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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Tesco Sucks but their Vac Doesn't!

To Tesco Customer Service, cc: tesco-complaint, A few months ago my wife (a Tesco employee) bought a vacuum cleaner and then promptly lost the reciept, until recently it has given us really great sevice but the smaller belt that operates the primary drive for the revolving brush snapped and since then i have been to various stores (Tesco) around where i live only to be told "we don't have those belts" or "we don't know where you can get them try another Tesco store" then yesterday i was told to try other electrical stockist to see if they had any belt that would fit.

That kind of service on one of your own products although made in China is not one of the things i would have expected from your company who i can not raise even the slightest complaint against up untill now. Would you please inform me of somewhere in can get the replacement part for my apliance or one that will fit.

The make and number of the vac is as follows:

SC 104020
Made in CHINA
Could you please make it a priority to reply as it is making it a considerable inconvinience in not having the cleaner in a working condition for the house work plus I am getting it in the earache from the wife as well. My nearest Tesco store (where my wife works on checkout) is in Huddersfield.


tesco-complaint said...

Thank you for your email.

You should note that under consumer legislation you have a statutory right to return the goods to the retailer and demand either a repair or a refund. This right persists for a reasonable period which for a vacuum cleaner should be at least 24 months and could be up to a maximum of six years.

Also if the product develops a fault in the first six months it is assumed the item has always been faulty given you an absolute right to reject for refund.

Rather than wasting time trying to repair this item, I would suggest you simply insist on a refund and then purchase an electrical item from an electrical retailer which actually provides an aftercare service.

Please keep us all updated by posting in the comments section.

Al said...

I believe Tesco offer a 12 month warranty on all of their electrical goods. Have you tried the electrical helpdesk number (0870 6076060) to see if they can tell you? If they can't then they would be the people to try and get a refund from I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

you dont need a receipt, only proof of purchase. A bank statement or even someone to confirm that they were present when it was purchased would do

Anonymous said...

Tesco isnt a parts company just admit it your just pissed off with yourself for being a prick for throwing out your reciept you dumb bastard.

Anonymous said...

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