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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Iconoclast David Nicolas smells Tesco's smoke!

Dear Mr Leahy, I visited your store at the Holmbush Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea, Sussex, today, with the intention of doing my weekly shopping. As an ex-smoker who nearly died of the addiction (lung surgery 13 years ago finally helped me kick the awful dependency), I am very sensitive to tobacco smoke and have medical advice not to go near it.

Although I cannot prove it, I am 100% certain that people have been smoking inside your store and its foyer, the smell of stale cigarette smoke was overwhelming, so much so that I left without doing my shopping (nor did I stop for petrol). I mentioned it to two members of staff who were suitably indifferent.

Whilst I can appreciate you selling cigarettes to the lower social classes, as it is extremely profitable (there has never been a better way of taxing the poor and the stupid than by cigarettes, booze and gambling... as all competent politicians know). I would ask that you stop smoking inside the store if you expect my custom and the 80% of us that prefer not to smoke.

Yours sincerely



Tesco Manager said...

I don't know the layout of this store, but customers do sometimes smoke just outside the main doors and it can blow in a bit. There is no way they would allow or turn a blind eye to anyone smoking inside the building.

Al said...

I doubt Tesco are allowing people to smoke in the foyer somehow.

"Whilst I can appreciate you selling cigarettes to the lower social classes"

So because you don't smoke now it somehow makes you above anyone that does? Give me a break!

Jed said...

There is nothing worse than an ex-smoking bitching.
It was probably some tramp outside the enterance smoking some dogends you fool.

Anonymous said...

This guy is a fruit loop - check out his website and videos on youtube to see why.

Complete social degenerate.

Anonymous said...

Where's he got selling ciargettes is profitable from? All the tax goes to the government not Tesco's!

There is no money in ciratettes for a retailer.

Anonymous said...

well mr nicholas i seek you here and i seek you there but tesco special forces seeks you everywhere

Anonymous said...

well i must say that i work at this store and i my self am a smoker. two things one we are not permitted to smoke in the building and two if it smelled of smoke it would be from a customer smokin by the front entrance as the staff i.e myself and my colleagues have to go up by the staff entrance which is the other end of the building. and yes its true we get no money from sellin fags as it goes to the government

Anonymous said...

Go shop elsewhere then!