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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

tesco dint r&r me rebull innit

hi just like to say good luck after the problems ive just had tesco lewes clearly had a large sign saying rebull 7.99 instead of 9.99 bought the item left the store checked my receipt went back to the store complained they then removed the sign and refused it was ever there this was in the alcohol isle so i asked the manager to check the cctv he recons it does no go on that isle even though i could see cameras so they not only refused the r&r they basically called me a liar not happy so good luck to everyone who get a refund on large items tesco deserve it they are the biggest crook thanks

Thanks for your post. Please spend a few seconds spell-checking and punctuating before posting. Cheers!


Tesco Manager said...

Not all fixed cameras will be recording images, and the moving cameras will obviously only record where ever they are pointed at. Also, the cameras are used for security and safety, not for checking on when a ticket was put up or taken down LOL. r&r?, obviously a professional refund artist, or wannabe!

Anonymous said...

Those CCTV cameras on the wine aisle aren't real in a our store.

Al said...
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OBO Original Poster said...

acctually im no profetional i got the r&r bit from speaking to the customer sevivce lady who was very helpful and kind who said the store should have give me a r&r who then explained to me what this was and what it ment and i was to ask for it from the manager so all im doing is using is the words your customer service lady was using if this is incorrect i appolagise and as i told her i dont want a refund and retain i just want my £6 which i was overcharged which she has sent to me and in fact my wife is out working full time looking after children with special needs so i dont have time to be a profetional as look after my children i personally have just left the brain hospital in december univercity collage london hospital queens square if you want to check ask for prof dolan after almost dying with meningitus last year so i was out shopping with my kids the first time ive left the house in 3 weeks since leaving hospital.and since i was ill i buy these type drinks as i need extra energy drinks (i also done lots of other shopping)i need extra energy as just leaving the house is hard im suffering major probllems from disabiltys through to nervous problems scaring of the brain tissue and im currently having rehabilatation and find it hard to cope shopping and been in public places so to get someone like yourself iand put me down instead of being helpful i find a disgrace that all you can do is accuse me of being a refund artist and put me down im not out to rip anyone off i just want what im owed £6 hardley a profetional wage.

(sorry if the spelling isnt correct my appoagies)

OBO Tesco Manager said...

Well this term "r&r" is not used in store to refer to our refund policy, and I have only seen it used by prolific refund obtainers. Anyway, if you want to be taken seriously, I suggest you take up some spelling and grammar lessons. Is English not your first language or are you just uneducated?

Anonymous said...

im actually a very educated man who untill i got ill ran my own buisness with my own staff but if you had brain damage like i got after having meningitus you would also struggle with your grammer after your brain swells its not the same thats why i put a apolagie shame you dont understand the word yourself you may get somewhere in life instead having a sad life and working for a company pension till your 60 then dust of your slippers its no hard to say your wrong and i hope if you are a father that your childre or even you or your family dont get meningitus and you wont have to go through what my family has

Anonymous said...

don't worry some store managers are total to****s and need to get back to the real world,any problems with r&r just phone head office who will give u a ref no. and contact the store and tell them to refund.

Tesco Manager said...

There is no "phoning" head office to get refunds. Unless you mean Customer Services in Dundee, which is not head office and cannot instruct stores to issue refunds, it is still at the discretion of the manager what level of refund is appropriate. If Customer Services in Dundee wish to give a customer a refund then they will need to send a voucher. If what you say is true, then any customer could say anything they want to Customer Services in order to obtain fraudulent refunds with "reference numbers". total nonesense. Dundee may well infact contact stores, but they can only recommend a refund be given, not "tell" a store to issue one. We usually give them the fuller picture when they ring up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a fuller picture which in my case meant that the customer service person was told to stop telling lies to the customer & to give me a FULL refund & allow me to keep my £300+ XBOX 360 :)

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