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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rot sets in quicker at Tesco?

I have been a customer at Tesco in Sutton Coldfield for many years and have not complained before, however the time comes when one gets fed up of buying produce that appears to be fresh, very cold to touch and looks fine on the shelf but looks completely the opposite within 4 hours of buying it.

I try and not buy fruit or vegetables from the store due to it not lasting more than a day or two. I believe Tesco make a huge profit from its customers but appear to be selling produce that is not up to standard.

I purchased 8 bananas which looked perfect on the shelf but 4 hours later were black and bruised. I believe that Tesco have a history of food complaints. If the store would have been open I would have taken the produce back but due to buying the items on Sunday I could not.

Do I continue to shop at Tesco? - I don't know.

I await Tesco's response.

With Regards
Julie (Surname removed by Tesco-Complaint)


Jim Grogan said...

True love, don't shop with them. Go to the market or the german stores like aldi and netto or lidl as the fruit and veg is cheaper and much better quality.

tesco-complaint said...

Hi there Julie,

Thanks for posting and welcome to tesco-complaint, the public shaming site for Tesco customer dis.Service where anyone cn blog their complaint!

I have updated your posting with an image to illustrate your complaint. Please let me know if this is okay.

From my own experience, I think Jim (welcome to the site Jim) is quite right about the produce being better quality at Aldi.

Good luck with your complaint and keep us updated with any response from Tesco.