Tesco Still Not Recycling Properly!!! ~ Tesco-Complaint

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Tesco Still Not Recycling Properly!!!

I am very disappointed and extremely annoyed, I visited the Warrington Tesco Superstore like I do every week, to do my recycling and at the same time my weekly shop. I was very annoyed and disgusted when i visited the store last week (wed) mid morning, to go to the recycling bins, and find that they were all over spilling with rubbish, and there were 10 - 15 bags full of recycling rubbish that had just been dumped in and around the recycling bays, the bins looked like they hadnt been emptied for at least 2 weeks.

I think it is so wrong that the government are extremely hot on members of the public recycling even to the point of us being charged if we dont recycle items properly and stores like the Warrington branch cant even be bothered to control their contractors to empty the bins regularly and keep the bays clear of rubbish.

Needless to say i was so annoyed that i did end up going to Morrisons in Warrington where i did my recycling and my shop at the same time.

A response as to why it was allowed to get in that state would be good, i know my mother is starting to recycle and i told her whatever she does dont bother going to tescos as they dont even bother to empty the bins, that i have also introduced her to morrisons where she does her shopping aswell as recycling. Im afraid if Tescos dont improve they are going to be loosing alot of business.

M Bowden


Anonymous said...

It's Simple realy.
Stop shopping in the supermarkets, give your business to local independants, do you honestly think tesco or morrisons care about the planet and receycling? they want you to believe that hmmmm the biggest polutters of the universe! wake up and smell the coffee!

Anonymous said...

Actully these bins are nothing to do with tesco, speak to your local council.

TM said...

One word, Council.

Anonymous said...

Outside my local tesco express, there are bins provided for the customer, but what do the staff of tesco express do...well they flippin empty THEIR waste in the bins outside the store intended for customers, they are always full and heaving of cardboard boxes!

netto nutta said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Did you ever think that the company that is contracted may have had problems that week like people on holiday, broken down truck, traffic/road work delays that meant that it was best to leave it for that week and not visit the store to see if they needed to be emptied?

Maybe in the weeks leading up to that day the driver had visited and they had been close to empty and he had though about saving the company some fuel bills and also from polluting the environment on another wasted trip to the store to find near empty recycling bins.

At least the stuff was fairy neatly sitting in a corner of a Tesco car park and not blowing around in your street right outside your front door - What would you prefer?

God, any reason to moan you people, really do!

Anonymous said...

Correct me if im wrong, but isnt it the council that are responsible for emptying, collecting, and maintaining the recycling areas? I thought they jut often sited them on Tesco premises.

Even if the council use a sub-contracter to empty them, thats down to the council ultimately, not Tesco.

Anonymous said...


The council's environmental department are responsible for recycling bins such as paper, bottles and cans, whilst clothing maybe sponsored by charities such as scope.

Whilst stores check these areas and our contract cleaners will clean these areas through out the day it is often outside of Tesco's control.

If there is a problem at your store then please help your store by contacting the appropriate people not the store. One voice (as this site seems to try pointing out) makes no difference...many might!

Lots of love
Ann other Manager :P

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