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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Will the real Tesco 24 please stand up?

I am annoyed. I have had one huge job in finding an e mail address to contact Tesco to complain but hopefully this will reach the right parties.

I just drove out to the Exeter Exe Vale 24 hour Tesco at 23.57. The 20 foot Tesco sign on the roundabout at the beginning of the estate was brightly lit with the words WE ARE OPEN. I drove on into the store car park, parked and walked up to the doorway only to be stopped by a security guard and told the store was closed due to building work. I told the guard that the sign on the roundabout was advertising WE ARE OPEN and asked where they informed customers of the store being closed. He pointed to an A frame INSIDE the store doorway. I pointed out that it was of little use there where customers could only see it once they had parked and walked right up to the entrance. On driving out, (past more customers driving IN to the store) the 20 foot lit sign at the roundabout to the estate was still aglow with the words 'WE ARE OPEN'. Wouldn't it be a good idea and kinder to your customers to just turn this off and perhaps even put a sign here to say it is closed due to building work?

There are many people in the Exeter area who will be driving to the store during the night experiencing the same annoyance as myself. This would at least save us from parking and walking to the door. I am surprised at management not having the savvy to make sure that customers are not inconvenienced in this way? I will also write to the store manager as I doubt very much whether I shall get any response from emailing as Tesco seem to do all they can to make sure customers cannot contact and complain in this way.


tesco-complaint said...

Sorry to hear that Tesco has caused you some pain today. I'm sure I had the same problem at a Tesco a few years ago in Surrey Quays, London. Looks like nothing has changed...

Thanks for posting on the blog using the "mail-to-blogger" auto posting bot whoever you are! (You are entirely anonymous!). We've updated your post to sort out the line breaks and insert a picture - trust thats okay - post a comment if not.

Make sure you email Sir Terry Leahy using the email on the front page which was put there precisely because it is so hard to find this info on the web as you found out).

Keep us updated with Tesco if they reply to your email (with a cheap apology) by posting it in the comments section of your post.

Anonymous said...

Awww! She had to walk from her car to the door for no reason! Awwwwwwwwww.
That was sarcastic by the way. Were you really so pissed off about a pointless 10 foot walk that you typed 'Tesco complain' into Google and left a message on this site? That really is sad.

tesco-complaint said...

anonymous, you are the same tesco staff member making disparaging comments against everyone on the site. i could delete all your comments but you are showing your true colours here. ignorancy and ability to miscomprehend are two skills which must be high up on your CV.

Anonymous said...

yeh i am the same person. well spotted. i really feel bad for you spending every hour of every day running this website. go outside and get a job.

Anonymous said...

and ignorancy is not a word, it's ignorance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That's nothing. Having checked the website to ensure Tesco would be open on Boxing day (it said it was) I drove 15 miles to get extra food for unexpected guests. Yep. Right. Closed. Drove the 15 miles home minus food. Not happy. Tesco get your act together!

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