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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tesco Reported to The Police For Assault!

Just had a terrible experience in the Tesco Kilmarnock store. Noticed £20 off Virgin & Vodafone handsets was still on offer. Bought a Motorola L6 and discount didn't come off. Pointed this out at CS and SA went back to shelf, removed the A4 poster and said she'd speak to her manager. She said "It's not your fault, you'll get your money back. This is out of date" I replied I was familiar with this policy as it happened a few weeks ago too with a book I'd bought.

Waited at desk for a few minutes and the next thing I know 3 or 4 staff were around me with the manager waving the A4 poster in my face saying "Where did you get this, this is not our point of sale" I replied "Excuse me" at which point he started a total rant and told the CS guy to call the police! He was saying "I'm fed up with this, we've had this in here before, I'm not giving you a refund, just call the police" He then proceeded to rip up the poster in front of my face stating "THERE!" I asked him exactly what he was accusing me of and if he thought I printed my own poster. He answered that he wasn't giving me any refund and that was that. I asked for his name which he gave but was very aggressive and attempting to be intimidating throughout. This at the front door of Tesco at 5.45 on a Friday evening, very embarrassing. I asked what he would like me to do now as he had stated that he was calling the police. He replied "Just go" He still had my reciept and top up voucher which I asked him to return and he had crunched them up in his hand in his anger!

I then left the shop and I went to the police station to report his threatening and abusive manner and to keep myself in the right. Head Office closed by the time I got home so I'll be calling first thing tomorrow. Is it better to do this in writing or over the phone?

Any help greatly appreciated.


Richard Eisner said...

Very sorry to hear of this crime that you faced at the hands of Tesco's Customer dis.Service.

My advice to you is do not bother dealing with the store and also do not bother dealing with head office custoemr service which as you will realise (if you do) is a front for customer dis.service.

The best person to contact is Mr Terry Leahy who is the MD for Tesco UK but you will have to cross your fingers and hope a CdS monkey does not intercept your email.

Contact details:

Sir Terry Leahy (MD)
New Tesco House
Delamare Rd.


I would also advise you to telephone Kilmarnock Trading Standards and the local newspaper.

Sorry about the awful circumstances you experienced but thanks for being the first "Mail-to-logger" posting on the blog!

Anonymous said...

haha that manager told you! maybe next time you should read the dates on the frigging poster!

tesco-complaint said...

anonymous, maybe you could remove the expired signs and stop breaking the law?

Anonymous said...

it's a big store buddy. can't do everything at once.

Kempy said...

if u cant take it down in time dont put it up. Its Tesco's responsibility so it is there fault. If i was Richard i would have asked for compensation.

Kempy said...

if u cant take it down in time dont put it up. Its Tesco's responsibility so it is there fault. If i was Richard i would have asked for compensation.

Ryan said...

Why did you leave? if that was me and was innocent, Id welcome a visit by police!

Your either a right thick woose or are not telling the truth.. c'mone did you print the poster? find it in the bins at the side?

A lesson to everyone, if you are ever wrongly accused like the author of this story then never ever give ground, you just look guilty!

Anonymous said...

As it was clealy stated by the customer service assistant, that it was out of date. Legally, if tesco leaves up a promotional offer POS, and it has a "Offer Ends" date on it... It's the same as a voucher that expires, If any supermaket, shop or retailer sent an offer voucher to its customers, with a date on it, you took it in, ofcourse they would refuse it, cus its out of date. However the way you were treated was unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I had an even worse experience at my local Express, where I was harassed and assaulted by 3 members of their entirely Asian staff, which I consider to be racially aggravated as I'm a white Englishman.
Currently can't give details as the police are investigating.

Anonymous said...

Glasgow Rd, Kilmarnock store is an absolute joke when it comes to service and to top it off the shop is a dungeon falling apart but the cracks just keep getting papered over. This shop needs nuked or at minimium a clear out of staff....98% of them!

Some of them have been there since days the store was a William Low shop (was better shop then) and they think they have a God given right to be there and treat customers as they please. Others maybe not as long employed but they quickly picked up the habits of the "Lows Mafia"

The majority of customer service staff are useless and you leave the shop riled anytime you have to deal with them, they refuse to add on more than two receipts of club card points from when you forgot your card, even when there is nobody else behind you and like most of the other floor staff, don't even look as if they want to be there and that's because they really don't but their friends and family got them jobs....they don't do friends and family recommendations anymore I hear you say, oh yes they do, underhand staff kiss management ass and ask to watch for Mr, Miss, Mrs so and so on the online list of applicants and ....Shazam, another person employed who doesn't want anything except the wage.

As for checkouts, there's a few pleasant folks but the checkout support muppets on the evenings / graveyard shift (zombies) with those headsets think that they are connected to a higher power when they wear them.

Talking of "Headsets", beware the boy on checkout with the big head whose waiting on a personality transplant, the customer service employee whose behind him, name starts with an M.

Like I say either shut this dump, sack the lot of em or send them back to school to learn how to talk to people respectfully..... The prices you charge, deserve us that at minimum. If I have to drive to West Shaw St store for decent service, I may as well just go to Asda.

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