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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tesco-Complaint in the blogosphere

The blogosphere is a rather lively place with views springing out from all parts of the moral spectrum. With reference to this diversity we have found two somewhat opposing blogs that have given tesco-complaint little hugs.

First up is Supermarket Sweep-Up run by the rather astute Dave Miller, a supermarket-independent member of the British public, who examines issues such as corporate governance and impact on society. The blog contains lots of information about what Tesco is up to together with solutions to the onslaught of Tesco in the form of alternative shopping and awareness campaigns.

Secondly is the anonymous offering of Supermarket Follies penned by one of the older ladies that you may well meet at your local supermarket customer service desk (apparently not Tesco) who blogs about the small things, normally customers, that annoy her. Tesco-complaint likes to think of it as a Customer dis.Servant's blog but you judge for yourself!

Enjoy the site and the links above and in the sidebar and please keep the public complaints coming in by emailing your complaint anonymously to tesco-complaint.publish@blogger.com whereupon it will automatically appear on this blog.