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Friday, October 27, 2006

Every Tescos Little Help?

I visited Tesco at Clifton Moor, York on Thursday 25th October 2006 at around 9.20am to do my weekly shopping, other to my normal weekly shopping I hope to purchase a computer printer as well. I visited the area where the printers were shelved, (as I am in my sixties and not that clued up on these items), I look for a member of staff to help me with my queries regarding the printer, iImanaged to find an elderly assistant, whom stated he knew about books but not anything to do with computers and suggested I go to a service desk/point, this I did.

On arrival at the desk, an elderly lady in a Tesco red top was ticketing some items, and totally ignored my standing at the desk (even though she knew I was there, maybe she hope I would go away), I asked her if she could help with my queries about printers, she stated no, and that the only person who could was on holiday and would not be back until next week, however she asked a staff member if she could assist, which she did in the way that if I did not want what was written on the printer container, she could not help, being quite abrupt due to being disturbed from what she was doing.

I noticed two female members of staff quite near me wearing different uniforms, I asked them if they were management, they said yes, (good I thought I will get help now) I asked them if they could assist me with my queries, one with blond hair and wearing a various coloured top stated that she could not help, and that they were short staffed due to the half term holidays, and that they do not employ any one person just to advise about electrical good, and that if I required to know more about printers I should go to Curries or the like, I stated that if they were selling such items surely they should have some staff trained up on these items, she stated - no we don't do that, this is why we are cheaper than other and is a way of cutting the prices!!

With this they both walked off, then the lady with the red top said to me that this is why the printers are one hundred and fifty pound cheaper than others, this is why we (meaning Tesco) save you money, and that if they issued customers with information about the products the price would have to go up. I gave up my quest fora new printer in that store and took the Tesco management advice and went to a Competitor of Tesco's where I got help and managed to purchase a printer. It is my opinion as a businessman myself that the Tesco Store at Clifton Moor, York lacks customer service training and politeness.

Mel Fox.


tesco-complaint said...

better buy your printers off ebuyer, aria, scan, amazon etc and perhaps keep an eye on bargain forums such as those on moneysavingexpert.com for bargain printers. lots of advice there too, unlike at tesco!

Anonymous said...

Well maybe if you weren't bitching, they wouldn't be so rude

Anonymous said...

(Not the same anon. as above)

Hey, newsflash, Tesco is a supermarket first and foremost. They sell electrical items as such as an addition to this. If you want/need specific advice you need to go to a specialist store.

Did it also occur to you that the "elderly lady" at the desk may have been in the middle of something, or maybe not even work on that desk?

How silly of me, of course you didn't, you're the most important person in the World.

Oh, and before you assume it, I don't work for Tesco, but I happily shop there.

Anonymous said...

I work for Tesco, and find it appalling that they refuse to give staff ANY training whatsoever on electrical equipment, etc.
"Tesco is a supermarket first and foremost. They sell electrical items as such as an addition to this. If you want/need specific advice you need to go to a specialist store."
I beg to differ, Tesco's largest area of expansion in the UK currently is the non-food sector! Therefore it is only reasonable to assume that staff will be able to help customers with their purchase.
In the store I work in, staff have asked numerous times for training on this, and every time have been denied this.

Anonymous said...

ive worked for tesco for many years...training in other depts is virtually nil..i find it embarrassing when a customer asks my advice on a product i am unfamiliar with.only those with faces that fit or are related or married to managers get on in tesco..our new team leader is lazy and clueless..yup she married a manager,shes been moved from every dept shes been in..coz she is bone idle.
very few of the people who work in the store are happy in there job,because they are being managed by people who cannot manage