Inbred Jed has questions! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Inbred Jed has questions!

Have you nothing better to do in your life than complain about a supermarket? You must be unemployed! You sad c**t!

Tesco-Complaint edit: Welcome to the site and thanks for caring.


Al said...

If there weren't people with some serious complaints about Tesco then this site would have died a long time ago. Just because two people took the time to set up and develop this as a forum for those complaints doesn't mean they have to be unemployed or anything you care to call them.

Who here is the "saddest", the individuals who run this popular site or the small minded individuals who have nothing more constructive to do than post things like that to said site.

I know where my money goes.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong. What a butch of whinging poms!
No one holds a gun against your head to shop at Tesco.
If you dont like the Store/Company fu*k off and shop elsewhere - its simple really. It does not require a pointless blog with endless whinging.
Get over yourselves.

Jim Grogan said...

Either a village has lost it's idiot or a trailer park has trash missing.

Al said...

Love the new title.

Nobody held a gun against your head either to read this site. It did not require a pointless post and comment.

Anonymous said...

jed, u are a moron - go somewhere else if you can be productive

Anonymous said...

Were i work the managers treat everyone differently.There is one worker who is always on his mobile an hides in the yard.The managers know an do nothin about it. They let deleveries in when were not supposed to. Nothin is done properly, they put on a show when they know area managers are coming, as though evertything is ok.

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