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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Tesco's unsafe system of work?

I have been working for Tesco Express for around 6 years. During this time I have gained many skills from office admin to all areas of shop floor. Since the procedure changed to only having flatbeds instead of cages on the shop floor I have found it’s more time consuming filling heavy items onto flatbeds than having one cage on the shop floor. This procedure has increased time for completing the fresh delivery by two hours. Therefore we are not coinciding with the cold food chain cycle.

This procedure is not only time consuming but an health and safely hazard too. Using flatbeds/trolleys for off- loading heavy chilled items adds unnecessary strain to the bottom of your back. As a company I believe you are to reduce the risk of this kind of health and safety hazard. Its not just lifting the items onto the flatbed/trolleys, its also wheeling heavy flatbeds onto the shop floor, as most of the flatbeds/trolleys have their own minds you are continually steering the flatbeds/trolleys to go in the particular direction you want it to go in, which puts more stain on the individuals back than there is necessary.

I know what your going to say, ‘ask a colleague to help you’ and yes I follow my training guidelines. My point to you is that your actually losing your manpower from other areas of the shop floor, therefore more time consuming, less availability within the store, which leads to poor customer service. Not to mention the stress staff are under, to ensure all the check outs are attended to soon as the bell rings, which is literally every 60 seconds and your on the till between 5 - 10 minutes depending on the amount of staff you have on your shift on a particular day (if less staff, the longer you are on checkouts). This causes moral to become unbearable.

I have spoken to management and other colleagues on this issue and suggested ideas to achieve our goal. But they are not listening to my concerns or ideas. E.g. have only one cage all staff work from on the shop floor. This actually prevents unmanned cages because all staff are working to clear the cage at once. This also increases the availability on the shop floor, increased communication between colleagues, we are also adhering to the cold food chain policy as it’s less time consuming and our main concern providing good customer service.

I feel if you finish the delivery earlier then staff can provide more time and friendly assistance to customers. Please someone out there listen to me; it will work!!!

Yours faithfully
Ms Potter


Al said...

There are two main problems with your suggestion:

1. It's common sense.
2. It would make the lives of the staff a lot easier.

Can't have either of those in a Tesco store now can we?

Anonymous said...

Ms Potter,

I came across this site by chance and thought I might be able to offer some advice. If you have health and safety concerns at your workplace firstly I would recommend addressing this with your line manager or team leader, and perhaps you could request some feedback to ensure they are aware this is something that is serious to you. If you receive no help from your line manager perhaps you could progress this further up the managerial chain. If your health and safety concerns are still not being dealt with you can find more information and report an incident on the Health and Safety executives website at www.hse.gov.uk. As for your concerns with regard to the cold chain you may find further information on food safety law from the food standards agency at www.food.gov.uk.


Anonymous said...

Ms potter, sorry to disapoint you but me as a night manager finds this frustraiting because obviously the problem is you have to work from a flat bed because you cant work a cage in 20mins ( which is the length of time to adhere to the cold chain ) Why cant you? All my staff can! and this in turn then means flat beds are redundant, better availability for customers, more time to support the checkouts for a strong front end offer for the customers and a high level of morale within the team as there is a constant one team approach! Im sorry but all this says to me is you are probably not physicaly competant enough for your role and if you are going to see your line manager about anything see them about transfering to another department like FMC or checkouts permanent.
Alternatevly you could LEAVE!!!

Anonymous said...

This is more of a response to the night managers views than a comment on the original topic. Typical, staff are not people are they? To be valued for thier individual merits.NO they are simply automatons th to shift stock from one place to another as fast as possible, and the less you have to involve yourself with them the better. If the employee you have just abused was to leave , then would she be replaced? maybe - eventualy by a younger fitter person, what are chances that this person would show a genuine concern for the company and thier workmates. Actually live up to the VALUES that the likes of you only pay lip service to. Pity for us night staff who do care - is that the managers have become those replacements

Anonymous said...

Interesting to compare the post by the Night Manager to the post by Ms Potter.

Ms Potter is talking about a change in policy at her store. Evidently Ms Potter and her Fresh Food Colleagues are expected to transfer stock from cages onto flat top trolleys, as it would appear cages have been banned from the shop floor in her store.

Night Manager appears to have a team of staff who can work a cage in twenty minutes, seems to think that Ms Potter is complaining because she can't work a cage in 20 minutes. Night Manager appears to feel that this is indicative of a serious inability on the part of Ms Potter to carry out her job.

Personally, I think that the most obvious point that can be found from reading both posts is that Night Manager has trouble comprehending written english.

Might I suggest that Night Manager tries taking some English lessons?
I'm sure Tesco wouldn't appreciate having someone so ignorant representing them. I dread to think how many of Night Managers own employees have been subject to ignorant, uniformed rants like the one Night Manager posted about Ms Potter.

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