stop intentionally misrepresenting my comments.

Although it does seem that this is what you do best!!

Al said...

I doubt the person who wrote the post in the first place would consider their complaint to be "preposterous" and unworthy of reporting.

Tesco-complaint, nowhere does it say or even imply that Tesco don't value Susanne's opinion or customer. We don't even know if an official complaint has been made (although I suspect it has, or at least should be) and what response, if any, has been received!

The second comment does make it seem like what TM says is the company response when it clearly isn't, as has been stated time and time again.

TM said...

I don't think the complaint itself is preposterous or unworthy, but I don't think it's worthy of broadcasting it to the entire world. I mean, in all honestly, if someone bought a packet of biscuits and discovered that ONE was broken I'm sure Tesco-Complaint would have a field day!

Tesco can'[t exactly be blamed for this faulty product, it's not as if they could easily tell if it had a fault or able to test it before putting it on the shelf!!!!

Surely the only complaints worth discussing are those that are widespread and only specific to Tesco.

Find me one shop where every product is faultless?!!

Anonymous said...

No shop is perfect, I'm pretty sure that there's faulty items in every shop looking to break or fall apart on the customer ;)

We should be using this site to complain about Tesco as a corporation, be it unsatisfied customers or cheesed off staff, but not the products they sell! These things happen - all we can do is apologise, offer a replacement or refund and act on any potential product recalls that may surface.

Whilst I'm here I may as well rant on the work that head office are expecting us to do tomorrow. A full POS and TPF brochure and over 1500 labels and 300+ POS? Ridiculous!

PI Guy

Al said...

"My Tesco Biscuit Hell" coming soon to Tesco-Complaint!

I think I may have mis-understood your first comment, TM, and for that I apologise.

Everything else I said still stands though.

TM said...

No probs Al. At least you acknowledge it.. unlike Tesco-Complaint. Perhaps Tesco should take lessons from Steve and Richard in how to be perfect.

jerry said...

How interesting, too much information though i think. Why do we need to know the barcode?

Neanderthal said...

"I had the thread in my hand, but the tampon still in my body!"

Susanne, this post is useless without pictures!

sexy and intelligent said...

Would you prefer they tested the tampons before selling them? If so how would you reccomend they go about that??
Before you ask - yes I am a woman and realise what stress this must have caused you. But you must see that this is not Tesco's fault. I've used their tampons and never had any problems, I've never heard any complaints about them either prior to this so I can't see it being anything other than an isolated incident.

Anonymous said...

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