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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tesco: A Picture of Pathetic Customer 'Service'

When I arrived back from my Christmas holiday in Las Vegas I compiled a photo-book on the Tesco Photo website, paid for 2 copies and sat back and waited for them to arrive. After 2 weeks of waiting I emailed them to ask where my books were and was told that they were 'investigating'. Soon after I was told that there had been a problem with uploading ONE of the photos and that if I wanted to re-send it they'd try again. Not likely! How did I know it would work a second time?

I emailed David Petrie (head of Tesco Photo) back to ask Tesco Photo why they have NO computer exception reports in place to tell them that an order has been outstanding for 2 weeks and hasn't been printed, or to tell them that there has been a problem with a photo upload. I got no reply.

I then emailed Terry Leahy and got a reply from Suzi Harris on Feb 13th 2007 saying she would investigate further because my direct email to David Petrie at Tesco Photo had not received my email. Yeah, right! To date (27 Feb 2007) I have not received any more correspondence from Tesco Photo or Suzi Harris, showing that they really don't care. I will not be using Tesco photo in future and have been advising everyone I know not to use them.


Anonymous said...

Cry me a river.

Al said...

So you're not even going to give them a chance to rectify their error? Doesn't seem like you're even willing to help yourself in this matter.

Having said that, speaking as an ex-member of Tesco photo staff (in store) I would avoid the online service unless it's something that is being sent directly to a store to be printed. I lost count of the number of times orders which should have been printed by the main lab and sent to store arrived late or not at all.

Anonymous said...

More info about Tesco Customer Services here:


Anonymous said...

That letter is fake, just a joke.

Anonymous said...

Why not visit

facebook page facebook page
Tesco where's the every little helps for disabled customers
I've linked your page to the site

Thank you

Anonymous said...

I got sent someone elses Photo book instead of mine!! Tesco, get your act together!!!

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