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Monday, December 11, 2006

Lights Go Out at Tesco...

On December 9th, I purchased a box of 200 Tesco white multi-function christmas tree lights at the Wrexham branch of Tesco. Before putting them onto the tree, I plugged them in to check that they were working. Only half of them lit up. I painstakingly checked every bulb but to no avail. As it was 21.45 on saturday evening, I re-boxed them as best I could and on sunday morning (10th December) I returned them to the store.

I was told to take another set, which I did. On arriving home, again I plugged them in only to find exactly the same problem. Dispite ill health, I returned to Tesco yet again. This time I decided to try a different type as these particular lights obviously have a fault. I picked up a box of 120 micro lights and two boxes of blue neon lights which were labelled as £4.95 for 40. I took them to the customer service desk where I was then told that they were actually £14.95 each and the £4.95 label referred to boxes of 20 pink fluffy lights that worked by battery.

The female member of staff at the desk was most unhelpful and spoke to me as if I was an annoying child. This is not the attitude I use when working with the public and it is certainly not the way I expect to be treated either. I returned the lights to the shelf and observed that a good half of them were stacked above the wrong price labels.

I also watched in disbelief as the box of faulty lights I had returned were put back on the shelf and were about to be purchased by another lady until I told her that I had just returned them.

What on earth are the staff at at Tesco playing at? I can assure you that as person in full time employment, I have better things to do with my time on a sunday morning than travel up and down to Tesco. I ask that you investigate this matter and I await your reply.

Julie Lloyd


Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is about their Christmas lights this year, but most of the sets which we have sold at my store have been returned as faulty. There are trays full of them to be wasted and thrown away at the end of the week.

I've never seen anyone put a known faulty set back on the shelf though. I have to say that most of our customer service staff in my store are great but there are some who are totally unsuitable for the job. I know I couldn't spend my day listening to complaints so I stay well away.

Anonymous said...

All sets have been given an emergency product withdrawal because they are faulty so wouldnt matter which box you were given they are all crap, supplier this year will no longer be around next year : )

Anonymous said...

I get the impression that a lot of people think this is an official Tesco customer care site! Hilarious!

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