Iconoclast finally gets his GT50545b! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Iconoclast finally gets his GT50545b!


Anonymous said...

You are getting extremly tedious now, please go away and play with your cheap PC.

Or else I'll call the Duty Manager to ban you.

As you were.

Al said...

You don't have a real job do you? Or any real life either I shouldn't think.

Jed said...

During a recent readers poll David Nicolas has been voted the most obnoxious cu*t of 2006/7

Have a look at yourself David, people hate you.

Your self absorbed bollocks is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Just because you are too sh@T to work at tesco you have this sad little revenge scheme going on. As I work for tesco and yes I have my gripes with them so leave this wicked site for people with real grievances to be aired instead of petty little nit picking. Get a LIfe Get a job you sad T"*T!!!!!!!!

TM said...

All he does is disrupt the service for other more "genuine" customers (as seen in his previous video) Not to mention his condescending back talk to other customers in the store.

Anonymous said...

what a legend

Anonymous said...

What a twat!

Anonymous said...

What a twat!

Anonymous said...

im gutted he didnt come into my store i would have told him to get rubbed with a attitude like that, bell end i hope his cheap arse computer blows up! ;) tm!

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