Every Little Helps Them Not Us!! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Every Little Helps Them Not Us!!

The reason for writing here is I cannot believe the service and treatment we just got at Tesco.

My partner had bought me a CD at Christmas and I didn't want it never been played or even opened went to change it and she was going to change it for a CD at a higher price, she was told no. She was of course confused went to customer services or shall we call it ha ha we have your money so tough luck services and told she could be copying the CDs so no, how when it hadn't even been opened?

My partner was made to feel like a criminal and of course very upset with the whole experience, I called the customer complaints they just do not care either and nobody will help us, so we are stuck with a CD we don't want. I told them we have shopped at their store for years and get everything from Petrol onwards and do they really want to lose a customer who spends so much over a CD well the answer is yes as Tesco do not care at all and are happy for us to walk away so we have, now lets all spread the word I am fed up with Tesco:

1. Killing local shops with unfair trade
2. Getting so big the individual customer no longer counts.
3. Forcing the prices so low with the farmers they are going out of business.
4. Destroying your local areas with faceless stores
5. Telling us how happy they are making billions of all of us.

If we all stop going to Tesco maybe one day they will turn round and think maybe we should have looked after our customers! Every little helps and we have just helped ourselves to shop elsewhere!

Jason from Scotland


Al said...

Did you have the receipt?

Perhaps Tesco Manager or someone else can correct me if I'm wrong (it has been known after all) with the following. As far as I am aware, even without a receipt Tesco will, or at least should, exchange the CD for another of equal or higher price. I think they do make the restriction though that it has to be another entertainment product. In this case it obviously was as you were looking to exchange it for another CD.

I'm not sure if they would exchange it if it were unsealed unless it is faulty but you also made it clear that it was still sealed and original as sold so that doesn't apply.

I'm at a loss as to why they wouldn't exchange a CD that was still sealed. There's no way it could have been copied. This appears to be another case of Tesco saying one thing and doing another.

Put the unwanted CD on eBay and buy another from somewhere other than Tesco!

Tesco Manager said...

Tesco does allow the return of CD's and DVD etc if unused and with a receipt. In some stores, this policy is printed on the bottom of the new "chart posters". They are displayed above the CD fixture detailing the current chart. Have a look. However the main wording of the full policy does state that returns may be resticted to the same title. This usually refers to customers wanting a refund for an alledged faulty disc. Unfortunatley some stores are more strict on the policy than others and some customer service staff forget to use common sense. I would take it up with the store manager, or you could try returning it to another branch. Although the copying of CD's and DVD's has become less of a problem since we restricted refunds, we do still get some problems with it. In fact 2 days ago I had a customer who claimed 2 DVDs were faulty, but when I tested it, they were both fine. The majority of customers are totally genuine, but a few rip-off artists have made us over cautious sometimes.

Jason Scotland said...

Thank you for your reply which makes sence to me but a shame our local store wernt so sensibile.

The result of all of this is we have now stopped shopping at Tesco including our Petrol purchaces.

We may be just 2 people but it doesnt take many people like us t stop using Tesco before they relise that the customer was king not Tescos!

I did email the chairman of Tescos with my problems and what makes it worse is almost a month latter we still have no reply from the compliants department maybe there as so many compliants they cant cope or maybe they are so busy working on new adverts to worry about their unhappy customers!

Anonymous said...

Unless it breaches the customers rights, I have ALWAYS refused refunds/exchanges on all software and audio/video. End of story.

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