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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tesco overcharging or expensive?

As a frequent customer of Tesco at Bromley By Bow, both myself and my wife have been doing our monthly shopping here as well as weekly items and fuel, for fifteen years and have never had a problem with overcharging.

On Saturday 27th Jan 07 I purchased some items including a pack of 12 Draught Guiness and was told that the price of this was £14.42 which I found to be totally outrageous. Any other time I purchase this item it has always been £10.48 and the 18 pack was £14.42. I felt totally embarrassed when I had to argue with the checkout assistant and floor supervisor.

They tell me that head office prices these items hence I am writing to you. I believe a mistake has been made here. When this item is on special they always price it at £8.99. I would be grateful if you could amend this problem so there is no further embarasment on anybody's part.



Tesco Manager said...

I just checked Tesco website it is a similar price there too so there is no mistake.

I also checked Sainsburys and Waitrose (Ocado) similar price of around £14-15 for a 12 pack. It wasn't listed in Asdas site. So I don't think Tesco have actually overcharged you.

Often large increases like this are due to the supplier but I really couldn't say for sure.

Prices across the store go both up and down unfortunatley if the price goes up on a product that you like to buy, then it is more noticeable than all the other products that may have gone down in price.

By the way your post is worded it appears that you think are writing directly to Tesco? You know that this site has nothing to do with Tesco and has just been set up by two random people.

Anonymous said...

didmt uou read the price when you picked them up.....

Al said...

TM, perhaps the poster took the advice on the side of the pages and copied an email he sent to Tesco to this site.

TM has said pretty much all you can say on this. Just because the price rises it doesn't mean that Tesco is making any more money on that particular product.

TM said...

Yeah he probably used the auto post but it just sounds a bit daft! Also seems a bit of a coincidence that the post just after is similar like it's a complaint directly to Tesco.

Maybe Tesco-Complaint should stop using the Tesco logo, it could be copyright infringment, not to mention the other unauthorised images they use.

Al said...

Perhaps you should notify the legal department... :)

TM said...

I could, but this website is hardly a threat to Tesco's rapid taking over of the world!

Anonymous said...

but me with my lawsuit is :-D

tesco-complaint said...

Just to point out Terry Leahy's office is aware of this website and it is regularly visited by Tesco head office. No complaint has been received.

Al said...

Probably more to do with the fact that it's not worth the bad publicity rather than you not breaking any laws. I imagine you would be extremely quick to let us know if they had complained.

TM said...

This little site is hardly going to make a dent in Tesco's ever increasing success, and I'm just happy that im part of that success and reaping the rewards! Jealous anyone?

Al said...

Not really!

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