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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Tesco Direct in Vegetative State

I recently decided to try the Tesco Direct service, but as I have a Tesco store nearby which has a Tesco direct counter, and that delivery was faster and cheaper, I decided to have the item sent there. The Item was a pair of GHD hair straighteners for my daughter for Christmas.

I was promised a delivery date of 23rd December after 4.00 PM (don’t ask why I left it so late, needless to say, being a man, I had no idea that GHD hair straighnters would not be easily available from high street shops). Anyway, I got a phone call from Tesco’s at 12.00 PM on the 23rd saying that my delivery had turned up early. At this point, I was feeling rather smug with myself for having managed to find a pair of the straigthners.

I eventually went to pick them up, but when the assistant went to fetch the package, it was a huge box. Naturally I was suspicious at this point and decided to open the package to check that it was what I had ordered. It turned out to be a vegetable steamer. After informing the assistant that this was not what ordered, she phoned Tesco direct HQ to enquire. I was offered a refund.

Naturally, being let down by Tesco 2 days before Christmas, I was a little aggrieved to be offered just a refund, and demanded that I see the manager. The manager phoned Tesco Direct himself, to see what he could do about the situation. I was told that I would have to re-order and there was nothing Tesco Direct could do , he even said that Tesco Direct were very little to do with the Tesco stores and that he should not really be dealing with complaints.

What upset me the most was that after dealing with so many internet shopping companies, was the lack of interest in Tesco Direct in offering anything other than a refund – as though a refund was an offer of kindness on their behalf. Companies like Amazon – a more reputable internet delivery company offer instant vouchers if they make a mistake – no quibble – you don’t even need to ask.

What did I get from Tesco direct, for completely wasting my time, and letting down me and my daughter at Christmas? ... only an automated e-mail informing me of my refund. Nice personal touch. Well, I know where I *wont* be spending my money in the future.

Pete from Long Eaton


Al said...

I feel sorry for the staff who have to work on those departments. When (and it is when, not if) Tesco Direct mess up it's them who have to deal with the angry customers. It's not their fault after all and the "compensation" that Tesco Direct offers is so pathetic that it often means they're in for more stick.

I'm not saying that the writer of the post treated the staff unfairly, I hope they didn't, but there will always be some who will be angry and even abusive towards the poor sod who has to stand there and take it.